Introducing the Jackson’s episode 2

Screenshot-7 Screenshot-8 Screenshot-9

The twins had a birthday. As they aged up it was clear how fraternal they are. Samaire has her mother’s dark brown hair and honey brown eyes. Kieran on the other hand shares his father’s ginger hair and blue eyes.


Cecelia Jackson was given the opportunity to time travel and meet the future Jackson family descendants, She agreed seeing as Rowan knew very little about the older generations in his family. His parents eloped and moved away to start their lives, leaving behind their own families to start anew.

Screenshot-70Screenshot-69  Screenshot-68 The family arrived safe and sound. The twins were more preoccupied with the boogers in their noses than the hover cars gliding across the sky.

The future Jackson’s are mostly ginger’s like Rowan, Mark, Sloane and Kieran. There are a couple of dark-haired descendants as well which resembled Erin, Rowan’s mother.

Screenshot-71 Screenshot-75 Screenshot-76

It was a nice trip getting away from Moonlight Falls for the weekend. The twins were left at the time travelers compound with a baby sitter while Cecelia and Rowan went off to the beach to explore what appeared to be an alien wreckage. This task took all day so by the time they returned to the compound it was very late.

Screenshot-79 Screenshot-78


Yet, they both managed to potty train the twins at the same time. It was a rather awesome feat to behold.


There was one instance when the family went out to the park and spent a little time together.

Screenshot-81 Screenshot-82 - Copy (2) Screenshot-83 - Copy (2)

The twins had such an awesome time, riding on futuristic riders and helping Rowan turn the pages in their favorite books.


All in all the trip brought the Jackson’s closer than ever. In doing so, it made Cecelia and Rowan grow closer. So much so that by the time they returned home, something wonderful happened.


Another set of twins on the way!!!!!!!!!


Cecelia sat Rowan down one night. They watched the garden network together.


Then she took a romantic picture with him.

She revealed the news to him and he was overjoyed.

It was a beautiful moment to behold.


He started talking to the babies immediately.


This little pesky gnome decided to watch television. I’m not sure what he is watching , but there are robots.



Both babies blew out their candles with glee.

Screenshot-65Samaire is a striking little beauty.

Screenshot-67 - Copy

Kieran is a second generation ginger.

The handsome little devil.

Screenshot-69 - Copy

This lady had a grand time at the party.

Screenshot-71 - Copy

Rowan went down into the twin’s room and sat down in a watermelon chair. It reminded him of the room that he shared with his sister Sloan. He decided to stop straightening his hair and let his natural curls show.

Screenshot-107 (2)

Kieran looking like a mini Rowan appeared talking about how awesome his birthday was.

Screenshot-109 (2)

His sister Samaire (Sam) went to play in her tree house. Cecelia enrolled them both in Smugglesworth prep to give them a chance to experience more and grow.

Screenshot-113 (2)

They both left at 9am and rode in limousines to their school.

Screenshot-116 (2) Screenshot-110 (2)







out already.

Screenshot-118 (2)Rowan took her out to a bar where she dip kissed him out of the blue.

Screenshot-117 (2)

This Marilyn Manson doppelgänger in a referee’s outfit appeared out of nowhere.

He looks pretty awesome if I do say so myself.

Screenshot-119 (2)

They went out to a movie later where Cecelia went into labor.

She immediately rushed out of the theatre and drove herself to the hospital.

Screenshot-120 (2)

Rowan raced after her worried sick.

Screenshot-121 (2)

Little Christian and Sarah were born. (Four kids down… to go)


This little dude jumped past the property as the Jackson’s returned home.

Screenshot-128 (2)

Cecelia decided that it was time for her to return to college. Rowan supported her completely. He would return right after she finished. This way the kids had no excuse as to why they should enroll. I am happy since this was an early wish of hers , but I put it off.
Now she is studying to obtain a degree in business via 24 credits in two weeks.
She is doing very well in all of her classes and is on the Dean’s list.
And the saga continues……


Sims 3 :Introducing the Jackson’s episode 1


This is Rowan Jackson, when he was still a teenager.

His parents Erin and Mark decided to move to Moonlight Falls and drag their teenage twins with them. ( Ro has a sister Sloane who is two minutes older). They were none too happy. That is until they caught a glimpse of the town. Full of whimsical, strange and oddly pale characters, the town is a pretty awesome place. After a year or two in this town, both kids are pretty well-adjusted. They decided to attend Sims University which is pretty awesome  but, Rowan realizes that he wants more out of his life. So the kid returns home and reconnects with his teenage sweet heart Celia after having his heart-broken by Ruby Sparks. They marry and Cecilia give birth to a set of twins Samaire and Kieran. And so begins our story……..

But, before we begin that tale here are a few throwback pics of Rowan and his family.


Rowan and his sister Sloane. They both inherited their father’s fiery red hair.


Erin and Mark Jackson.

Screenshot-2434 - Copy

Sloane is chatting away on the phone.


The Jackson family arriving in Moonlight Falls.


The twins birthday party. Cecilia and Rowan meet for the first time.


Graduation Day!!


The twins after graduation.


They moved in together for a little while.

Screenshot-2840 Screenshot-2839 Screenshot-2838 Screenshot-2836

College was not all it was cracked up to be for Rowan so he left.

Sloane is still pursuing her degree.

Screenshot-2761 Screenshot-2760 - Copy

Here is a closeup of the twins after they aged up.


Rowan is a pretty romantic guy, but Ruby had eyes for another.

Screenshot-107 - Copy

Rowan returned home to Cecilia only to ask her to marry him.

I think I had them move in together for a few weeks.

Screenshot-113 Screenshot-116 Screenshot-120 Screenshot-129

The Wedding was a complete success .

I made sure that it happened the day before Winter.

The guests were a fabulous bunch of Moonlight Falls coolest residents.


They cut the cake. I love Ceclia’s dress.

I made sure that Sloane’s dress was the same color.

She was the maid of honor.


Days later Cecelia learned that she was pregnant.


Rowan met a unicorn. I’m still not sure how that happened.


Cecilia went down to the toy shop to buy baby stuff.

She returned home and then went into labor.


And the first generation Jackson’s were born.

It was originally supposed to be one baby, but I used a lifetime wish fertility treatment.

Then they had sex and presto twins.

I named the girl Samaire and the boy Kieran.

Kieran is a ginger like Rowan.

Samaire resembles Cecelia.

And the rest is history.

Generation Reese S2 Episode 27: Back to school


Miranda started craving crazy foods like ice cream and grilled cheese at 2 in the morning.

I had my suspicions that she was secretly pregnant but, who am I to out anyone.


Low and behold, Randi woke up a few hours later and….


Yep, she is preggo.


It was at this moment that she decided to buy a house with Gage.

I’m going to miss her so much but, it was for the best.

She’ll still be invited to all the parties either way.


I went out scouting for venues.

I plan on getting married after graduation so it was high time that I got a head start.

I went out to the beach and saw Morgan.

He was a teenager now and a tad bit insane.


We started catching up on good times.

I really missed him, Wed , mom and dad.


It was good talking to him.


Wednesday decided to move in with us.

She wanted to be away from home now that Morgan has gone crazy.

Plus mom and dad needed to enjoy life.

We all were a ton of work for all those years.


She let me braid pigtails into her hair..

It is weird having a baby sister after years of older sibs.

I was the baby for a while until Preston came along.


Wednesday sat down to read the paper.

She reminds me of me when I was her air.

Its so weird.

Screenshot-1407 Screenshot-1408

I took Clary out for a stroll and spent a little time with her little butt.

She cried when I was leaving but, I had to go back to school.


Sophomore year was calling me.


So I kissed her goodbye , picked up my suitcase and jetted.


The first thing I did when I arrived back at school was upgrade the keg outside of the Sorority house.

My roomies drink like fish.


I went out to the comic book shop to play a video game.

Some of the guys tried to talk to me but, I’m with Tarik.

I love him so much.


I love my sweet purple car.

It looks so awesome , tearing up the road like a beast.


Outside of my class window I noticed a group of people standing together like some sort of Benetton ad.

I snapped this pic with phone.


I swear my professor is some sort of wack job.

He totally made us have class outside in the pouring rain.

Kudos to whomever invented the umbrella.


Too bad my other classmates left theirs.


After class, I went to the library and not a soul was there.

Mom and Miranda told me stories of the library being packed 24/7.

I guess since everyone has a laptop or a tablet no one feels the need to leave their rooms.

I got a lot of studying done.


I went home and made veggie rolls.

The girls told me they missed my cooking.


Summer was gone a few weeks after I came back.

I wore my cupcake dress one last time for old times sake.


I went to my room and tried on a few outfits.

This is an example of one of my creations.

I call it hipster goth chick.

Lets just say I never wore it on campus.


My professor did not show up for class so I took over.

I taught everyone what I knew about alchemy.

Too bad only one girl showed up for class.


I cooked dinner for the dorm that night. I think I made either chili con carne or veggie chili.


Then I went outside to study a skeleton.


I tried to rake up leaves but, became way too tired.

Phew!! that was a lot of work.


I threw a pool party.

It was a last hurrah for summer.


Everyone enjoyed the food.


I was so happy to Tarik.


Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end.


Everyone went home with smiles on their faces.


One partier stayed behind literally crying a river for his girlfriend.

She died this morning which was so tragic.

Screenshot-1496 Screenshot-1497

I sat down and studied a bit.

My roomies sat down to join me for a bit before going to bed.


Tarik invited me to his party.

It just an excuse to see me which was awesome.


I took some time to lounge on a raft by the pool.

Screenshot-1502 - Copy

I met up with Tarik for a bit after class.

We chatted a bit.

Screenshot-1517 Screenshot-1518

I cast a fire blast on the lawn and set a small blaze.


Rather than call the fire department my roomies came out and freaked.


I was able to put it out.

The insurance company gave us a 300,000 dollar check for the damage.


We decided to have a water balloon fight.

My finals are coming so I have to sign out but, so far so good.

Generation Reese episode 11: The More the merrier

The Reese family consists of

Michelle and Leighton


Miranda (clone)


Merle (imaginary friend)



Peyton (clone)

Lori(Imaginary friend)


Morgan (adopted plant Sim)

According to the game, only

Mikaela, Michael, Lyndsey  and Morgan count as family which kind of bummed me out.

(I accidentally deleted the pics but, if I find them I will post them.)

Parker Langerak decided to make his imaginary friend Lori human.

All of a sudden, he wanted his freedom.

Like Miranda , he felt that our home was a tad bit crowded.

Lori followed suit.

They both work in the police station and live in two fabulous houses.


Michael is now dating Joanna Bachelor.

Ah, young love.

Screenshot Screenshot-4


Leighton and I decided to add one last little one to our brood.

This pregnancy was pretty easy.

I bought myself a chocolate fountain which made everything taste phenomenal.


This is the first time I am eating breakfast with the family and every chair is not filled.

There are a bounty of leftovers in the fridge which makes me sad.

I miss my brood but, I understand that there comes a time when one must fly the coup.

I guess this why I am pregnant again.

I can not wait until the little one is born.


I went into labor in the middle of the night scaring the crap out Leighton.

It is true that every pregnancy is different as is the labor.

Anoki’s temper gave me not choice but, to put him out.

That situation made me go right into labor a few minutes later.

Leighton made my pregnancy with Lyndsey easy.

I was calm and cool.

I went into labor after eating one of the best meals I have ever made.

This time, the labor was a little bit tough but, thank goodness for an epidural.


Say hello, to baby Wednesday.

She is a such a sweet little baby.

Screenshot-8 Screenshot-18 Screenshot-19

Lyndsey is becoming more independent now that there are less children in our home.

She is spending more time with Michael and traveling around town.

It is sad how she is ignoring her imaginary friend but, it was bound to happen.

My little girl is growing up.

Screenshot-20 Screenshot-21

Leighton and I decided to spend more time outside of home.

Here is Leighton, windsurfing and relaxing on the sand.

(Thank you, Island Paradise!!!)

The future for us is extremely bright and the sky is the limit.

Here is a Sims update:

 Mikaela and Merle Reese are now dating.

I assume they will marry one another in the future.

Miranda is still a loner.

Until next time readers..




Sims 3 Generation Reese Episode 3 Upside down

A Sims life is never without drama.

How do I sum this up?

Michelle turned herself into a fairy.


Mikaela and Anoki on good terms.


Anoki and Michelle when they were still in love.


Being the science dynamo that she is Michelle decided to clone herself out of the blue. She named the baby girl Miranda. This was a decision that did not sit well with Anoki but, he tried his best to grin and bear it. This picture is from her birthday.


Mikaela was happy to have a sibling in any fashion. She took it upon herself to help teach little Miranda how to speak.


As for Mikaela, she was content being single going to her first prom in style.


Leave it to Mikaela to rouse the masses and start a protest against supernatural sims just because.


The protest was a complete success.

Michelle and little Miranda are as thick as thieves.


Happy birthday Miranda.

Life seemed full and rich that is until Anoki cursed out Miranda when she tried to greet him one day.
Before that he cursed out Mikaela for being late.
Michelle was pregnant and nearing her due date.
She made the tough decision to file for divorce.


Happy birthday Michael

Once it was all said and done… Michael Andrew Reese was born.
Mike is not his father’s biggest fan.
For a while it seemed like every time they were around one another, they fought.
I felt sorry for their fractured relationship and did what I could to fix it.
A few phone calls and gifts did the trick.


Michelle invited over a college friend named Leighton Sekemoto.

They said their hellos and all of a sudden he started walking.

The next thing that Michelle knew……he was holding baby Michael.

All of a sudden one of her good friends Leighton Sekemoto, a male witch came over to visit.
He went up the steps to greet baby Michael and that was all it took for love to bloom.
Still in the back of her mind, Michelle was afraid.
Will this relationship go sour like it did with Tiberious or will he turn out to be a beast like Anoki?

Will she ever marry again or will she give on love?

Only time will tell.

Until next update.

To be continued