Wizard World NYC survival guide.

Unfortunately for me, I missed the first two days of Wizard World NYC. A family friend decided to schedule her Wedding July 29th which was the most epic day of the Con. I am not upset though because there is always next year. Plus New York Comic Con is less than 100 days away so all was not lost.

I attended Wizard World Con 2013 on the last day.

It was a small but, memorable comic con to say the least.

For those who have never attended this type of Con before here are a few tips..

(1) VIP is the way to go.

When you attend a Con of any kind shoot for VIP. Not only will you gain early admission but, there are a few goods to be had. I received two special edition Walking Dead Comic Books (one in black and white, one in color).

(2) Walk before you buy.

It seems like an unfathomable idea considering how massive the crowds can get but, walk around before you buy. You may pay one price at one booth but, less at another.

(3) Wear comfy shoes.

Comic Cons equals massive amounts of walking.

and in closing

(4) If you attend Wizard World buy an autograph pass.

There are very few venders so autographs are the way to go.

I am counting the days until NYCC.

After I attended Wizard World, it only made me more ancy for New York Comic Con.

Until next time ,