Generation Reese Episode 19: Just another Graduation


I returned to school after the wedding.

Everyone was sad to see me go.

Screenshot-851 Screenshot-855

There was a welcoming committee outside of my house.

It felt good to be back.


I made sure to hug Paris as soon as I saw her.


Unfortunately, our reunion was short lived.

She decided to streak.

All of a sudden, I watched her being arrested by a handsome cop.

Later I did my best to rekindle the flame with Holly.


It looked like everything was going well.

I found the one or so I though.

All of a sudden, she  was too busy for me.

I couldn’t take it so I broke it off via text.


I did some reflecting while washing clothes at the Laundromat.

“I don’t need her.”

There are other fish in the sea.

All of a sudden one of the machines broke behind me.

I was going to ignore it but, I really needed to improve my Handiness skill.


I tried my luck with this lovely lady.

We hit it off immediately but, our schedules clashed.


I was kind of depressed so I went to the comic book shop.

There I met a Sim who reminded me of Morgan.

Now I know what he will look like when he is older.


I came upon Hilary and our flame blamed bright.


It started with a kiss….


and ended with a woo hoo (or two).


Things were looking up.


Three zombies gathered outside during the full moon.

They fussed about not being allowed to enter the backyard.

It was pretty funny.


I poured myself into my studies, working extremely hard to become one with the skeleton.

Screenshot-875 Screenshot-876.

I went to the park one Saturday morning.

When I grew tried of swimming, I noticed a few plants that were harvesting.

No one was around so I took the liberty of taking a few goodies.


I wen home later and started to improve my skill in alchemy.


I tried to bake some cheesy bread but, it burned.


Hot coals, have nothing on me.

I could walk them all day.

I guess I let my fearlessness from mom.


I can not resist a video.


A funny thing happened when Hilary walked into the shop.


Just as they we were about to embrace, one of her friends decided to come between us.


Obviously this girl has feelings for me  and decided this was the moment to make her displeasure known.

I guess I am not supposed to like someone because of their supernatural state.

Little does she know I am related to a number of faires.

My father was a were.

Lindsey is a natural born witch.


Needless to say that did not go over well with Hilary.

But, I ignored the girl.



We met up later on campus.


After viewing a fabulous movie, we watched the stars.


and shared dinner at the best burger spot in town.


I woke up the morning to play a video game online. So far I was winning.


I took Hilary out on another date.


We played a little pool. If I must say Hilary was kicking my butt.


I waved the white flag and conceded.

The terms of our bet was one woo hoo in the photo booth.


One afternoon, I was waiting outside of the coffee shop and who is there …..Jessica.

She stared a hole in me.

My heart ached a bit but, that chapter is closed.

Less than ten minutes later, Jess ran out in tears.

Karma, I guess.


This guy appeared out of nowhere.

Some say that he is an elf from Dragon Valley

Perhaps , this guy is a elf of some kind.


I went to a party one night. All that I could talk about was Hilary.


I woke up praying that all of this hard work would pay off.


That week, I made sure to take plenty of notes and ask a ton of questions.


I aced my presentation.

Screenshot-911 Screenshot-912

Did some late night studying with Hilary.


I recited every single bone in order.

Screenshot-914 Screenshot-915 Screenshot-916

I threw an epic party at my house.

The food was amazing and everyone who was anyone showed up.


Final Exam day brought forth a number of butterflies that Harlem shaked their way into my belly.


Nerves or not Iaced the test .

Saturday Morning I got my report card.

I aced my Senior year.


I ate victory pancakes.


Then I was on my way to graduation.


Waiting sucks.

Not to mention there were hardly any students at the auditorium.


I look pretty good in my robe.


That elf dude came out of the auditorium looking like the headless horseman.


I got my degree, I am so happy.


One last go round with this do hickey.


One last party, and look a zombie showed up.

That house was so grimy by the way.


This snappy dressed zombie refused to come inside.

Well, college life is over and the second chapter of my life is about to begin.

Wish me luck.

True Blood Episode 3 and 4 review

Jessica tried her best to protect Andy’s half fairy daughters from Bill but, she forgot about herself.

Eric decided to turn Willa Burrell into a vampire.

Oh how the tables have turned.

Now Truman is rethinking his vampire death camp idea.

Speaking of Andy, he is just coming to terms with the idea of being a father of children that blossom over night.

When they snuck out I thought to myself they are walking right into Bill’s arms.

Tara wants to love Pam but, I feel like Pam is not over Eric.

Steve Newlins wife is Truman Burrell’s main squeeze.

So Ben is Warlow.

I was completely spot on in my observation.

When he fed Jason his blood I said to myself….I knew it.

Sookie realized this at the end of the episode which was fabulous.

That expensive lingerie that she wore made me skeptical.

Will she drop trou for Ben?

Episode Four (F the pain away)

Might I add that I really liked the credits song. Peaches is an artist that is rather vulgar for some but, I like her sound.

Hmm. So Warlow is older than fairy grandpa Niall.

Not only is he a vampire but, he is also a fairy.

Originally, Sookie was told that he killed her parents but, that was only half of the story.

Her father was the one who wanted to kill her so that Warlow would not turn her into a vampire.


Andy knows that his daughters are missing.

He figured out that Bill Compton has them.

When he arrives only one of the girls is alive.

Nicole is turning into a werewolf , she is a fugitive with Emma and Sam.

The weres are looking everywhere for Nicole.

Did I mention they Nicole and Sam had sex this episode.


Pam, Tara , Nora and Eric are all in the vampire death camps.

Eric and Tara gave themselves up.

Steve Newlin betrayed Eric.

His wife cozied up to Truman Burrel but, now that he is having second thoughts he is not so hot to her.

Until next episode….

True Blood Season 6 Episode 2

Truman Burrel believes that he is one step ahead if the vampires.

I beg to differ.

Sunday’s episode of True Blood was very good.

Andy’s daughters are now preteens who Bill is after for their fairy blood.

Sookie wants nothing to do with him or any vampires at the moment and refuses to help him even though he needs

her to help save the vampires.

He says that she is dead to him.

I beg to differ lol.

I cracked up when Bill stepped outside and burst into flames.

Jess tried her best to warn him.

He assumed that he was immune from the power of the sun.

I did not believe that for a long shot.

The sun is one thing that Luna’s blood can not protect him from.

Eric has a new love interest whether she is willing or nor.

Is it me or does the Governor’s daughter Willa resemble Nora?

This has confused the crap out of me since this season began.

What in the heck is going on with Jason and his head aches?

I feel like he is getting some sort of vampire / fairy telepathic message.

I question the intelligence of the policemen who visited the pack’s hideout.

The story that Alcide , Martha and Janna ( I think that is her name) told was just too believable.

I really wanted to kick Janna for scaring Emma.

The poor kid has experienced enough for one day.

The best part of Sunday’s episode was the moment when same freed little Emma.

Alcide’s pack killed Nicole’s friends and boyfriend which surprised me.

Plus, the fact that she was bitten was even crazier.




Is he handsome?


Would he make a nice main squeeze for Sookie?


Is he Warlow?


As far I am concerned Warlow is somebody who we (as the audience) will least expect.

I hope so.

The look on Steve Newlin’s face when is wife stepped into that holding room was priceless.

Her pumps were fabulous….might I add.

Until next episode everyone.


True Blood S6: Ep 2 “The Sun”


Hellooooo Ben!!!!!

Before, I forget…

the song that played during the credits at the end of Season 6, episode two of True Blood is “The Sun” by

The Naked and the famous.

Who the heck is Warlow?

Sunday’s episode proved that Rutger Hauer is not Warlow, he is Niall.

Niall is Sookie and Jason’s fairy grandfather.

He has made an early appearance for those who have read the Charlaine Harris series.

I am still waiting for Amelia Broadway and Quinn to pop up.

If I lost you, I apologize.

This is what happens when you read the book series based on the television show.

You find yourself waiting for characters to appear.

In some instances, readers find themselves critiquing the show itself.

The series will coincide with book number six but, with a twist.

Tara was shot with an Ultraviolet silver bullet which is burning her from the inside.

Sounds really painful.

Pam’s feelings for her are up in the air or so we thought as she holds Tara’s hand as the bullet is removed from her body.

Any who, Bill Compton has fallen into a stupor.

He is in some sort of dream world spending a little time with Lilith.

Poor Jessica is left trying her best to coax him out of his “coma”.

She even brought him a snack.

He makes her contort, twist and break every bone in body when she tried to leave him.

Her blood spews out of her mouth and heads straight into his.

That part complete threw me for a loop.

Arlene calls Sookie (who is at home sleeping next to that fairy document with the floating letters) to tell her that she is late for work.

This is not like Sookie but, remember Warlow is in the area so everything is a little off.

She is in a daze but, manages to get dressed.

On her way to work, she comes upon a handsome man who is crying out for help.

I have a feeling that he is Warlow but, I could be jumping the shark.

She helps this man who is half fairy just as she is.

Arlene is rather perturbed by Sookie’s behavior but, goes on to wait on a table of young people who seem a bit out-of-place.

One in particular is named Nicole ( she is in one of the books).

Nicole is portrayed by Jurnee Smolett.

Does the name sound familiar?

Think Eve’s Bayou or more particularly Full House.

She was Michelle’s African-American best friend.

Nicole approaches Sam telling him that she is on his side.

I believe that he has every right to be a bit wary.

However, Nicole is no joke.

All of a sudden in walks Patrick’s wife.

Patrick was Terry Bellefleur’s Marine Corp buddy.

He was sacrificed to the ifrit (fire demon) last season.

Arlene and Terry are nervous as to what to say to the wife about Pat’s disappearance.

She is convinced that he is trifling with another woman.

(If you have not watched season 5 on DVD, definitely pick it up.

Best buy has all HBO titles on sale this week.

Either that or check ITunes or Amazon.)

Andy Bellefleur is looking for the mother of his sweet little fairy babies.

The problem is that she is nowhere to be found.

I guess Mirella meant what she said about Andy protecting the light.

Eric disguises himself as a nerdy businessman which makes me laugh a little.

He has a conversation with Governor Burrell that has me on the edge of my seat.

The entire time, I waited for Eric to attack him but that does not happen.

Instead, he attempts to glamour the Governor.

It does not work, though because of yet another weapon created to fight the war against vampires.

The SWAT team enters and seizes Eric.

While they attempt to torture him, Eric flies away.

Later, he is able to glamour Burrell’s twenty something daughter.

Once Bill comes back to reality, he explains to Jessica that he can see the future.

He imagines all of the vampires in a room being burned alive.

Signs of what is to come?

Alcide has swallowed an entire pitcher of “kool aid” and is off his rocker.

Sam has Lafayette babysitting little Emma.

They are having a heck of a time until, she falls asleep.

Sam comes home after locking up the bar only to hear a truck pulling up.

Martha Bozeman, Alcide and his new main squeeze climb out of the truck.

They want to take Emma back to the pack.

Sam tells them to come back tomorrow because she is sleeping.

Alcide refuses to take no for an answer, still hopped up on V (Vampire Blood).

He beats Sam to a bloody pulp , goes inside of the trailer and snatches out little Emma.

Little do they know that Nicole and her friends are filming what is going on.

Only two episodes in and I am already hooked.

Here is my prediction for this season,

I believe that Warlow is the least likely character.

 He is someone who the viewers are ignoring but, is right in our faces.

I do not think that it is Ben.

Either way, I will tune in next Sunday.


Bloody Romance: short story excerpt

This is an excerpt of a short story called Bloody Romance.

I have been working on this for nearly two years.

Feedback is welcome and encouraged.

Bloody Romance

Samuel Jones sits at his kitchen table reading the front page of the New York Times. An article on the economy catches his eye. It is something about the stock market. For the moment it has his attention one hundred percent. The sun is almost invisible outside on his left side above stainless sink fixtures that were installed a week prior. They go perfectly with marble countertop. The cellular phone hidden in his pocket vibrates nearly seven times before it went to voice mail. This is the second cell phone that he brought in the past year. The last one cracked in his fist after the accident.

His bronze skin shimmers under the fluorescent light in the ceiling. The waves in his brown hair hung down to his shoulders. It was a good time to cut his hair. Yet, he had not had the time. A hunger built inside of him. The words on the page grew blurry. Normally, he raids the refrigerator but, it was more than that. He desired something else but, was unsure of what. Up out of the chair, he rose abandoning the paper on the table.
Through the living room, he travels across the soft fabric of the rug with his bare feet trailing. It was the one his mom helped him pick out. It was the only thing that did not clash with his beige walls and sand colored furniture. Up a flight of steps, he turns to the right and made his way up a hallway towards a lone door. The smell of lavender and honeysuckle enters his nose. He grips the door knob with his right hand and slowly opening the door not making a sound.

A young woman is bent over with her back to him tucking the end of a cranberry comforter into a mattress. The sound of her heartbeat begins to mesmerize him. He watches her smoothing out the spread. Dark ebony hair hangs to the nape of her neck. A crimson glow kisses the cinnamon hue on her bare arms and legs. She wears an emerald sun dress and silver sandals on her feet. Upon realizing that someone is looking at her, she pauses turning around. A look of concern washes over her face as she sees who it was.

“Is anything wrong,” she asked. Sam shakes his head with a sigh He folds his muscular arms over his chest. He is wearing a dark-colored tank top and black jeans that hangs low on his hips. The woman starts to ask him another question but, before she can finish her sentence his hands are around her forearms. The initial shock sets in as she stares into his blue-green eyes. A single tear falls from her eyes as she swallows.
Her heart pounds as he leans in placing his cheek against hers. The feeling makes her uncomfortable. Something is not right; she feels it in her gut. A first instinct is to try to break away from him and run. However, there is no telling how he would react. So, she stays still as Sam rubs his cheek against hers.

“It will be alright,” Sam said attempting to calm her. He runs his hands up to her shoulders and caresses her soft skin. Gently, he wipes away all of her tears. “Don’t cry, Laurie,” he says. A faint scent wafts through her pores along with the sweat that gathered at the small of her back. His eyes follow a glistening trail of sweat as it slid down her chest in-between her breasts and disappeared down lower. What he would give to follow it further down.

All of a sudden he winces as a pair of fangs tore through his gums. The feeling is excruciating as the teeth lowered filling his mouth with the bitter taste of his own blood. It is something that he will eventually become use to or so he told himself. He then swallows down the blood and it absorbs into his system. His pale pink lips part which reveals his sharp teeth as he lets out a sigh. Laurie stares in horror unable to understand what she sees. Her fear makes the blood within her veins pound. The sound was like the rhythm to a song. It is almost like an ominous melody that leads to a climax or a character’s early death. He shuts his eyes and listened to it allowing himself to slip into a trance. As he sways slightly, Laurie stares at him. There is no telling what he is going to do to her.

His eyes open slowly as Sam starts taking shallow breaths. A glazed over look is present. The hunger within takes control forcing his hand as he turns Laurie’s face to the right. Her jugular vein pulsates under her skin. Slowly, he traces his lips with his tongue as saliva builds in his mouth. One quick strike and he will be satisfied. For her, the pain will be excruciating and a small wound left on her throat.
Sam is fully aware that by doing so he will lose a very valuable person. She came to work for him a year ago. She agreed to work for him until her father’s debt was expunged. In exchange, he would shelter her. It is not her fault that he has been bitten. Nor was it her fault that he happens to be a shut in. The sunlight became his kryptonite that he avoids at all costs. His time of feeding is always late. Usually, his victims are women but, sometimes men. He makes it a point not to discriminate. Blood is blood. Each taste is different some bitter most sweet. Yet, Laurie’s blood is what would calm him.

“This won’t hurt a bit,” he replied, “I promise.”