True Blood Season 6 episode 5 -F the pain away

Sorry that am so late with this review so bare with me.
I promise to catch up asap.

Okay so here we go…

True Blood Episode 5 of Season 6.

The title of the episode struck me immediately. I recognized that it was in fact a song title.

It is a little tune by an avant garde artist known as Peaches.

Bear McCreary has a way with music. Whether it is a southern tune on AMC’s The Walking Dead that pretty much sums up the feelings of the audience to a little known club song that fits perfectly at the end of a wild episode.

Apparently, Warlow was in fact a fairy at some point.

Lilith turned him into the hybrid that we have only just met this season.

At first Warlow (Ben) wanted to return home to his family.

 However, he ended up draining his entire village all accept for Sookie’s grandfather Niall.

Jessica was supposed to protect the Andy’s fairy daughters from Bill.

However, she was overcome by the scent of honey wafting from their skin.

Thus she indulged in a new found treat.

However, once the high wears off poor Jessica is full of regret.

She decides to visit Jason hoping that he can calm her down.

But, little did she know that Sarah Newlin was at Jason’s house.

She is a little perturbed that Truman Burrell will not kill his daughter Willa who is now a vampire.

There is just something about Jason( if you read the series you know what it is) and Sarah is a bit lusty.

So she throws herself at Jason who is not eager to oblige.

After he was assaulted by the panther women, Jason has changed a lot.

His libido is a bit low.

Needless to say, here comes Jessica who has impressive timing.

Sarah is jealous that Jason slept with Jessica and revokes her invitation into Jason’s house.

How the heck did she did that is beyond me?

It just so happened that as Jess exited the house, she fell into the arms of the Anti Vampire Police.

Obviously, Sarah knew all about Jason and Jessica long before he told her.

Eric is almost forced to fight Pam to the death after killing a few vamps that were put in his way as an experiment.

The whole scene reminds me of the lasts season of NBC’s Heroes when the Government created a lab to study the heroes.

Gosh, I miss that show.

I was freaked out that Pam would kill him and vice versa.

Did I mention that one out of the four fairies hybrid children that Sam fathered is still alive?

Pam is in therapy with a very familiar face.

Actor Pruitt Taylor Vince portrays Finn the psychiatrist . He also played Otis in season 2 of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

Oh yeah and Lafayette tried to do a séance with Sookie and her parents.

He ended up being processed by the spirit of her father.

Thus he tried to drown Sookie.

Until next review.


True Blood Episode 3 and 4 review

Jessica tried her best to protect Andy’s half fairy daughters from Bill but, she forgot about herself.

Eric decided to turn Willa Burrell into a vampire.

Oh how the tables have turned.

Now Truman is rethinking his vampire death camp idea.

Speaking of Andy, he is just coming to terms with the idea of being a father of children that blossom over night.

When they snuck out I thought to myself they are walking right into Bill’s arms.

Tara wants to love Pam but, I feel like Pam is not over Eric.

Steve Newlins wife is Truman Burrell’s main squeeze.

So Ben is Warlow.

I was completely spot on in my observation.

When he fed Jason his blood I said to myself….I knew it.

Sookie realized this at the end of the episode which was fabulous.

That expensive lingerie that she wore made me skeptical.

Will she drop trou for Ben?

Episode Four (F the pain away)

Might I add that I really liked the credits song. Peaches is an artist that is rather vulgar for some but, I like her sound.

Hmm. So Warlow is older than fairy grandpa Niall.

Not only is he a vampire but, he is also a fairy.

Originally, Sookie was told that he killed her parents but, that was only half of the story.

Her father was the one who wanted to kill her so that Warlow would not turn her into a vampire.


Andy knows that his daughters are missing.

He figured out that Bill Compton has them.

When he arrives only one of the girls is alive.

Nicole is turning into a werewolf , she is a fugitive with Emma and Sam.

The weres are looking everywhere for Nicole.

Did I mention they Nicole and Sam had sex this episode.


Pam, Tara , Nora and Eric are all in the vampire death camps.

Eric and Tara gave themselves up.

Steve Newlin betrayed Eric.

His wife cozied up to Truman Burrel but, now that he is having second thoughts he is not so hot to her.

Until next episode….

True Blood Season 6 Episode 2

Truman Burrel believes that he is one step ahead if the vampires.

I beg to differ.

Sunday’s episode of True Blood was very good.

Andy’s daughters are now preteens who Bill is after for their fairy blood.

Sookie wants nothing to do with him or any vampires at the moment and refuses to help him even though he needs

her to help save the vampires.

He says that she is dead to him.

I beg to differ lol.

I cracked up when Bill stepped outside and burst into flames.

Jess tried her best to warn him.

He assumed that he was immune from the power of the sun.

I did not believe that for a long shot.

The sun is one thing that Luna’s blood can not protect him from.

Eric has a new love interest whether she is willing or nor.

Is it me or does the Governor’s daughter Willa resemble Nora?

This has confused the crap out of me since this season began.

What in the heck is going on with Jason and his head aches?

I feel like he is getting some sort of vampire / fairy telepathic message.

I question the intelligence of the policemen who visited the pack’s hideout.

The story that Alcide , Martha and Janna ( I think that is her name) told was just too believable.

I really wanted to kick Janna for scaring Emma.

The poor kid has experienced enough for one day.

The best part of Sunday’s episode was the moment when same freed little Emma.

Alcide’s pack killed Nicole’s friends and boyfriend which surprised me.

Plus, the fact that she was bitten was even crazier.




Is he handsome?


Would he make a nice main squeeze for Sookie?


Is he Warlow?


As far I am concerned Warlow is somebody who we (as the audience) will least expect.

I hope so.

The look on Steve Newlin’s face when is wife stepped into that holding room was priceless.

Her pumps were fabulous….might I add.

Until next episode everyone.


True Blood S6: Ep 2 “The Sun”


Hellooooo Ben!!!!!

Before, I forget…

the song that played during the credits at the end of Season 6, episode two of True Blood is “The Sun” by

The Naked and the famous.

Who the heck is Warlow?

Sunday’s episode proved that Rutger Hauer is not Warlow, he is Niall.

Niall is Sookie and Jason’s fairy grandfather.

He has made an early appearance for those who have read the Charlaine Harris series.

I am still waiting for Amelia Broadway and Quinn to pop up.

If I lost you, I apologize.

This is what happens when you read the book series based on the television show.

You find yourself waiting for characters to appear.

In some instances, readers find themselves critiquing the show itself.

The series will coincide with book number six but, with a twist.

Tara was shot with an Ultraviolet silver bullet which is burning her from the inside.

Sounds really painful.

Pam’s feelings for her are up in the air or so we thought as she holds Tara’s hand as the bullet is removed from her body.

Any who, Bill Compton has fallen into a stupor.

He is in some sort of dream world spending a little time with Lilith.

Poor Jessica is left trying her best to coax him out of his “coma”.

She even brought him a snack.

He makes her contort, twist and break every bone in body when she tried to leave him.

Her blood spews out of her mouth and heads straight into his.

That part complete threw me for a loop.

Arlene calls Sookie (who is at home sleeping next to that fairy document with the floating letters) to tell her that she is late for work.

This is not like Sookie but, remember Warlow is in the area so everything is a little off.

She is in a daze but, manages to get dressed.

On her way to work, she comes upon a handsome man who is crying out for help.

I have a feeling that he is Warlow but, I could be jumping the shark.

She helps this man who is half fairy just as she is.

Arlene is rather perturbed by Sookie’s behavior but, goes on to wait on a table of young people who seem a bit out-of-place.

One in particular is named Nicole ( she is in one of the books).

Nicole is portrayed by Jurnee Smolett.

Does the name sound familiar?

Think Eve’s Bayou or more particularly Full House.

She was Michelle’s African-American best friend.

Nicole approaches Sam telling him that she is on his side.

I believe that he has every right to be a bit wary.

However, Nicole is no joke.

All of a sudden in walks Patrick’s wife.

Patrick was Terry Bellefleur’s Marine Corp buddy.

He was sacrificed to the ifrit (fire demon) last season.

Arlene and Terry are nervous as to what to say to the wife about Pat’s disappearance.

She is convinced that he is trifling with another woman.

(If you have not watched season 5 on DVD, definitely pick it up.

Best buy has all HBO titles on sale this week.

Either that or check ITunes or Amazon.)

Andy Bellefleur is looking for the mother of his sweet little fairy babies.

The problem is that she is nowhere to be found.

I guess Mirella meant what she said about Andy protecting the light.

Eric disguises himself as a nerdy businessman which makes me laugh a little.

He has a conversation with Governor Burrell that has me on the edge of my seat.

The entire time, I waited for Eric to attack him but that does not happen.

Instead, he attempts to glamour the Governor.

It does not work, though because of yet another weapon created to fight the war against vampires.

The SWAT team enters and seizes Eric.

While they attempt to torture him, Eric flies away.

Later, he is able to glamour Burrell’s twenty something daughter.

Once Bill comes back to reality, he explains to Jessica that he can see the future.

He imagines all of the vampires in a room being burned alive.

Signs of what is to come?

Alcide has swallowed an entire pitcher of “kool aid” and is off his rocker.

Sam has Lafayette babysitting little Emma.

They are having a heck of a time until, she falls asleep.

Sam comes home after locking up the bar only to hear a truck pulling up.

Martha Bozeman, Alcide and his new main squeeze climb out of the truck.

They want to take Emma back to the pack.

Sam tells them to come back tomorrow because she is sleeping.

Alcide refuses to take no for an answer, still hopped up on V (Vampire Blood).

He beats Sam to a bloody pulp , goes inside of the trailer and snatches out little Emma.

Little do they know that Nicole and her friends are filming what is going on.

Only two episodes in and I am already hooked.

Here is my prediction for this season,

I believe that Warlow is the least likely character.

 He is someone who the viewers are ignoring but, is right in our faces.

I do not think that it is Ben.

Either way, I will tune in next Sunday.


True Blood: Season 6-Episode 1 ” Who are you, really”


True Blood is back!

Sunday marked the season premier of the sixth season of HBO’s Hit Supernatural series True Blood.

Season five left viewers stunned as Bill Compton, drank the blood of Lilith, melted into a puddle of blood only to emerge completely complete naked and a changed vampire.


As a fan who has read the Sookie Stackhouse novels, I can reveal that this story line is not in the book. However, this fact does not deter me from tuning in for the next eleven weeks in anticipation. I read the books before , I started watching the show and it blew my mind. The writers allowed their imaginations to run wild with this series which is a plus. If they stayed true to the story 100% then Lafayette Reynolds (Nelsan Ellis) would have been dead by the end of season one.

(Please note that there will be spoilers from this point on.)

Sadly season six opened with Luna’s death. She left Sam in charge of keeping little Emma safe.

I am glad that everyone ( Eric, Sookie, Pam, Jessica, Tara, Jason and Eric’s sister Nora ) made it out of the Authority headquarters before it blew up.

They all piled into a car and watched Bill(ith) emerge from the building. That was the moment when everyone else learned that Bill was not himself.

Poor Pam learned Eric had a sister. Her one weakness is and always will be her love of Eric Northman. It seemed like she and Tara developed feelings for one another. This new revelation derailed those plans.

As everyone started to come to terms with all that was going on, Bill began to summon Jessica. This new form of summoning nearly killed Jess.

Sookie refused to allow Jess to return to Bill without her. Sadly, Eric refused to allow anyone else to follow.
Bill destroyed his home and it appeared that he killed everything living in the house. Yet, they found him sitting calmly in a chair on the back porch. he tried his best to convince them that he is the same Bill.

Jason decided to hitchhike home rather than ride with the vampires. Yes, he is still against supernatural as he was last season (particularly vampires).

The Governor of Louisiana Truman Burrell( who is played brilliantly by Arliss Howard) meets secretly with the owner of a True Blood plan that had been destroyed. He lays out his plan to get a leash on the vampire problem. He decided that all Vampire owned businesses are to be seized and shut down. Pam is arrested and Tara is shot in the leg. I think that the bullet has silver in it because she screams bloody murder when it hits.

Meanwhile, Jason is picked up by a mysterious man in a rather old car. I love Jason Stackhouse because he is so naive even when he tries his best to be aware. Poor Jason.

In season five, Sookie and Jason found a letter under Gram’s bed which was written in what they assumed was faerie language. Most of the fairies were unable to decipher the language. The one fairy that could help Sookie became a midnight snack for Russel Edgington (RIP)

Jason realizes that the kind old man who picked him up is none other than Warlow. Warlow is the one who killed Sookie and Eric’s parents. Once he makes this known Warlow disappears. Jason tries to gain control of the car but, crashes.

Sam and Emma arrive at Merlotte’s to find Lafayette drunk trying to protect the place. He explains the situation to Sam and turns on the TV. Sam watches in horror as Luna shapeshifts from Steve Newlin back into her own form. Thus America is now aware that there are other Supernatural forms besides vamps and weres. One of the reporters thinks that the footage is a hoax.

The episode ends with Bill standing in his office.For the entire episode, he was hearing voices. Four naked blood covered women appears with fangs lowered. All of a sudden they run and jump inside of him.

Billith is back.

I want to see more.

Until next time folks,