The Walking Dead season 4 trailer. Bring it on.


I was bummed that I was missing San Diego Comic Con 2013.

After watching the trailer for Season 4 of The Walking Dead…

Let me be the first to say …

Bring it on AMC.

Bring It On.

The new season brings chaos to the small moment of peace that our heroes were able to enjoy.

Up until this season, the zombies have been a manageable threat.

The prison was the fortress for the prison group but, unfortunately the cracks are starting to show.

I can sit and chat about this all day but, it better that you watch the trailer for yourself.

Did I mention that Daryl has teamed up with Tyreese and Michonne.

Next season is going to be amazing.

Until next time folks.

I am counting the days until New York Comic Con 2013 in October.