True Blood Season 6 episode 5 -F the pain away

Sorry that am so late with this review so bare with me.
I promise to catch up asap.

Okay so here we go…

True Blood Episode 5 of Season 6.

The title of the episode struck me immediately. I recognized that it was in fact a song title.

It is a little tune by an avant garde artist known as Peaches.

Bear McCreary has a way with music. Whether it is a southern tune on AMC’s The Walking Dead that pretty much sums up the feelings of the audience to a little known club song that fits perfectly at the end of a wild episode.

Apparently, Warlow was in fact a fairy at some point.

Lilith turned him into the hybrid that we have only just met this season.

At first Warlow (Ben) wanted to return home to his family.

 However, he ended up draining his entire village all accept for Sookie’s grandfather Niall.

Jessica was supposed to protect the Andy’s fairy daughters from Bill.

However, she was overcome by the scent of honey wafting from their skin.

Thus she indulged in a new found treat.

However, once the high wears off poor Jessica is full of regret.

She decides to visit Jason hoping that he can calm her down.

But, little did she know that Sarah Newlin was at Jason’s house.

She is a little perturbed that Truman Burrell will not kill his daughter Willa who is now a vampire.

There is just something about Jason( if you read the series you know what it is) and Sarah is a bit lusty.

So she throws herself at Jason who is not eager to oblige.

After he was assaulted by the panther women, Jason has changed a lot.

His libido is a bit low.

Needless to say, here comes Jessica who has impressive timing.

Sarah is jealous that Jason slept with Jessica and revokes her invitation into Jason’s house.

How the heck did she did that is beyond me?

It just so happened that as Jess exited the house, she fell into the arms of the Anti Vampire Police.

Obviously, Sarah knew all about Jason and Jessica long before he told her.

Eric is almost forced to fight Pam to the death after killing a few vamps that were put in his way as an experiment.

The whole scene reminds me of the lasts season of NBC’s Heroes when the Government created a lab to study the heroes.

Gosh, I miss that show.

I was freaked out that Pam would kill him and vice versa.

Did I mention that one out of the four fairies hybrid children that Sam fathered is still alive?

Pam is in therapy with a very familiar face.

Actor Pruitt Taylor Vince portrays Finn the psychiatrist . He also played Otis in season 2 of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

Oh yeah and Lafayette tried to do a séance with Sookie and her parents.

He ended up being processed by the spirit of her father.

Thus he tried to drown Sookie.

Until next review.


True Blood: Season 6-Episode 1 ” Who are you, really”


True Blood is back!

Sunday marked the season premier of the sixth season of HBO’s Hit Supernatural series True Blood.

Season five left viewers stunned as Bill Compton, drank the blood of Lilith, melted into a puddle of blood only to emerge completely complete naked and a changed vampire.


As a fan who has read the Sookie Stackhouse novels, I can reveal that this story line is not in the book. However, this fact does not deter me from tuning in for the next eleven weeks in anticipation. I read the books before , I started watching the show and it blew my mind. The writers allowed their imaginations to run wild with this series which is a plus. If they stayed true to the story 100% then Lafayette Reynolds (Nelsan Ellis) would have been dead by the end of season one.

(Please note that there will be spoilers from this point on.)

Sadly season six opened with Luna’s death. She left Sam in charge of keeping little Emma safe.

I am glad that everyone ( Eric, Sookie, Pam, Jessica, Tara, Jason and Eric’s sister Nora ) made it out of the Authority headquarters before it blew up.

They all piled into a car and watched Bill(ith) emerge from the building. That was the moment when everyone else learned that Bill was not himself.

Poor Pam learned Eric had a sister. Her one weakness is and always will be her love of Eric Northman. It seemed like she and Tara developed feelings for one another. This new revelation derailed those plans.

As everyone started to come to terms with all that was going on, Bill began to summon Jessica. This new form of summoning nearly killed Jess.

Sookie refused to allow Jess to return to Bill without her. Sadly, Eric refused to allow anyone else to follow.
Bill destroyed his home and it appeared that he killed everything living in the house. Yet, they found him sitting calmly in a chair on the back porch. he tried his best to convince them that he is the same Bill.

Jason decided to hitchhike home rather than ride with the vampires. Yes, he is still against supernatural as he was last season (particularly vampires).

The Governor of Louisiana Truman Burrell( who is played brilliantly by Arliss Howard) meets secretly with the owner of a True Blood plan that had been destroyed. He lays out his plan to get a leash on the vampire problem. He decided that all Vampire owned businesses are to be seized and shut down. Pam is arrested and Tara is shot in the leg. I think that the bullet has silver in it because she screams bloody murder when it hits.

Meanwhile, Jason is picked up by a mysterious man in a rather old car. I love Jason Stackhouse because he is so naive even when he tries his best to be aware. Poor Jason.

In season five, Sookie and Jason found a letter under Gram’s bed which was written in what they assumed was faerie language. Most of the fairies were unable to decipher the language. The one fairy that could help Sookie became a midnight snack for Russel Edgington (RIP)

Jason realizes that the kind old man who picked him up is none other than Warlow. Warlow is the one who killed Sookie and Eric’s parents. Once he makes this known Warlow disappears. Jason tries to gain control of the car but, crashes.

Sam and Emma arrive at Merlotte’s to find Lafayette drunk trying to protect the place. He explains the situation to Sam and turns on the TV. Sam watches in horror as Luna shapeshifts from Steve Newlin back into her own form. Thus America is now aware that there are other Supernatural forms besides vamps and weres. One of the reporters thinks that the footage is a hoax.

The episode ends with Bill standing in his office.For the entire episode, he was hearing voices. Four naked blood covered women appears with fangs lowered. All of a sudden they run and jump inside of him.

Billith is back.

I want to see more.

Until next time folks,


Defiance one my new favorite shows

The cast of SYFY’s original series, Defiance.

One of my new favorite shows in a list that includes

Rogue (Audience) Wednesdays

Rectify (Sundance)Mondays

Top Of The Lake(Sundance)

The Americans(FX)Wednesdays @10

Bates Motel (A&E)Mondays at 10

Orphan Black (BBC America) (Saturdays @9)

The Slap (Audience) (Wednesdays)

The Following (FOX)

One show I recently fell in love with is Defiance (SYFY Mondays)

It airs on Mondays.

The commercials peaked my interest more than anything.

If you have not watched this show please do.

It is so complex but, the story line and the alien species are fantastic.

I am really interested in the fictional Irathian people…particularly a young girl named Irisa.
There is so much to be learned but, her character as well as the background of Defiance (aka St. Louis)
Definitely check it out if you have the time to.
I am also looking forward to the new season of
True Blood, Breaking Bad and Falling Skies
which will air this summer as well.

Another Wire alum joins Season 4 of The Walking Dead.

I am happy to report that Season 4 of AMC’s The Walking Dead is currently in production.

My question is…..what direction will they go for season 4?

Who will be the new leader of the group?

Are the rumors true will Rick die next season?



I read somewhere recently that actor Laurence Gilliard Jr is joining the cast next season.
For those who are not familiar with Laurence,

he portrayed drug dealer D’Angelo Barksdale on HBO’s groundbreaking series The Wire.

( If you have not watched the show, please do. It is truly fantastic.)

Gilliard is the second alum from the series to join The Walking Dead.

Actor Chad Coleman aka Cutty joined earlier in season 3.

His character Tyreese is now a season regular.

As for Laurence Giliard, he will be portraying a character named Bob Stookey.

According to  The Walking Dead wiki, this character is a former Army medic and an alcoholic.

He is said to be in his mid fifties/ early sixties.

There are some blogs who predict that some TWD fans will have a problem with the way that this character is translated on-screen.

I strongly disagree considering that at first Tyreese’s character was morphed into Daryl Dixon.

Merle Dixon was a hodgepodge of various characters from the comics.

Jacqui did not exist in the comic book

and Shane did not survive very long in the comic as well.

Many fans have issues with a few changes and additions to the television show in the past few years.

I am excited for the new season to start in October.

Next season is going to be fantastic in my opinion.

I will be attending NYCC this year so I am going to blog a few tidbits about the new season.

My eyes will be open for more info.

Until then readers..



Twelve new TV shows, Kale chips and Sims 3 death by meteor..

Ten things I discovered the following in the past week:

  1. Brad’s Raw Leafy Kale in Nasty Hot flavor. It is a hybrid of jalapeno and organic cheese. Spicy food is always a plus for me
  2. NBC’s Hannibal which is about a brilliant detective in search of some of the most deranged serial killers. Plus Hannibal Lecter is also in this as well and yes he does consume a few human dishes.
  3. Guy Fieri’s restaurant in Times Square which was pretty cool. The food was so good.
  4. One of my favorite comic book shops in Times Square, Midtown Comics is now open until Midnight.
  5. A little book store called Strand which has a motley of books from a gazillion different genres. The prices are not half bad either.
  6. Rogue is a really cool show about an undercover cop living a double life. Both of those lives are slowly but, surely colliding at a rapid speed.
  7. Rodger Sterling cries, Betty is a brunette, Don is an alcoholic and Peggy has become a female version of Don Draper. Mad Men is back!!!!!
  8. Cupcakes put a smile on everyone’s face especially if they are from Georgetown on Mercer Street.
  9. Ryan Hardy is always so close but, yet so far on The Following. Joe Carroll is something else . The fact that Roderick is employed by a police department freaks me out.
  10.  One of new favorite shows Cult was cancelled. Sad.
  11. Frank Gallagher is at the end of his rope but, refuses to stop partying. Where is Jimmy? Hopefully, this is a new day for Fiona.
  12. Orphan Black blew my mind.
  13. Under The Dome will air June 24,2013. Yay!!!!!

One Sims update…

Rest in Peace : Elizabeth, Andrew and Ethan Pierce were killed off by a meteor along with The Butler. I moved them to a new home, remodeled it and updated the furniture. Meanwhile, everyone celebrated Ethan’s birthday on the deck little Daryl sat inside and would not move. I tried my best to move him but, he would not budge. Then it happened, the meteor hit and obliterated most of my characters. It was so, so sad. Daryl, the only Pierce left was put in the system.

I started a new game with Andrew and Elizabeth in another town. Andrew works in The Military, Elizabeth quit her job in business to work in City Hall. They are the proud parents of a bouncing baby girl.

The Ross family is no more. I deleted them because I wanted to restart their game later.

The Joneses are doing just fine. Jayla is a Sous Chef , Kadence is 30 days away from her birthday and Gideon is still in Boarding School.

So far so good.

I will keep you updated on my Sims play as well as my discoveries.

Happy reading.

” Welcome to the tombs” The Walking Dead: Season 3, episode 16


Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes…a boy without a childhood.

Warning: There are spoilers in this post.

If you have not watched the season finale of  AMC’s The Walking Dead,

now is the time to stop reading.

The last thing I want to do is spoil the episode for you.

On Easter Sunday, I watched The Walking Dead episode 16 of season 3 and DVR’ed Game of Thrones.

Welcome to the Tombs….

I was just beginning to come to terms with the fact that another one of my favorite characters from The Walking Dead is dead. First it was Dale, then it was TDog , last week it was Merle Dixon and on Sunday it was Andrea.

The decision to kill off her character was a major surprise. I thought that Herschel and Judith were next on the zombie buffet but, nope…..Andrea became a snack for a zombified Milton Mamet. Yes, Milton Mamet who resembles a real life version of Smithers from The Simpsons died as well.

How in the heck did that happen?

Well, the episode opened with a close shot of The Governor’s eye.

He was beating up another character which I assumed was Andrea.

 I was wrong… was Milton.

Poor, poor Milton.

He was paying the price for barbecuing all of those zombies in the episode before last.

While, Rick was making his decision about Michonne in last episode….Milton became a human punching bag.

If the beating was not enough, the Governor decided to make him go into his torture room. There he would pick up all of the instruments used to on Andrea. While on his knees behind the chair Milton noticed a pair of plies but, he “failed” to pick them up.

All of a sudden, the Governor decided that in order for Milton to redeem himself, he must kill Andrea with a scalpel.

Milton who could not hurt a fly, tried to use that same tool on the Governor.

It was a bad idea but, noble one nonetheless.

However, he did not notice the  knife that the Governor held.

Let’s just say that he paid the ultimate price for his effort.

The prison group ( Rick, Glenn, Michonne, Daryl, Beth, Carol , Herschel and Maggie) are packing up prepared to leave the prison.

Rick does one last walk through to make sure that they did not leave anything behind. Michonne walks beside them.

There is something new between them.

I can see some sort of friendship that is forming.

I am delighted because now Michonne will no longer be though of as a bargaining chip.

That story line did not sit well with me.

Carl is very upset with his father, Rick.

I agree with him regarding his feelings.

Rick decided not to kill the four prisoners in episode three. Due to that decision, Lori and Tdog lost their lives because of Andrew’s warpath.

He persuaded Merle to return Michonne to Woodbury so that this conflict would be resolved.

Thank goodness that Merle had a change of heart and let her go.

Unfortunately, he died attempting to complete a plan that he had from the get to go.

Carl was upset that Merle died because his father was unable to man up in that situation.

Though it is unspoken, I am sure that he did not like idea of sending Michonne to her death.

However, Michonne forgave him for the decision which surprised me.

Then again, she tried to convince Merle Dixon to return to the prison last episode even after all that he had done to her.

Meanwhile, Tyreese and Sasha are very skeptical of the Governor and his motives.

As the Governor’s army prepares to leave for battle, Tyreese tells them that they would rather stay behind with the women and children

Smart move.

When the Governor walks away to grab a rifle, I am a little freaked out. I feel like this it for Ty and Sasha.

They feel the same way as per the look of shock in their eyes.

However, he hands it to Tyreese and the Woodbury army depart.

They arrive at the prison with guns blazing.

One person even fires a grenade launcher.

For those who are thinking wtf….remember that group of national guards men from the first episode of season three.

The ones who were gunned down by The Governor and his men (plus Merle), yeah that is where they acquired the firepower.

Or should I say that is where they stole it.

Anyways, the Governor’s ground troops rush towards the entrance.

They manage to break in and low and behold…..

no one is there.

The Governor can not believe his eyes.

To make matters, worse someone ( Herschel) left a bible in one of the prison cells.

It was open to a passage that is highlighted in yellow. I am not sure which verse but, my guess is that is from the book of Revelation.

Rather than retreat the Governor decides push his troops to survey the rest of the prison.

They end up walking into a trap which sends them running.

During the retreat, the troops realize that they are a bit out of ammunition and they hightail it out of the gate.

The Governor who is beyond pissed decides to mow down his troops with a spray of bullets.

Martinez and the silent henchman are in complete shock.

They leave in a truck with the Governor to spend time “sleeping with one eye open” to quote Chris Hardwick of The Talking Dead.

However, one person is still alive.

This is a character who annoyed me this whole season.

She was the biggest complainer in Woodbury and the same one who tried to keep her asthmatic son from fighting.

Maybe I am wrong but, that boy’s name was Jody. I believe he is child that Carl killed.

Did I mention that?

Carl hid in the woods during the battle with Herschel.

A teenage boy came running towards them with a gun.

He was scared out of his mind and was about to hand over his gun when……BAM.

Carl shot him.

It was a hard decision to make but, at that moment it was kill or be killed.

And….. Beth killed a walker this episode.

Go, Beth.

Meanwhile, Rick and his crew decide to go to Woodbury and continue the fight.

However, they stumble upon a horde of Woodbury zombies and the last survivor who locked herself in a truck.

He is nearly shot by Tyreese who informs them that Andrea is somewhere in Woodbury.

However, when she is found it is too late.

Milton took a bite out of her neck.

(During the scuffle I assumed that Tyreese rushed in to save her, boy was I way off.)

If only, she had stabbed the Governor in his sleep like Carol instructed her to.

She tried her hardest to keep the peace but, in the end, it was too late.

Michonne remained with her while she shot herself in the head.

It was nice to see them iron out their issues together before she died.

Tyreese shows Rick, the people who are left in Woodbury which include, women, children and the elderly.

Rick decides to add them to the prison bunch.

I thought that this was a good idea because Woodbury had a heck of  a lot of food so why not?

However, Carl did not agree with that idea.

Plus Herschel bought up the situation that happened in the woods.

This was bound to happen sooner or later.

It is sad that Rick has found a small bit of peace only to have it torn from him.

His wife’s vision is gone but, now he must contend with The Governor’s return, the new people and the fact that his little boy will never be the same.

Oh, and one more thing, there will be a change is Daryl, the problem with the episode is that there was no time to crack the surface but, for those who are wondering…..the sweet, gentle Daryl Dixon is slowly fading away.

Well, folks thanks for reading my reviews.

October 13, 2013 Season Four of The Walking Dead will begin.

New York Comic Con 2013, here I come.

Until October everyone.


“This Sorrowful Life” review :The Walking Dead season 3, episode 15


Warning: There are spoilers in this blog post.

Glenn and Maggie are getting married.

Herschel is full of positivity which makes me fearful of his fate on the show.

Carol foreshadowed what was to happen on this episode.

She asked “Merle are you with us?”

Rest In Peace : Merle Dixon

I made a mistake reading a spoiler after watching last weeks episode.

I knew that Merle was going to die.

AMC posted pictures of Merle on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. That was when I knew it was a done deal.

However, I did not realize how sad the episode ” This Sorrowful Life” was going to be.

I have learned that when a main character starts to make sense then it is time for them to die.

Dale tried to convince the group that it was wrong to kill Randall and he died.

T-DOG wanted to allow Oscar and Axel to join the group and he died.

Lori Grimes tried to reason with Rick when it was obvious that he was going off the deep end and she died.

This episode the enlightened character was Merle Dixon (RIP).

Rick threw around the idea of possibly surrendering Michonne believing that would end the war.

Keep in mind that Rick was not one hundred percent sure about this idea.

He told Herschel and Daryl about his plans but, they seemed a bit uneasy about the idea.

The biggest mistake that Rick made was telling Merle.

I guess he forgot that Merle tried to kill Michonne a few days prior.

Anyway, Merle decided to take matters into his own hands.

He gathered up supplies in what looked like a boiler room (including Rick’s telephone from episode 6).

Daryl almost caught him but, was sidetracked by his concern for his brother’s well-being.

Merle lured her into a cell block to clear out walkers and clocked her over the head.

He put a bag over her head and tied her up.

Meanwhile, Rick searched for some thing to tie Michonne up with.

Ghost Lori appeared but, this time she was helpful rather than a hinderance.

Rick decided that it was not a good idea to surrender Michonne but, he was too late.

She was already walking with Merle up the road.

If you have read my previous reviews of this season, then you know that I have a theory about  these two characters.

I am not trying to ship them but, I will say this…

The only person who Merle had a connection with was Michonne.

Both characters were outsiders to the group.

Rick wanted to kick both characters out of the prison.

The Governor wanted both of them dead.

I believe that these characters together were unstoppable together.

There was no hope for anything positive between these two because of the Governor’s vendetta against Michonne.

I believe that he let her go because of this reason coupled with the fact that he knew the truth.

There is no middle ground with The Governor.

If he wants someone dead then it is done.

With or without Michonne, the war will not end.

Michonne tried her best to convince him to go back to the prison even after he kidnapped her.

She appealed to him the best way that she could.

When he stopped the car, I knew that he had a change of heart.

I held out hope that maybe Merle would turn around and go back.

Suddenly, he decided to let her go.

They exchanged one last look which tugged at my heart-strings.

It was another scene in which Michonne showed emotion.

That moment seemed to affect Merle because he looked away trying not to shed a tear.

This is third time it seemed like Merle was about to cry.

It is true that actor Michael Rooker’s portrayal was brilliant.

Merle Dixon’s character began as a stereotype but, ended up being more than meets the eye.

His last moment went out with a bang.

He used the car alarm which nearly made him and Michonne into a zombie feast to lure out a couple dozen zombies.

I loved the scene where Merle sat in the car drinking Jack Daniels while the zombies tried their best to breach the car windows.

He led the zombies to the area where was Rick, Daryl, Martinez ,Andrea , The Governor and Milton met up.

It seemed too good to be true when the Woodbury brigade showed up and the battle began.

Merle died in a blaze of glory but, not before being beaten up by Woodbury thugs and having his fingers bitten off by The Governor.

I was glad that Merle did not beg for his life.

In my opinion, he was too much a rebel for that.

The saddest part of the episode was the scene when Daryl went out to find Merle.

He came upon Michonne who was all alone.

She explained that Merle let her go free. That was when Daryl knew that Merle was on a suicide mission.

The moment that he found his brother zombified and dining on the insides of Ben ( Allen’s son from Tyreese’s group).

Walker Merle approached Daryl who was inconsolable.

The moment that he had to put down Merle was so sad.

I felt so bad for him.

When Daryl Dixon cried it broke my heart.

It was a lot easier to assume that Merle was dead in season one and two after being left on the roof of the mall in Atlanta.

However, the Dixon brothers were reunited in a sticky situation at Woodbury.

Daryl chose to separated from the group because they refused to allow Merle to return to the prison at first.

Now Merle is dead after trying to complete a mission that Rick basically sent him on.

Poor Daryl.

Well, the sweet Daryl that everyone (including me) has grown to love is now gone.

Unfortunately, the Daryl Dixon from season one, the person who everyone feared is back.

Only this time, he will be darker and vengeful.

Rick Grimes, take note.

The Ricktatorship is now over.

This newfound Rick-ocracy is something that is too little, too late.

Daryl will now reflect upon what his brother said about being his own man and take it to heart.

The season finale is going to be interesting.

 Until, next episode……

Sunday is Walking Dead Day and Game Of Thrones Sunday.