New York Comic Con ’13 and me.


This year marked the third New York Comic Con that I have attended.

My game plan this year was to attend a majority of the panels that I selected on my Show planner app.

I believe that I attended somewhere between 75- 80 percent of the panels which included

The 25th Anniversary of Childs Play which helped me finally conquer my fear of the doll,

Comic Book Men, Venture Brothers,

The Walking Dead,

Reign, Robot Chicken, Beauty and the beast,


The Following,

Davinci’s demons

The Outlander,

Person of Interest, Haven, Teen Wolf

Black Sails

and last but, not least…


Sleepy Hollow.

I stayed late on Thursday for a special screening of Almost Human, The Tomorrow People and the 100.

Day 1

Day 1

This year for my birthday, I received an Ultimate VIP pass which made my experience less stressful. I had a 3 day pass my first year and a four day on my second so this was the icing on my cake.

It helped my get into the most popular panels.

There were many people who seemed to have it out for the VIPs.

I never felt that way when I was attending in the previous years when I had a regular badge.

A few moments upset me, particularly when I was yelled at by an irate security guard for wanting to use the rest room.

Plus, The Walking Dead panel was really good but, I felt uneasy with the crowd this year.

One crew member was hit in the fact as the crowd rushed up to the stage at the end.

Despite that I had a good time, next year I hope to attend regardless of what badge I get.

I started brainstorming already what will be my game plan as I did last year.

My goal is to make it to SDCC 2015.

Wish me luck.

Below are a few more pics from the con.

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The Walking Dead season 4 trailer. Bring it on.


I was bummed that I was missing San Diego Comic Con 2013.

After watching the trailer for Season 4 of The Walking Dead…

Let me be the first to say …

Bring it on AMC.

Bring It On.

The new season brings chaos to the small moment of peace that our heroes were able to enjoy.

Up until this season, the zombies have been a manageable threat.

The prison was the fortress for the prison group but, unfortunately the cracks are starting to show.

I can sit and chat about this all day but, it better that you watch the trailer for yourself.

Did I mention that Daryl has teamed up with Tyreese and Michonne.

Next season is going to be amazing.

Until next time folks.

I am counting the days until New York Comic Con 2013 in October.