New music to me : Civil Twilight

civil twilight

It takes a lot for me to be moved by a song.

I listen to a motley of different artists but, sometimes I hear a song that strikes me.

Civil Twilight’s Letter’s From The Sky is that song.

This song was played during a promo for the SYFY show Defiance and will soon be heard in a Trailer for a movie called The East.

Upon the first listen, I could feel the lead singers emotion and pain.

His voice is truly like no other which completely blows my mind.

You could say that is band is on the same tier as  Coldplay, The Flay, One Republic , Snow Patrol and The Script

Take a Listen

Let me know what you think.


The loss of a pet

My kitten died Sunday evening.

He was eleven months and 16 days old.

I loved him as though he was my very own son.

I kept him warm when he was a few weeks old.

The little one suffered from diarrhea which burned up his little bottom.

It has been a hard week without him but, I know that he is in a better place.

No other animal will ever replace my kitten.

This is not the first time that I have experienced a pets death.

My cat passed away from kidney failure last February.

My kittenĀ held a special place in my heart.

Life is so short and so delicate.

I am okay knowing that my little one is no longer in pain.

He is heaven looking down with my other animals who passed away.

More importantly, my aunt is taking care of him now.

She loved animals so much that her life was dedicated to her cats.

This love was shared with my mother who continued her legacy.

Rest in Peace

“Mini Pocket”


No matter how sick an animal or a person is nothing will prepare you for their passing.

You can sleep easier knowing that they have ascended to a better place.

Their time in the world made such an impact that they will be missed but, never forgotten.