Generation Reese Episode 33- The silver lining…


 Mom and dad moved out in the middle of the night. They found a nice house just up the road. Morgan still lives in our childhood house. He refuses to leave. No worries because the house is completely paid for and our parents still pay the bills. He is so spoiled, I swear. Lindsey was extremely upset after Tarik left. She tried her hardest to reconcile to no avail. Eventually little Ivy will meet her father. Until, that day it is his loss. Mikaela moved back in with us a day or so before my birthday. She and Merle were having marital problems. It was so bad that Little Clary began to stress eat.  I’m no sure what was going on with Merle. Either way it was good to have everyone together again.


Lindsey threw me an amazing birthday party. It was a big surprise. I didn’t want to really celebrate especially after what happened with Tarik and Lindsey. However, she refused to let the day pass without putting something together. She has a knack for it.


Now that I am older, I can see my mother more and more in my face. Dad’s genes are ever-present, but Mom’s genes are stronger. Even Morgan looks like her which is awesome. All of the grandchildren resemble her as well. Lindsey said, ” You know what’s crazy, Wed. Even our descendants look like mom down to her dark hair and skin.” Mom is getting older now and I know that she is not going to live forever.


My nieces Clary and Mandy finally met. They seemed to hit it off instantly. I believe that all of the grandchildren are going to be as close as my sibs and I are. Family is so important to mom especially after her parents died. She decided to raise all of us first generation Reese’s to love one another. We rarely fight unless its over food. Even then it is not that’s serious.

Screenshot-2859 Screenshot-2860

Just seeing us all together is wonderful. Now that we are all older and for the most part successful. We are the first generation of the Reese family from Sunset Valley. The second generation is growing rapidly. I wonder that they will accomplish.


Merle drank a little too much juice and staggered over to the jelly bean plant by the door. I guess the jelly beans look so good that he had to try them. Mom warned us to stay away from this plant but, I guess that slipped his mind.


He caught on fire a few minutes later. All that was left was a pile of ash on the ground.


Sadly Clary witnessed the entire thing. She stood crying her eyes out in the living room.


Dad started to cry as well when he saw Clary crying.


Morgan sobbed as well.


Death appeared which made everyone cry even more.

Merle did not look upset or scared when he faced death.

He just followed him with a smile on his face.

That was Merle for you.


We stood in silence in complete shock.


There was nothing that dad could say to us so he did not say anything. We all just hugged one another and the party ended.


Ivy learned how to walk that night. Lindsey held her close and cried. Sadly, Merle was not present.

He would have started dancing then walked into the room and tickled little Ivy.

Little Ivy will never know her awesome Uncle Merle.


I decided that I needed a change. So….this is what I came up with. It’s the best way for me to cope.


I miss Merle so much. He made sure to come see me even though we barely saw one another.


I put on my cap and gown choking back tears.


We all rode in my car to city hall for the graduation ceremony.


I’m glad that it was a dreary day and not sunny.


It was easier for all of us to cope.

Screenshot-2884 Screenshot-2885

. Screenshot-2886

We took the time to take a family picture. Two generations together is truly a blessing.

Screenshot-2887 Screenshot-2888

Lindsey made Clary her favorite Vegetarian Dim Sum when we came home.

She wanted to cheer her up.

It worked.


Meanwhile, Mikaela played with Ivy who was having a good time.

They both bonded together now that Mikaela is unemployed.


Clary glanced outside and saw a lady walking towards our door carrying a basket.


She rang the doorbell requesting to speak to Mikaela. Little did we know that Mikaela had gone to the adoption agency. She wanted to extend her family further, but every pregnancy test that she took revealed a negative result. Merle was against adoption even though he was adopted into our family.


Mikaela crouched down to pick up the boy. It was little boy. So, she named him Jase.


Jase fell right into the family so quickly once he came inside. He bonded with Ivy instantly.


Ivy saw Mikaela and abandoned her blocks to go to see. These two are seriously inseparable.


This is a close up of little Jase. He is such a sweetie pie and a charmer.


The best part is that Clary has fallen in love with her baby brother.


Mikaela worried about her reaction to Jase since she had been an only child for so long.

Yet, she hugged him immediately.


I think that they are going to be so close just like Mikaela was with Randi, Mike and Merle.


I am doing a lot better so I will keep you posted.



Generation Reese Episode 17: Two last hurrahs and an unexpected loss.

Michael Reese here and my house is buzzing with activity….a lot more than usual.

Mikaela’s wedding is fast approaching so Mom and Leighton are scrambling to get everything thing together.


Mom made sure that we all sat down at the kitchen table for breakfast.

Morgan was dressed in a T-rex costume. Its the exact same one that Lindsey wore when she was kid.

Funny how things in this family have a way of repeating themselves.


I ate breakfast with Merle who is counting the days with a smile on his face.


Mikaela bought a white sari as her wedding dress but, more than likely she will change her mind about it


Merle’s friends threw him a Bachelor party.

Randi showed up which was really awesome.

She hates being in crowds unless it is for a family gathering.


She was such a good sport allowing Merle to spray her with champagne.

This photo brings me back to my childhood in our first house.

There were just five of us then.

It was super sweet.


This drunk dude decided to make a toast.


Here is Merle being sprayed himself.


Here come the strippers.


Sam was mesmerized by the brunette.


All eyes were on her.


Merle came strutting over towards her.


Candy bar did a special dance for him.


All of a sudden the party theme became Mascarade.


Merle really enjoyed the entertainment but, I sensed that he really missed Mikaela.


These two started chatting and Candy forgot all about her dance.


Meanwhile back at home, Wednesday transformed herself into a rose princess.


Merle drank so much that he decided to streak.


My dad showed up and tore up the dance floor.


Mom and Wednesday were at home chatting up the wedding.


No one left the party until 6am.


Mikaela finished off a few drinks before heading off to work.

Not to be out done my sister decided to throw her own Bachelorette Party.

Mikaela was the first person to show up.



Everyone dressed to impress but, then changed into their swim suits.


At first everyone stood around, complaining about being hungry.

Mind you there was food galore but, I digress.


Grandma Yumi showed up and went right to the food.


All of a sudden the entertainment showed up in the form of two Sims in red speedos.


Mikaela was overjoyed that Miranda showed up for the party.

She begged her to make a toast.


Miranda was more than happy to oblige.


Everyone gathered around to listen.

The male strippers decided to stay and enjoy the party.


And boy what a party it was.

All of a sudden the was a commotion in the bathroom.


Apparently someone clogged up one of the toilets.


A crowd gathered to see what was going on.

A few of the tipsy women went to the bathroom on themselves.

No one could fathom exactly what happened next.

Holly Alto , a close friend to my family died in the bathroom.

Death showed up to retrieve her soul.

       Screenshot-699 Screenshot-700 Screenshot-701 Screenshot-702

Mom always says a party isn’t a party until death shows up.

I am starting to agree completely with that observation.

Well, the wedding is in two days and I have to be fitted for my tux.

Peace out everyone.

I will have more info later.

Michael Reese.

Generation Reese Episode 15: Michael’s next step



This pic was taken after we all took a family photo.


Hey everyone, its Michael Reese here, a few years older and wiser.

I am finally out of high school and ready for the world.

I hope its ready for me as well.

Bella Bachelor is my high school sweet heart.

We’ve been close since elementary school.

I was so happy about graduating that all I wanted to do was see.


Our love was strong and I wanted her to be Mrs. Michael Reese.


She was overjoyed and admired the ring I gave her.

However, all of a sudden, she denied my engagement.

She did not want to marry me and would not tell me why.


I was so heart-broken that I ended the relationship right there.

There was obviously someone else in the picture and I was just a side piece.


I was going to wait a bit before accepting the scholarship for Sims University but, after what happened I just went for it.

I learned because of my high grades I already had 18 college credits.

Plus my mom, Leighton and Mikaela are all alumni so I guess I was a shoe-in.


Immediately, I packed my bag and left.

There was no point in crying over Bella, still the tears fell as I drove away.


I do miss them though.

Apparently, given that I have 18 credits I am already considered a sophomore which is a plus,

less time in the University.


This is what I wore .

Mom always says that we are an Avant garde bunch.

Mikaela and Mom made a few fashion statements on campus, so I was told.

I decided to make one of my own.

As you can see my Mohawk is redder than usual.


I took a seat in the back of the class but, the teacher did not show up.


Either way, I was right behind a girl named Hannah so that was a plus.


Everyone fell asleep out of the blue.


After class, I took the time to meet another student.

She was cute and really nice.


I started gardening to ease my stress.


So far so good.


I witnessed my first bonfire.

A dash of cinnamon from my garden made it smell so much better.


My first party was a pretty good but, I have to brush up my skills with the ladies.

My father had a way with words

and Leighton hooked my mom with his nurturing side.

I wonder what will be my angle.


I cooked waffles one day.

They tasted awesome.


I am the only normal person in my family.

MIkaela, Miranda, Mom and Leighton are all fairies.

Darryl , Merle  and Lori are all imaginary friends.

Preston and Miranda are both clones

My dad Anoki was a werewolf.

Lindsey was born a witch.

Wednesday was born a fairy.

Morgan is half plant and half Sim.

This is why I want to learn all there is about alchemy.

May be one day I could transform myself into something cool..

or transform others.


I am studying Science and Medicine just like Mom.

It’s a little complicated but, I like it.

Thank you mom for the chemistry set when I was a kid.


I decided to check out the library .

I just wanted to study a bit but, it was a little too noisy.


Gon’ end up a big old pile of them, bones.

Now I sound like that Alice In Chains song.



I made waffles which tasted so awesome.

Thanks Mikaela for teaching me how to cook.


Here I am running to class.


I went to the gym to work out one evening.

It was packed but, I was able to find one lone weight machine.


My plants are growing nicely.

Thank you mom for teaching me how to garden.


I finally got to courage to tell Hannah how I feel about her.

She was my first kiss.


For our date we went out bowling.


She is pretty good.


Wow!!! two semesters went by so fast.

Sophomore year is over.


I went into the house and passed out in Wednesday’s room , snoring on a rocking chair.

30 credits down, eighteen more to go.


Generation Reese Episode 14 Mike and Morgan’s birthday celebration


I am extremely proud of Michael Reese who is preparing to go off to Sims University.

He will be the fourth in his family to attend.

After Lindsey’s birthday, a mascot arrived to drop off an acceptance package full of swag.

Michael decides to take the college aptitude test.

Like his older sister Michael aced the test and will enter college with 18 credits under his belt.


It is weird seeing Lindsey as a teenager because it took two months to get her to this point.

She is a happy go lucky teen who dreams of becoming a Star athlete like her father.

Leighton and Lindsey are extremely close.


An hour after Michael and Lindsey went off to school,

Michelle decides to spend the day with Leighton, Morgan and Wednesday at the beach.


Here they are riding in the cab.



Michelle took this cute pic after changing into her bikini.

Leighton went off to windsurf.


The kids were more preoccupied with their dolls to play in the sand.


For a mother that gave birth to five children, Michelle looks pretty good in her bikini.


Time to go home and the kids are happy so its all good.


Once Wednesday and Morgan are in their cribs, it is time to get a bite to each.

Meanwhile, Lindsey and Michael brush up on their skills.

Yes, there homework is already done.


A burglar decided to take his chances and sneak into the Reese house.

Needless to say, he met his match in a very angry policewoman.


Everyone else went back to sleep accept for Michelle and Miranda.

They chatted a bit about the week.

The gene pool in this family is so solid that everyone looks alike

(even the adopted, imaginary and cloned children).


I gave Lindsey purple hair for fun but, decided that since she was about age up.


It was time to go back to her black hair.

She looks so much like her father.


Leighton spent a little time listening to Wednesday play a tune on her xylophone.

I have a feeling that she will become a musician of some sort when she grows up.

Wednesday is the youngest and last child born into the Reese family of ten.


It was Morgan’s birthday so it was time to party.


It was time to wish Morgan a happy birthday and everyone showed up.


Little Morgan (in the middle) enjoyed his cake as did everyone else.


Merle was the first to arrive. He loves a good time.

I think that he misses the family a lot.


Little Morgan enjoying his cake.


Merle and Lori


Michelle invited Anoki’s girlfriend Monika to the party.

She was extremely happy to attend.

Parker and Miranda showed up dancing up a storm.


Miranda took the time to ask Mike about school.


Wednesday and Morgan playing peek a boo.


Lindsey picked up Wednesday who snuggled into her arms.

Its time for bed little one.


Leighton chatting with Morgan at the end of the party.


Lindsey decided to wear her hair in dreads.

She reminds me of her mother and sisters in this pic.


Lindsey attended her prom and looked beautiful.


Mike showed up comfy and happy.

He was crowned Prom King and his sister Prom Queen.



Michelle purchased a new house but, she is considering moving the family to Dragon Valley, Isla Paradiso or Monte Vista.


Michelle painted a beautiful picture of three women which looks beautiful.


Morgan is working hard to achieve just like his sisters and brothers.


He embraces Michelle as his real and only mother which is cool considering that he is an orphan plant boy.


Michael sits down to eat with his sister Lindsey.

Screenshot-345 Screenshot-346

Morgan’s room was redecorated once he aged up.

He seems to like it a lot.

Like his brother Mike, he has become a huge gamer.


Here is Mike playing a racing game.


Lindsey takes the time to ask Leighton about casting spells and broom riding.

Leighton was a witch when he married Michelle.

Lindsey was born a witch.

Screenshot-363 Screenshot-364

Here is Wednesday walking to the potty by herself.

Such a big girl.


Here is Michelle in her neon green dress that I adore.

I created a neon green polka dot tank for her when she was little.

She and Michael went on a class trip to the bistro.


It was time for Michael to celebrate his birthday.

Merle showed up a few pounds heavier which worried me a bit.


Here are a few guests waiting outside some carrying food.


Mikaela always fashionably late and gorgeous.


Happy birthday Michael


Here is Michael as a young adult.

The hair style is a bit odd.

The outfit is even worse.



Michelle turned Anoki into a werewolf a while back after they divorced.

She decided to cure him for old times sake.


Graduation Day for Michael.


Time to leave for the ceremony.


This pic looked crazy which is why I decided to include it in this entry.


Everyone piled into Michael’s car for the ceremony.


Here is everyone walking to city hall.

Another chapter in the Reese family history.

Until next time.

A truce between Millenials , Generation X and Baby Boomers…

According to the American Student Assistance website, there are 37 million people with outstanding student loan debt.

Of that 37 million, fourteen are people under the age of 30 otherwise known as millennial generation (my generation).

Soon, the debt will hit the one trillion-dollar mark.

Time and time again, I find myself skimming through Yahoo articles regarding this issue.

So many people have an opinion about this current state of affairs.

The responses are 75 percent negative but, 25 percent positive.

Some people feel as though the debt should be forgiven.

The blame does not rest on the youth but, on the government.

A number of people feel like this problem should rest solely upon the borrower.

Most people choose to completely separate themselves from this issue citing that “they” made the right choice by joining the military , taking up a trade or attending a cheaper college (2 year or otherwise).

In the past six years, I learned that there is no right or wrong answer in this situation.

I graduated from college six years ago.

This was a year before the economic collapse of 2008.

My dream was to work in media.

I wanted to start from the bottom and work my way up.

Returning home after graduation was only temporary.

I mapped everything out when I was 17.

I planned on working for four years after college, moving out, saving up my money and obtaining my Master’s degree by 25.

Things did not work out as I planned.

Yet, I still hold on tightly to the hope that one day I will achieve my goal.

This is why I am empathetic towards those who are in peril regarding this crisis.

I can not judge anyone for their debt when I am a piece of that pie.

My mother paid for my education out-of-pocket but, Sallie Mae paid for room and board.

I had no other choice.

On Yahoo, there is so much hostility against my generation because of this debt.

So many people feel that this crisis is of our own making.

It was not.

Rather than the battle between Baby Boomers and Generation X vs. the Millenials, I wish that people would declare a truce.

The mistakes of the past regarding student loans contributed to the mistakes of this day and age.

We are all in this together.

I believe one day the very same people posting negatively about this issue will open their eyes and realize the truth.

One day soon.