Generation Reese Episode 33- The silver lining…


 Mom and dad moved out in the middle of the night. They found a nice house just up the road. Morgan still lives in our childhood house. He refuses to leave. No worries because the house is completely paid for and our parents still pay the bills. He is so spoiled, I swear. Lindsey was extremely upset after Tarik left. She tried her hardest to reconcile to no avail. Eventually little Ivy will meet her father. Until, that day it is his loss. Mikaela moved back in with us a day or so before my birthday. She and Merle were having marital problems. It was so bad that Little Clary began to stress eat.  I’m no sure what was going on with Merle. Either way it was good to have everyone together again.


Lindsey threw me an amazing birthday party. It was a big surprise. I didn’t want to really celebrate especially after what happened with Tarik and Lindsey. However, she refused to let the day pass without putting something together. She has a knack for it.


Now that I am older, I can see my mother more and more in my face. Dad’s genes are ever-present, but Mom’s genes are stronger. Even Morgan looks like her which is awesome. All of the grandchildren resemble her as well. Lindsey said, ” You know what’s crazy, Wed. Even our descendants look like mom down to her dark hair and skin.” Mom is getting older now and I know that she is not going to live forever.


My nieces Clary and Mandy finally met. They seemed to hit it off instantly. I believe that all of the grandchildren are going to be as close as my sibs and I are. Family is so important to mom especially after her parents died. She decided to raise all of us first generation Reese’s to love one another. We rarely fight unless its over food. Even then it is not that’s serious.

Screenshot-2859 Screenshot-2860

Just seeing us all together is wonderful. Now that we are all older and for the most part successful. We are the first generation of the Reese family from Sunset Valley. The second generation is growing rapidly. I wonder that they will accomplish.


Merle drank a little too much juice and staggered over to the jelly bean plant by the door. I guess the jelly beans look so good that he had to try them. Mom warned us to stay away from this plant but, I guess that slipped his mind.


He caught on fire a few minutes later. All that was left was a pile of ash on the ground.


Sadly Clary witnessed the entire thing. She stood crying her eyes out in the living room.


Dad started to cry as well when he saw Clary crying.


Morgan sobbed as well.


Death appeared which made everyone cry even more.

Merle did not look upset or scared when he faced death.

He just followed him with a smile on his face.

That was Merle for you.


We stood in silence in complete shock.


There was nothing that dad could say to us so he did not say anything. We all just hugged one another and the party ended.


Ivy learned how to walk that night. Lindsey held her close and cried. Sadly, Merle was not present.

He would have started dancing then walked into the room and tickled little Ivy.

Little Ivy will never know her awesome Uncle Merle.


I decided that I needed a change. So….this is what I came up with. It’s the best way for me to cope.


I miss Merle so much. He made sure to come see me even though we barely saw one another.


I put on my cap and gown choking back tears.


We all rode in my car to city hall for the graduation ceremony.


I’m glad that it was a dreary day and not sunny.


It was easier for all of us to cope.

Screenshot-2884 Screenshot-2885

. Screenshot-2886

We took the time to take a family picture. Two generations together is truly a blessing.

Screenshot-2887 Screenshot-2888

Lindsey made Clary her favorite Vegetarian Dim Sum when we came home.

She wanted to cheer her up.

It worked.


Meanwhile, Mikaela played with Ivy who was having a good time.

They both bonded together now that Mikaela is unemployed.


Clary glanced outside and saw a lady walking towards our door carrying a basket.


She rang the doorbell requesting to speak to Mikaela. Little did we know that Mikaela had gone to the adoption agency. She wanted to extend her family further, but every pregnancy test that she took revealed a negative result. Merle was against adoption even though he was adopted into our family.


Mikaela crouched down to pick up the boy. It was little boy. So, she named him Jase.


Jase fell right into the family so quickly once he came inside. He bonded with Ivy instantly.


Ivy saw Mikaela and abandoned her blocks to go to see. These two are seriously inseparable.


This is a close up of little Jase. He is such a sweetie pie and a charmer.


The best part is that Clary has fallen in love with her baby brother.


Mikaela worried about her reaction to Jase since she had been an only child for so long.

Yet, she hugged him immediately.


I think that they are going to be so close just like Mikaela was with Randi, Mike and Merle.


I am doing a lot better so I will keep you posted.




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Generation Reese Season 2 Episode 30 One step closer


Wednesday is the only kid in the family who is unsure about her future. By the time, I was her age I knew that I wanted to be a sports star like dad. Mikaela always wanted to work in business.

Her goal was to become some sort of CEO or CFO someday.

Mikey wanted to follow Mikaela.

Merle decided to follow his heart.

He always had a knack in playing guitar and painting.

But, Wednesday seems like she is going to soak of everything possible.

Right now, she is obsessed with astrology, chess and cooking.

Even though, she burned her first batch of muffins I was so proud of her.


Once I came home, I decided to throw a birthday party for mom and dad.

Seeing Anoki was something that made realize that my parents are going to live forever.

No matter how Supernatural they are.


Tarik and Wednesday sat down to play a game of chess.

I’m not sure who won the game.

All that I remember were the giggles echoing through the house.

I’m starting to settle into the idea of having a child.

Maybe, I won’t raise a brood of nine like mom and dad but, having two kids sounds reasonable.

Tarik always says that he is ready whenever I am.


But, I realize that I just started my job so, I will put that idea on the back burner.

At least until I reach level seven of my career.


I think that Wednesday has an imaginary friend.

She mentions someone named Tyreese from time to time.

Years ago, Miranda made her imaginary friend Merle a real boy.

He became like a brother to all of us.

It is a bit strange that he married Mikaela but, its nothing new in the Sim world.

I’ve heard of people having alien babies each their own.


My house was full of Reese’s a few hours later once the party began.

It felt like old times.


Mom was so radiant.

Its crazy to think that she raised nine and gave birth to four.

She’s truly my hero.


Mom married both Anoki Moon and Leighton Sekemoto (dad) but, she never put us in the middle of it.

She just kicked Anoki out and went on.

He cleaned up his act enough to be accepted into our family once more.

Dad was okay with this so long as the family was happy.


Strangely , dad is still stuck in the grunge era.

But, I’m down with that.


I can’t believe that our family is already into their second generation.

That is so crazy just yesterday we were all preparing for Mikaela’s graduation.


Now look at all of us grown up, time surely does fly.


Mikaela sat down to eat cake with Gage Briody Reese, Miranda’s husband.

He is the new father of Serena Briody Reese.

I met her right before I went back to school.

Mom held hope that Miranda would find her place in the world.

She is one of two clones in our family counting Preston Langerak Reese.

He was created by Miranda right after I was born.

Randi felt very neglected and became a loner.

She refused to come out of her shell until Mikaela invited her to live with us.

At that point, Miranda decided to change herself.

Now, she looks amazing with her chestnut brown hair.


Mike and I have always been close.

He made sure to take time with me no matter how busy he was.

Once Mikaela, Miranda and Merle moved out….We were the oldest ones left.

I miss him so much.

Our family is extraordinary with fairies, plant sims, clones, imaginary friends, a natural born witch and one human.

Yet, we never made him feel any less awesome.


As for my half brother Sam, no one really likes him around.

He harbors some serious issues against us particularly against Wednesday.

I pulled my dad to the side to ask about it.

Apparently, Sam refused to move in with him and mom.

He wanted to stay with Grandma Yumi which was his choice.

Yumi claimed that he did not want to have any brothers or sisters so that was his loss.

Yet, I felt the need to invite him to the party for old time sake.


Wednesday was thrilled that everyone came to the party even Sam.

She invited them all back to her birthday party which was coming up pretty soon.


Mom and dad still can’t believe how mature she has become.

Let alone the fact that most of us are grown now with our own families and careers.

Generation 2 has only just begun with Clary and Serena.

All eyes are on Mikey and me to add little one to the family next.


Wed made sure to kiss and hug mom and dad before they left.


Wed missed mom and dad so much but, she wanted to be closer to me which why she left home.


That night like clock work a UFO appeared outside of my room.

It had funny timing because the zombies were roaming around town a la the full moon.

I resisted going outside to investigate but, I did it anyone.


I found myself floating in a pool of light.


I should have known better.


I came back with no memory and an overwhelming fear to hide under the covers.

What did that chick do to me?


This new gnome appeared on my door step.

It is an Easter gnome.

Nothing out of the ordinary considering how I grew up around a half dozen of them.

So I guess it should not have surprised me when I woke up to find one perched in front of the television watching the news.


The sound woke up Tarik who was super pissed.

I giggled under the covers at him yelling in frustration at ” the stupid gnome”.

If he only knew what they are capable of.


I caught a glimpse of Wednesday sleeping so peacefully.


While Tarik was at work and Wed went to school the house was pretty much quiet.

So I went out to visit Merle and Mikaela.

I found Clary at home alone.

It freaked me out to I played with her until the babysitter showed up.

Then the little fairy disappeared.


Later, I went to visit Randi , Gage and Serena.

They were delighted to see me.


I cast a good luck charm on Miranda considering the cards that life dealt her.

Being a clone in this town is not easy.

People called her a demon, soulless and godless.

She would come home crying every day.


Then I played with Serena for a bit.


Wednesday went out to wander around town.

She completed her homework and then continued on her adventure.


He sat down enjoying his concoction while I gagged reading my cook book.


We found ourselves locked in another embrace later that evening.

Screenshot-2380 Screenshot-2381

Wednesday went to work on a masterpiece of some sort.


That next morning Tarik awoke with a smile on his face and made breakfast.

We alternate cooking as we did when I was growing up.

However, Tar needs more experience so I let him take the reigns more than often.

Screenshot-2384 - Copy

He sat together with Wed and they ate breakfast together.

I am so proud of how close they have become.

This family is pretty close knit so that last thing that I want to do is to bring in another Sim who is anti family like Anoki was.

Mom did the right thing booting him out.


I bumped into Mikaela in town.

My concern about Clary being left alone scared me so I approached her about it.

She too was worried but, said that she would talk to Merle.

Screenshot-2388 Screenshot-2389

I took the initiative and went to Merle myself.

I confronted him about the situation.

He was so embarrassed.

Apparently, they were overwhelmed with work as well as losing their home.

Mikaela was bit too proud to admit it.

So I immediately suggested that they move in with me.

It was only fair.


They came over in a taxi and the rest is history.


Mikaela changed her style immediately.

Screenshot-2396 Screenshot-2397

Meanwhile, Clary and I hung out together.

If the future in left in her hands then I am extremely optimistic.

She is a superstar already and is barely four years old.


I took the time to make her hair look like princess Leia’s complete with the buns.


A weight was lifted off of Merle and Mikaela.

They seemed more relaxed once they moved in.


I can see mom in Clary’s face along with Mikaela and Merle.

She is so beautiful.

Screenshot-2404 Screenshot-2406

Mikaela has grown into an awesome mom.

Her bond with little Clary is unbreakable just like mom’s is with all of us.


Wednesday is convinced that there is another world in outer space.

She spends way too much time looking through the telescope.

Could she be more like Randi and Mike??


Mikaela and Wednesday sat down to eat the fruit parfait that she prepared.

Wednesday talked all about her badges that she earned in the scouts.

She is acing all of her class and one step closer to being the eight high school graduate and the sixth college grad in the family.

Our family legacy is filled with wealth , education and family.

Who could ask for anything more.

Mrs. Lindsey Sekemoto Reese Barajas, signing off.

Generation Reese Season 2 Episode 29 The end of higher education


When I arrived at school, it was cold and my phone kept vibrating.

It was a tad bit annoying.


I practiced a little magic to kill time before the party at the student union.


I ran through knee high snow to get to the party.


One of my old roomies is now the mascot.


After, I greeted and met everyone on campus it was back to the dorm.

There I unpacked my clothes.

I decided to rinse of the dye from my hair.

I changed my mind and dyed the shaved side blue.


I slept in thermal PJs and checked the weather.

Snow, snow and more snow coupled with cold.


It was nice showing in the all in one bathroom.

I missed it.


Then I went out to class in my sweater dress , leggings and boots.


I changed into my snow suit and studied on a bench.

All of a sudden it was dark and I high tailed it to the dorm.


I decided to cook something but, I could not figure out what.

My new roomies were a mystery but, I decided to just trust my gut.


As you can see my grilled salmon was a hit.


I have one creepy roommate who seems to shadow me a lot.

Between her dark make up and purple hair, she looks so creepy.


That next morning I went to class.

Someone made a clown snow man which was adorable.


I studied my skeleton and this clown was still standing.


Its started to melting.


After class, I destroyed it.

My roomie was pissed but, it was all good.


Back at the dorm I made a snow angel.

This is my very first snowstorm..


Wed will be the first Reese kid to witness snow besides Clary.



I conjured up Ashley Desorrento again.

She was a friend of my mom’s from back in the day.

A really sweet ghost by the way.


I look hot in a bikini.


After class, I decided to practice a little magic.

Soon I will be unstoppable.


The zombie who appeared outside of my dorm was extra scary.


I completely forgot my coat when I ran off for class.

Of course, there was a traffic jam to get in the building.


Later, I went to the library to study a bit.

This is the same couch that mom, Mikaela and Mikey while they were in school.

They all spent way more time there than I ever did.

I usually studied hard on the go.


I slept a few hours even though the zombies were outside growling.

All of a sudden, I heard a freaky sound outside of my window.

There were these floating colorful lights.


I really didn’t buy all of the mumbo jumbo about UFOs and aliens.

Yet, this spaceship appearing in the place of those lights.

I was definitely freaked out.

One of roommates went out to investigate.


All of a sudden, a beam appeared. It grabbed hold of her.

She was then sucked into the ship then everything disappeared.



Two minutes later they were back.

My roommate ran into the house with no memory of what had happened.


I was studying alone in the dining room when my two roommates appeared.

One of which is a tad bit creepy.

She is a long term student, eight years plus.


For some reason, she started stalking me.

It was weird.


She tries to get my attention but, I ignore her.


I worked on some laundry while I was “boning up on anatomy”.


Then I decided that it was time to go for a run on the treadmill to keep my weight up.


Later, I was invited to Lindsey Jackson’s party.

His fraternity dorm is filthy.

No one likes to clean there I guess.

Sure, their creators were not so happy but, it was worth it.


I was able to calm one of them down.


I’ve never made a snow angel so there is a first time for everything.

toad. The I remind myself that I have bigger fish to fry.


I practiced my first speech about World Peace at the student union building

Too bad nobody showed up for it.


One of the computers broke so, I tried to fix it.

It electrocuted me at first but, I never gave up.


Then EUREKA!!! I fixed it.


I returned home to study up on my skeleton.

Sometimes I believe that this thing is alive.


This zombie appeared outside of the dorm.

He is so dapper in that suit.


I am looking forward to going home.

As nice as college is I miss my family so much.


No one else was home so the bunny gnome definitely turned on the stereo.


I kicked up my heels when my report card arrived.

Some of my roommates grumbled that they would have to repeat the semester.

Mom told me most of the people at the college are kind of stuck.

They ditch classes , hang out in the coffee shop because of their fear of the real world.

I say bring it on.


Upon practicing my magic, I realized just how truly powerful that I have become.



Tarik brought Wed along.

She cheered the loudest as I walked down the aisle.

Sam taunted her the entire time which upset her.

He is a bit jealous that dad spent more time with us than him.

It was not his fault because Sam wanted to stay with Yumi.

He did not like the fact that dad got remarried.


I drove back to the dorm to pack.

I had an awesome day.

Generation Reese S2 Ep 22 One Reese returns and one is born



Last night Kerry went out on the town in search of answers.

For some reason she is extremely skeptical about the Supernatural community.

” There has to be some logical explanation for werewolves, vamps and the fae,” she replied with determination in her voice.

Who was I to question her?

All my life I’ve been surrounded by Supernaturals.

I never thought to questions it considering that my family is full of people who defy modern comprehension.

Fairies, clones, imaginary friends and a plant Sim….welcome to The Reese family.


The Tragic Clown disappeared after we had what became a pretty interesting conversation.

He seemed like a really nice guy.


Mikaela met mom outside of Vargs Tavern to tell her the good news.

And yes  she is extremely happy to be a grandma.

Generation 2 is just beginning.

I can’t wait to meet the newest little monster in the family.

Screenshot-1093 Screenshot-1094

Kerry and I made love that night.

It was her first time so I made sure that it was special.

She was definitely not disappointed.

Screenshot-1098 Screenshot-1099 Screenshot-1100

Breakfast was eventful as Lindsey revealed that she is overjoyed to be an aunt.

I honestly hope that the baby is boy.

Our family is overflowing with women.

Merle doesn’t care what the baby is as long as its healthy.

Mikaela is excited and wants a girl.


Mikaela ran into Miranda while she was walking to the Spa.

The last time we saw her was at the Bachelor and Bachelorette parties.

Randi is excited to be an auntie.

She immediately accepted Mikaela’s offer to move in with us.


Mikaela decided that it was time for change.

She changed up her style and dyed her hair.

I think she looks awesome.


I sat down with Merle to eat spaghetti.

I told him that it was time for Kerry and I to find our own place.

Screenshot-1112 Screenshot-1113

Meanwhile, Kerry was at the gym working out.

Morgan was there alone so Kerry went over to introduce herself.


Mikaela ate some spaghetti and felt good.


Lindsey was spending some time with Tyrion.

I call him the garden dragon because he works wonders with our plants.


Later Miranda played with little Tyrion.

He even taught her a few things about gardening.


All of a sudden, Mikaela’s water broke out of the blue.


Miranda freaked out trying to find a phone to call the ambulance.

Luckily, the hospital is right across the street.


Little Clarissa Michelle Reese was born.

We just call her Clary for short.


Merle strutted out of the hospital to usher Mikaela and Clary home.


He realized that the garden needed to be tended and went to work.


Mikaela made sure to feed Clary as soon as she came home.


Its only been a few days and already Mikaela is natural mom.

Those years of helping to raise all five of us prepared her.


Clary is going to be a force to be reckoned with when she grows up.

Look out Sunset Valley.


Merle is smitten with Clary.


He reminds me of Leighton with Lindsey and Wednesday.

I guess little girls will do that to you.


I can’t wait to see who Clary resembles when she grows older.

Our family is eclectic but, in some way we all look like mom.


Mikaela wants to reach out to the rest of our family, Daryl, Lori, Preston , Morgan and Wednesday.

She missed so much when she moved out a few years ago.

Screenshot-1141 Screenshot-1142

So far, I really like being an uncle.

When Clary is older I will teach her all that I know about Logic, alchemy and science.

I think that she is going to be the third born supernatural in our family.

Lindsey is a natural-born witch,

Wednesday was born fae

and so is little Clary.

I wonder what my kids will be like.

Will they embrace the world like I did or will they search for knowledge like Clary?

Only time will tell.

Screenshot-1109 - Copy Screenshot-1111 - Copy Screenshot-1110 - Copy

Kerry and I left in the middle of the night.

Everyone was excited for us .

I promised to come visit as much as I could.

It feels weird to finally live on my own.

I guess everyone has to take this step.

The sky is definitely the limit.


Michael Moon Reese

Generation 1

first-born boy

son of Michelle and Anoki Moon Reese

step son of Leighton Sekemoto Reese

brother of

Mikaela, Miranda, Sam ,Lindsey,  Wednesday and Morgan

uncle of Clary Reese

Grandson of

Yumi Sekemoto


Generation Reese Season 2 Episode 21 The Big move


Seeing Merle and Mikaela in wedded bliss made me reflect upon life.

Most dudes won’t admit this but, I could not take anymore heartbreak.

When Holly was too busy for me I moved on.

Jess kept blowing me off so I left her alone.

Kerry was the only woman who I really clicked with.

I understood how much school meant to her.

Funny how things turn out.


Mikaela found a new gnome to join the two that I brought home from college.

It is this cool ethereal ghost gnome that looks so mischievous.

Lindsey thinks it is the ghost of one of mom’s old gnomes.


Early this morning Mikaela learned some fantastic news.

She is pregnant with her first child.

Mom is so thrilled.

Leighton started crying when he heard.


She surprised Merle with the good news.

He nearly passed out.

Our mother raised him like he was her son.

He came to every family function.

No one ever realized how much he loved Mikaela until their wedding.

Now I get to be an uncle which is pretty sweet.

Be it a boy or girl, I am so game.

Screenshot-1063 Screenshot-1066 Screenshot-1067 Screenshot-1068 Screenshot-1070 Screenshot-1071 Screenshot-1072 Screenshot-1073 Screenshot-1074

Kerry and I could not wait to get married.

Merle set up an arch on the front lawn.

Our witnesses were Mikaela and the ghost of a Tragic clown.

We said our vows and sealed the ceremony with a kiss.

We could not be happier.


This is my beautiful wife Kerry , the future mother of my children.

Just wait until mom meets her.

I am sure that she will love her.


We enjoyed eating wedding cake that night.


Kerry went out to take a class on alchemy and study up on everything supernatural.


Mikaela and the tragic clown struck up a conversation of some kind.

She revealed her pregnancy news which made him extremely happy.

I may invite him to a party or two.


Mikaela attended her second prom.


There she goes in the limo.


I hope she has an awesome time.


Merle came home and had a chat with The Tragic Clown as well.

It turns out the poor fellow drowned.

Well, you will be happy to know that I have a job as a coffee courier in Mikaela’s company.

Its not bad and the pay is okay.

The sky is the limit and the story has only just begun.


Generation Reese Episode 20: Finale, on to the next generation


The night that I came home, Mikaela approached me.

She was about to move out and wanted to know if I wanted to come along.

Lindsey decided to move as well given that she is about to become a young adult.

I agreed given that mom is pregnant with the newest member of our clan.

She shed a few tears but, gave us all her blessing.

Wednesday and Morgan cried but, we promised to visit and hang out.

Leighton was proud.

So Merle, Mikaela , Lindsey and I piled into a taxi.

We waved good-bye and headed to our new home.


Lindsey and I sat down eating lunch together.


She made sure to call home to let everyone know that she is okay.


I went to the gym to pump some iron and saw Daryl there.


Merle painted this gorgeous red bird.


Mikaela practiced magic while waiting for the school bus.

She is doing fantastic.

Screenshot-940 Screenshot-941

I invited Hilary over to visit.

She hit it off immediately with Mikaela.


Little did I know that Hilary had her own agenda.


This ghost decided to go into this lawn chair and make it float.



Hilary changed into a were during the full moon and it freaked me out.


Merle decided that night to paint .

This glittery stuff popped out of his fingertips.

I know that he is not a real Sim.

I wonder what new power, he has.


Lin, Mikaela and I sat down for pancakes.

I made them extra special.


I bought a brand new car so I decided to spend some time with Lindsey.

Screenshot-951 Screenshot-952

We went to the ice cream arcade.

Holly Alto showed up and started talking to Lin.

Lindsey decided that she wanted to see her boyfriend so we parted ways.

Its hard seeing Lin as a teenager.

I remember playing peekaboo with her in our childhood home.

Soon she will be a graduating from high school and going off to college.


Here she is in her car.

I helped her pick it out online.


She went to her boyfriend’s house but, he had just left.


They met up in the park.


Mikaela met up with Wednesday after getting her fortune told.


Wednesday was sitting alone playing with her doll.

She misses up terribly.


Later, she met up with Mikaela.

Together they went to a concert.


Lindsey and her boyfriend went to the concert as well.


That night Mikaela and Merle decided try to create a little Reese of their own.


Lindsey saw Morgan sitting by the pool all alone.

Screenshot-966 Screenshot-967 Screenshot-968

Mikaela attended a party Marty Keaton’s party that night.

She ran into Bella, my ex girlfriend.

Lets just say that not only is she unemployed but, the elevator still has yet to make it to the top floor.


Mikaela came home and once again woo hooed with Merle.

I guess the third time is the charm.


Lindsey learned how to create an ice blast spell.

Pretty awesome if you ask me.


Hilary and I did not work out.

She tried to write an article about my family.

Then I saw her tearing up the furniture in out house.

Needless to say, I invited Kerry Krespo over after breaking up with Hilary.


We embraced and that flame once again ignited.


I asked her to marry me.


She accepted my ring.


I waited for her to calm down.


She said yes.

 To be continued….

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The children created their own stories within generation 1 and the saga continues…

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