Strong friendships.

There comes a time in life when you have to let a friendship sink.

If the other person involved feels that it should be saved

they will surface reaching out desperately for your hand to pull them out of the water.

Together you will rebuild what is broken and patch up what needs to be fixed.

Sometimes, people drift apart only to reconnect a year or so later to path the cracks and holes in their relationship.

It is then that people learn what it means to have a true friend.

My best friend lives down in Virginia.

He is married and has a little girl who is turning three this year.

We do not talk on the phone everyday or email one another.

For the most part we stay in touch over social media ( Facebook, twitter, instagram..etc.).

We check up on one another to be sure that we are both doing well.

It took me ten years to realize that a friendship can not be rushed.

There is no litmus test to determine what makes a great friend.

Every great relationship (no matter what kind) takes time.

When God removes someone from your life, let them go.

Its hard but, you are better off without this person.

I learned this last year after a friend was phased out of my life.

Every time I spoke to him on the phone, I felt drained.

This occurred for nearly six months until one day he became involved with something and we stopped talking.

When this man reappeared carrying with him even more drama, this time I did not let it bother me.

I thought about everything that he put me through and thus took a step back.

I heard from him once on New Years Eve but, I made the decision not to involve myself in his life.

Two days ago, I checked his Facebook page only to come upon a message that seemed to be directed towards me.

Only this time, I ignored it.

It is so true…..God does not make mistakes.