Introducing the Jackson’s episode 2

Screenshot-7 Screenshot-8 Screenshot-9

The twins had a birthday. As they aged up it was clear how fraternal they are. Samaire has her mother’s dark brown hair and honey brown eyes. Kieran on the other hand shares his father’s ginger hair and blue eyes.


Cecelia Jackson was given the opportunity to time travel and meet the future Jackson family descendants, She agreed seeing as Rowan knew very little about the older generations in his family. His parents eloped and moved away to start their lives, leaving behind their own families to start anew.

Screenshot-70Screenshot-69  Screenshot-68 The family arrived safe and sound. The twins were more preoccupied with the boogers in their noses than the hover cars gliding across the sky.

The future Jackson’s are mostly ginger’s like Rowan, Mark, Sloane and Kieran. There are a couple of dark-haired descendants as well which resembled Erin, Rowan’s mother.

Screenshot-71 Screenshot-75 Screenshot-76

It was a nice trip getting away from Moonlight Falls for the weekend. The twins were left at the time travelers compound with a baby sitter while Cecelia and Rowan went off to the beach to explore what appeared to be an alien wreckage. This task took all day so by the time they returned to the compound it was very late.

Screenshot-79 Screenshot-78


Yet, they both managed to potty train the twins at the same time. It was a rather awesome feat to behold.


There was one instance when the family went out to the park and spent a little time together.

Screenshot-81 Screenshot-82 - Copy (2) Screenshot-83 - Copy (2)

The twins had such an awesome time, riding on futuristic riders and helping Rowan turn the pages in their favorite books.


All in all the trip brought the Jackson’s closer than ever. In doing so, it made Cecelia and Rowan grow closer. So much so that by the time they returned home, something wonderful happened.


Another set of twins on the way!!!!!!!!!


Cecelia sat Rowan down one night. They watched the garden network together.


Then she took a romantic picture with him.

She revealed the news to him and he was overjoyed.

It was a beautiful moment to behold.


He started talking to the babies immediately.


This little pesky gnome decided to watch television. I’m not sure what he is watching , but there are robots.



Both babies blew out their candles with glee.

Screenshot-65Samaire is a striking little beauty.

Screenshot-67 - Copy

Kieran is a second generation ginger.

The handsome little devil.

Screenshot-69 - Copy

This lady had a grand time at the party.

Screenshot-71 - Copy

Rowan went down into the twin’s room and sat down in a watermelon chair. It reminded him of the room that he shared with his sister Sloan. He decided to stop straightening his hair and let his natural curls show.

Screenshot-107 (2)

Kieran looking like a mini Rowan appeared talking about how awesome his birthday was.

Screenshot-109 (2)

His sister Samaire (Sam) went to play in her tree house. Cecelia enrolled them both in Smugglesworth prep to give them a chance to experience more and grow.

Screenshot-113 (2)

They both left at 9am and rode in limousines to their school.

Screenshot-116 (2) Screenshot-110 (2)







out already.

Screenshot-118 (2)Rowan took her out to a bar where she dip kissed him out of the blue.

Screenshot-117 (2)

This Marilyn Manson doppelgänger in a referee’s outfit appeared out of nowhere.

He looks pretty awesome if I do say so myself.

Screenshot-119 (2)

They went out to a movie later where Cecelia went into labor.

She immediately rushed out of the theatre and drove herself to the hospital.

Screenshot-120 (2)

Rowan raced after her worried sick.

Screenshot-121 (2)

Little Christian and Sarah were born. (Four kids down… to go)


This little dude jumped past the property as the Jackson’s returned home.

Screenshot-128 (2)

Cecelia decided that it was time for her to return to college. Rowan supported her completely. He would return right after she finished. This way the kids had no excuse as to why they should enroll. I am happy since this was an early wish of hers , but I put it off.
Now she is studying to obtain a degree in business via 24 credits in two weeks.
She is doing very well in all of her classes and is on the Dean’s list.
And the saga continues……


Generation Reese Episode 33- The silver lining…


 Mom and dad moved out in the middle of the night. They found a nice house just up the road. Morgan still lives in our childhood house. He refuses to leave. No worries because the house is completely paid for and our parents still pay the bills. He is so spoiled, I swear. Lindsey was extremely upset after Tarik left. She tried her hardest to reconcile to no avail. Eventually little Ivy will meet her father. Until, that day it is his loss. Mikaela moved back in with us a day or so before my birthday. She and Merle were having marital problems. It was so bad that Little Clary began to stress eat.  I’m no sure what was going on with Merle. Either way it was good to have everyone together again.


Lindsey threw me an amazing birthday party. It was a big surprise. I didn’t want to really celebrate especially after what happened with Tarik and Lindsey. However, she refused to let the day pass without putting something together. She has a knack for it.


Now that I am older, I can see my mother more and more in my face. Dad’s genes are ever-present, but Mom’s genes are stronger. Even Morgan looks like her which is awesome. All of the grandchildren resemble her as well. Lindsey said, ” You know what’s crazy, Wed. Even our descendants look like mom down to her dark hair and skin.” Mom is getting older now and I know that she is not going to live forever.


My nieces Clary and Mandy finally met. They seemed to hit it off instantly. I believe that all of the grandchildren are going to be as close as my sibs and I are. Family is so important to mom especially after her parents died. She decided to raise all of us first generation Reese’s to love one another. We rarely fight unless its over food. Even then it is not that’s serious.

Screenshot-2859 Screenshot-2860

Just seeing us all together is wonderful. Now that we are all older and for the most part successful. We are the first generation of the Reese family from Sunset Valley. The second generation is growing rapidly. I wonder that they will accomplish.


Merle drank a little too much juice and staggered over to the jelly bean plant by the door. I guess the jelly beans look so good that he had to try them. Mom warned us to stay away from this plant but, I guess that slipped his mind.


He caught on fire a few minutes later. All that was left was a pile of ash on the ground.


Sadly Clary witnessed the entire thing. She stood crying her eyes out in the living room.


Dad started to cry as well when he saw Clary crying.


Morgan sobbed as well.


Death appeared which made everyone cry even more.

Merle did not look upset or scared when he faced death.

He just followed him with a smile on his face.

That was Merle for you.


We stood in silence in complete shock.


There was nothing that dad could say to us so he did not say anything. We all just hugged one another and the party ended.


Ivy learned how to walk that night. Lindsey held her close and cried. Sadly, Merle was not present.

He would have started dancing then walked into the room and tickled little Ivy.

Little Ivy will never know her awesome Uncle Merle.


I decided that I needed a change. So….this is what I came up with. It’s the best way for me to cope.


I miss Merle so much. He made sure to come see me even though we barely saw one another.


I put on my cap and gown choking back tears.


We all rode in my car to city hall for the graduation ceremony.


I’m glad that it was a dreary day and not sunny.


It was easier for all of us to cope.

Screenshot-2884 Screenshot-2885

. Screenshot-2886

We took the time to take a family picture. Two generations together is truly a blessing.

Screenshot-2887 Screenshot-2888

Lindsey made Clary her favorite Vegetarian Dim Sum when we came home.

She wanted to cheer her up.

It worked.


Meanwhile, Mikaela played with Ivy who was having a good time.

They both bonded together now that Mikaela is unemployed.


Clary glanced outside and saw a lady walking towards our door carrying a basket.


She rang the doorbell requesting to speak to Mikaela. Little did we know that Mikaela had gone to the adoption agency. She wanted to extend her family further, but every pregnancy test that she took revealed a negative result. Merle was against adoption even though he was adopted into our family.


Mikaela crouched down to pick up the boy. It was little boy. So, she named him Jase.


Jase fell right into the family so quickly once he came inside. He bonded with Ivy instantly.


Ivy saw Mikaela and abandoned her blocks to go to see. These two are seriously inseparable.


This is a close up of little Jase. He is such a sweetie pie and a charmer.


The best part is that Clary has fallen in love with her baby brother.


Mikaela worried about her reaction to Jase since she had been an only child for so long.

Yet, she hugged him immediately.


I think that they are going to be so close just like Mikaela was with Randi, Mike and Merle.


I am doing a lot better so I will keep you posted.




Hello everyone,


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I apologize for not updating sooner.

Here is a bit of an update:

I plan on creating a new blog for the next season of Generation Reese which I created in May of this year. There are three grandchildren who seem to be growing up fast. Once Wednesday heads off to college then I will decide which kid to narrate the story which will lead into the third generation. So far it is a toss up between Clary, Serena and Mandy. I will keep you posted.

Until then, check out…. The Nimmons Legacy which is nearing its second generation now that Olivia has found a boyfriend. I have my fingers crossed.

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Generation Reese Episode 19: Just another Graduation


I returned to school after the wedding.

Everyone was sad to see me go.

Screenshot-851 Screenshot-855

There was a welcoming committee outside of my house.

It felt good to be back.


I made sure to hug Paris as soon as I saw her.


Unfortunately, our reunion was short lived.

She decided to streak.

All of a sudden, I watched her being arrested by a handsome cop.

Later I did my best to rekindle the flame with Holly.


It looked like everything was going well.

I found the one or so I though.

All of a sudden, she  was too busy for me.

I couldn’t take it so I broke it off via text.


I did some reflecting while washing clothes at the Laundromat.

“I don’t need her.”

There are other fish in the sea.

All of a sudden one of the machines broke behind me.

I was going to ignore it but, I really needed to improve my Handiness skill.


I tried my luck with this lovely lady.

We hit it off immediately but, our schedules clashed.


I was kind of depressed so I went to the comic book shop.

There I met a Sim who reminded me of Morgan.

Now I know what he will look like when he is older.


I came upon Hilary and our flame blamed bright.


It started with a kiss….


and ended with a woo hoo (or two).


Things were looking up.


Three zombies gathered outside during the full moon.

They fussed about not being allowed to enter the backyard.

It was pretty funny.


I poured myself into my studies, working extremely hard to become one with the skeleton.

Screenshot-875 Screenshot-876.

I went to the park one Saturday morning.

When I grew tried of swimming, I noticed a few plants that were harvesting.

No one was around so I took the liberty of taking a few goodies.


I wen home later and started to improve my skill in alchemy.


I tried to bake some cheesy bread but, it burned.


Hot coals, have nothing on me.

I could walk them all day.

I guess I let my fearlessness from mom.


I can not resist a video.


A funny thing happened when Hilary walked into the shop.


Just as they we were about to embrace, one of her friends decided to come between us.


Obviously this girl has feelings for me  and decided this was the moment to make her displeasure known.

I guess I am not supposed to like someone because of their supernatural state.

Little does she know I am related to a number of faires.

My father was a were.

Lindsey is a natural born witch.


Needless to say that did not go over well with Hilary.

But, I ignored the girl.



We met up later on campus.


After viewing a fabulous movie, we watched the stars.


and shared dinner at the best burger spot in town.


I woke up the morning to play a video game online. So far I was winning.


I took Hilary out on another date.


We played a little pool. If I must say Hilary was kicking my butt.


I waved the white flag and conceded.

The terms of our bet was one woo hoo in the photo booth.


One afternoon, I was waiting outside of the coffee shop and who is there …..Jessica.

She stared a hole in me.

My heart ached a bit but, that chapter is closed.

Less than ten minutes later, Jess ran out in tears.

Karma, I guess.


This guy appeared out of nowhere.

Some say that he is an elf from Dragon Valley

Perhaps , this guy is a elf of some kind.


I went to a party one night. All that I could talk about was Hilary.


I woke up praying that all of this hard work would pay off.


That week, I made sure to take plenty of notes and ask a ton of questions.


I aced my presentation.

Screenshot-911 Screenshot-912

Did some late night studying with Hilary.


I recited every single bone in order.

Screenshot-914 Screenshot-915 Screenshot-916

I threw an epic party at my house.

The food was amazing and everyone who was anyone showed up.


Final Exam day brought forth a number of butterflies that Harlem shaked their way into my belly.


Nerves or not Iaced the test .

Saturday Morning I got my report card.

I aced my Senior year.


I ate victory pancakes.


Then I was on my way to graduation.


Waiting sucks.

Not to mention there were hardly any students at the auditorium.


I look pretty good in my robe.


That elf dude came out of the auditorium looking like the headless horseman.


I got my degree, I am so happy.


One last go round with this do hickey.


One last party, and look a zombie showed up.

That house was so grimy by the way.


This snappy dressed zombie refused to come inside.

Well, college life is over and the second chapter of my life is about to begin.

Wish me luck.

Generation Reese episode 18: The Wedding


Hey everyone, Mike Reese here.

I bought a dragon egg for the family since we don’t have any pets.

Mom spent some time talking to it.


But, Lindsey immediately bonded with the little monster.


Meanwhile, Merle went to Wednesday’s room to truly introduce himself to her now that she is older.


Lindsey finally learned after a half dozen times how to conjure up an apple.


Little did she realize that while practice magic her egg was hatching.


Suddenly, out popped a little green dragon named Daenerys, after Daernerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones.


Everyone sat down for an early morning breakfast before the wedding.

Sadly none of the kids could attend the wedding on account of school.


Mikaela was a blushing bride, not even a tiny bit nervous.


I was the first person dressed for the ceremony but, the last to leave the house.


Everyone arrived on time which was awesome.


Merle and Mikaela are so in love and I am very happy for them.


My dad showed up ( as always) in his best suit.

Mom was happy that he came.

Leighton had to go to work which was a bummer.


You may now kiss the bride.


Everyone stood up and clapped accept for the dude with the red wings.


Grandma arrived late but, at least she arrived which was all good.


Mikaela cut the cake and took a slice for herself.


She ate it alone at the table.


Merle sat down with grandma whose table manners are less than desirable.


Lori showed up for her slice of cake.


The dude with the red wings is so late with his applause. Poor guy.


Mom sat down to eat with Parker and Lori.


Generation Reese Episode 16 : Junior year, Wednesday is a big girl and a Reese engaged

Screenshot-514 - Copy

One thing about my family is there is never a dull moment.

Case in point, here in Lindsey in the kitchen practicing her magic.

Leighton brought her a wand for her birthday.

I remember watching Lin playing with toys as a toddler and making them disappear.

It was so crazy to watch.


Now that she is coming in to her own, I am so proud of her.

Screenshot-516 - Copy

Merle showed up for Morgan’s party after a few months and had gained some serious weight.

Leighton was so worried about him that he suggested perhaps it was time for him to come back home.

Merle agreed.


Merle retuned home and greeted little Wednesday.

He was finally able to spend some time with her.

She was not even thought of when he left home.

Screenshot-518 - Copy

There is one thing that I have to explain before I finish.

Merle and Mikaela are dating.

It sounds a bit backwards but, they are.

For those who are just tuning it Merle is the imaginary friend of my mother’s cloned daughter Miranda.

Mikaela is my big sister.

Merle spent all of his existence pining over her.

How they came together beats the crap out of me but, it happened.

I like them together.

He absolutely adores the heck out of her.

Screenshot-520 - Copy

Mikaela was his first everything.

Screenshot-521 - Copy

The night that they first had sex, Merle got down on one knee.

He asked Mikaela for her hand in marriage.


She was so over come with joy that she said yes.

Screenshot-523 - Copy

Well, at least there will be no need for a name change.

Mikaela moved back home that night.

Screenshot-526 - Copy

Merle sat down to eat dinner with Miranda and Morgan.


He begged my mom for her blessing to marry Mikaela.

She agreed.

Honestly, my sister dated five guys in her life.

They all turned out to be jerks.

I am so happy for them.


Here they are sleeping together blissfully.


That night I returned to Sims University to start my junior year.

Hannah and I went on another bowling date.


We are taking it slow but, I feel like good things are coming our way.


All that working out made me look like this.

I look like my dad the most in this picture.


This dude came out of the building as I was going in.

He creeped the hell out of me.


I hung out one night at the local grocery.

A huge crowd of student came around and I introduced myself.

I started wearing dreads that day.


Here I am studying this machine.

I have died and gone to heaven.


Back to studying them bones.


I went to another party and met a transfer student.


I met a pretty fairy chick who was into me but, I wanted to be faithful to Hannah.


I pulled the lever of doom and knocked everyone out including myself.

This guy walked in glanced at us and kept moving right along.


Every time I called Hannah to meet up she came up with an excuse.


I tried to keep my mind off of it and attended a frat party.


I studied a little more to put my mind at ease but, I knew something was up.


So I asked Hannah to come out and meet me.

I tried to ask her what was going on but, she avoided my questions.

I decided to break up with her then and there.

She was so angry with me that she left.

An hour later, she returned standing outside with an angry look on her face.

It was time for me to go home.

My junior year was over.

This time I sat in the car shaking my head in disbelief.


When I returned home, I was greeted by Wednesday.

It was her birthday.

Everyone was getting the house together decorating and preparing food.

Feels good to be home.


That morning Mikaela made waffles which were perfect.


The door bell rang and Morgan ran to the door to fetch the pizza.

He is growing up so fast.


Lindsey practiced her magic while everyone waited for the first guest to arrive.


I sat on the floor playing a racing game with Mikaela , Mom  and Morgan.



Lindsey is an ace at granting good luck charms.


The party started off with out a hitch.

That is until Mikaela’s ex showed up.

He was stunned that Mikaela moved on with her life.

I guess he was okay living in denial.

He treated her life dirt and barely wanted to see her so she moved on with her life.


She revealed the truth to the guy and he stormed out in anger.


Grandma Yumi arrived with her cheese bread.


It was time to say Happy birthday to Wednesday, the little squirt.


She aged up resembling mom the most.

She has her eyebrows and lips.

Lindsey looks like a combination of mom and Leighton, so rest of the kids resemble mom and Leighton.

I guess when you feed someone long enough they do start to resemble you.

Me, I look like exactly like my dad.

Screenshot-628Screenshot-630 Screenshot-631 Screenshot-633

Merle started working out in preparation for the wedding.

He is back to his old self again.


Lindsey took a class on alchemy and is hard at work researching.


This is Morgan’s home away from home.

I will return to school after the Wedding ceremony is over.

After graduation, the sky is the limit.

Until then, peace out.

Michael Reese

Generation Reese Episode 15: Michael’s next step



This pic was taken after we all took a family photo.


Hey everyone, its Michael Reese here, a few years older and wiser.

I am finally out of high school and ready for the world.

I hope its ready for me as well.

Bella Bachelor is my high school sweet heart.

We’ve been close since elementary school.

I was so happy about graduating that all I wanted to do was see.


Our love was strong and I wanted her to be Mrs. Michael Reese.


She was overjoyed and admired the ring I gave her.

However, all of a sudden, she denied my engagement.

She did not want to marry me and would not tell me why.


I was so heart-broken that I ended the relationship right there.

There was obviously someone else in the picture and I was just a side piece.


I was going to wait a bit before accepting the scholarship for Sims University but, after what happened I just went for it.

I learned because of my high grades I already had 18 college credits.

Plus my mom, Leighton and Mikaela are all alumni so I guess I was a shoe-in.


Immediately, I packed my bag and left.

There was no point in crying over Bella, still the tears fell as I drove away.


I do miss them though.

Apparently, given that I have 18 credits I am already considered a sophomore which is a plus,

less time in the University.


This is what I wore .

Mom always says that we are an Avant garde bunch.

Mikaela and Mom made a few fashion statements on campus, so I was told.

I decided to make one of my own.

As you can see my Mohawk is redder than usual.


I took a seat in the back of the class but, the teacher did not show up.


Either way, I was right behind a girl named Hannah so that was a plus.


Everyone fell asleep out of the blue.


After class, I took the time to meet another student.

She was cute and really nice.


I started gardening to ease my stress.


So far so good.


I witnessed my first bonfire.

A dash of cinnamon from my garden made it smell so much better.


My first party was a pretty good but, I have to brush up my skills with the ladies.

My father had a way with words

and Leighton hooked my mom with his nurturing side.

I wonder what will be my angle.


I cooked waffles one day.

They tasted awesome.


I am the only normal person in my family.

MIkaela, Miranda, Mom and Leighton are all fairies.

Darryl , Merle  and Lori are all imaginary friends.

Preston and Miranda are both clones

My dad Anoki was a werewolf.

Lindsey was born a witch.

Wednesday was born a fairy.

Morgan is half plant and half Sim.

This is why I want to learn all there is about alchemy.

May be one day I could transform myself into something cool..

or transform others.


I am studying Science and Medicine just like Mom.

It’s a little complicated but, I like it.

Thank you mom for the chemistry set when I was a kid.


I decided to check out the library .

I just wanted to study a bit but, it was a little too noisy.


Gon’ end up a big old pile of them, bones.

Now I sound like that Alice In Chains song.



I made waffles which tasted so awesome.

Thanks Mikaela for teaching me how to cook.


Here I am running to class.


I went to the gym to work out one evening.

It was packed but, I was able to find one lone weight machine.


My plants are growing nicely.

Thank you mom for teaching me how to garden.


I finally got to courage to tell Hannah how I feel about her.

She was my first kiss.


For our date we went out bowling.


She is pretty good.


Wow!!! two semesters went by so fast.

Sophomore year is over.


I went into the house and passed out in Wednesday’s room , snoring on a rocking chair.

30 credits down, eighteen more to go.