A Christmas lesson…

I was hurt last night but, I did not let that destroy my Christmas holiday. I lost most of my family over the years so the holidays are a sad time for me. I spent the evening with boyfriend’s family only to be treated unfairly by his cousin. She declared that there was not enough food for me to eat with the family. I had already eaten at the movie theatre that afternoon while watching Django Unchained. I really liked the movie, a lot. When we arrived at my boyfriend’s aunts house I was under the impression that we would stay for a minute and then go back to his house for pizza. I had no idea that this was a dinner of some sort.

I found myself caught in the middle of an embarrassing situation. It was one that sent me outside in my coat with my phone. I called my mother choking back tears explaining what happened. My boyfriend came outside to tell me that there was more food but, I did not want to go back in. I wanted to leave after the way I was treated. He agreed and we drove back to his apartment. It was explained to me that this is the way that his cousin acts towards new people. The rest of his family does not pay her any mind.

The holidays are the saddest time for me and my family. There were only six of us and now there are three. I miss my grandparents and my aunt so much. The last thing that I wanted to do was to shame them by engaging this woman. I was the bigger person by leaving the house to get some air. She did not ruin my holiday, though. I spent the rest of the evening watching King of the Hill and eating Organic cheese puffs. So all was not lost.

My Christmas lesson was it is better to walk away.

Happy Holidays,everyone.

Have a blessed New Years.

And be kind to one another.