Generation Reese S2 Episode 27: Back to school


Miranda started craving crazy foods like ice cream and grilled cheese at 2 in the morning.

I had my suspicions that she was secretly pregnant but, who am I to out anyone.


Low and behold, Randi woke up a few hours later and….


Yep, she is preggo.


It was at this moment that she decided to buy a house with Gage.

I’m going to miss her so much but, it was for the best.

She’ll still be invited to all the parties either way.


I went out scouting for venues.

I plan on getting married after graduation so it was high time that I got a head start.

I went out to the beach and saw Morgan.

He was a teenager now and a tad bit insane.


We started catching up on good times.

I really missed him, Wed , mom and dad.


It was good talking to him.


Wednesday decided to move in with us.

She wanted to be away from home now that Morgan has gone crazy.

Plus mom and dad needed to enjoy life.

We all were a ton of work for all those years.


She let me braid pigtails into her hair..

It is weird having a baby sister after years of older sibs.

I was the baby for a while until Preston came along.


Wednesday sat down to read the paper.

She reminds me of me when I was her air.

Its so weird.

Screenshot-1407 Screenshot-1408

I took Clary out for a stroll and spent a little time with her little butt.

She cried when I was leaving but, I had to go back to school.


Sophomore year was calling me.


So I kissed her goodbye , picked up my suitcase and jetted.


The first thing I did when I arrived back at school was upgrade the keg outside of the Sorority house.

My roomies drink like fish.


I went out to the comic book shop to play a video game.

Some of the guys tried to talk to me but, I’m with Tarik.

I love him so much.


I love my sweet purple car.

It looks so awesome , tearing up the road like a beast.


Outside of my class window I noticed a group of people standing together like some sort of Benetton ad.

I snapped this pic with phone.


I swear my professor is some sort of wack job.

He totally made us have class outside in the pouring rain.

Kudos to whomever invented the umbrella.


Too bad my other classmates left theirs.


After class, I went to the library and not a soul was there.

Mom and Miranda told me stories of the library being packed 24/7.

I guess since everyone has a laptop or a tablet no one feels the need to leave their rooms.

I got a lot of studying done.


I went home and made veggie rolls.

The girls told me they missed my cooking.


Summer was gone a few weeks after I came back.

I wore my cupcake dress one last time for old times sake.


I went to my room and tried on a few outfits.

This is an example of one of my creations.

I call it hipster goth chick.

Lets just say I never wore it on campus.


My professor did not show up for class so I took over.

I taught everyone what I knew about alchemy.

Too bad only one girl showed up for class.


I cooked dinner for the dorm that night. I think I made either chili con carne or veggie chili.


Then I went outside to study a skeleton.


I tried to rake up leaves but, became way too tired.

Phew!! that was a lot of work.


I threw a pool party.

It was a last hurrah for summer.


Everyone enjoyed the food.


I was so happy to Tarik.


Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end.


Everyone went home with smiles on their faces.


One partier stayed behind literally crying a river for his girlfriend.

She died this morning which was so tragic.

Screenshot-1496 Screenshot-1497

I sat down and studied a bit.

My roomies sat down to join me for a bit before going to bed.


Tarik invited me to his party.

It just an excuse to see me which was awesome.


I took some time to lounge on a raft by the pool.

Screenshot-1502 - Copy

I met up with Tarik for a bit after class.

We chatted a bit.

Screenshot-1517 Screenshot-1518

I cast a fire blast on the lawn and set a small blaze.


Rather than call the fire department my roomies came out and freaked.


I was able to put it out.

The insurance company gave us a 300,000 dollar check for the damage.


We decided to have a water balloon fight.

My finals are coming so I have to sign out but, so far so good.

NYCC 2013 is a go

New York Comic Con 2013 is a go for me.

This is the one thing I look forward to in the fall besides The Walking Dead, American Horror Story and My Birthday.

My badges arrived in the mail this week.

We secured the hotel room.

Now all that I can do is sit and wait for the announcements to begin.

I am just as excited as I was for my first  NYCC experience two years ago.

For the neophytes here are a few tips to get you through the con

  1. Wear comfortable shoes.
  2. Get at least 6-8 hours of sleep.
  3. Shower (some fans choose not to which makes The Javitz Center very smelly.)
  4. As soon as you enter the building….go to the bathroom. The lines are Mondo long even at the men’s room.
  5. Map out your adventure. Trust me it will make the con less stressful.
  6. Food at NYCC is very expensive.
  7. To piggyback on #7, make sure that you bring cash. The ATM lines are super long.
  8. Wear your costume to Comic con ( many fans choose to change in the bathroom which creates a traffic jam of angry people doing the pee pee dance.
  9. Plan a rendezvous spot because it is easy to get lost in Jacob Javitz.
  10. Most importantly, have fun. It is going to an exciting weekend.


This will be my third time attending New York Comic Con.

It is my birthday gift to myself.

I hope to meet some awesome people this year.

And share a wonderful experience.

28 days until New York Comic Con…

I am looking forward to all the announcements.

Generation Reese S2 Episode 26 The Freshman fifteen


Whats up, everyone Lindsey Reese here but, my peeps call me Lyn.

I am the fifth kid in the Reese brood and the third girl.

Last episode Mikaela gave birth to the cutest little fairy named Clary.

Miranda married Gage Briody who is smitten with her.

And I graduated from high school.

Here I am in my freshman year at Sims U.

I’m studying for a degree in Sports.

One day I will be a sports star just like my dad.


I look just like my mom when she was in college. This skeleton dude and I are serious friends.


While I waited for my class to start one of my roommates started arguing with another girl on campus.

Not sure how it happened considering I try not to get involved in drama.


I moved in the Sorority dorm on campus.

My roommates are pretty cool.


I am working hard on my magic.

This is something that I was born with so it should be extremely easy.

Not really.


I upgraded the trash compactor which made the entire kitchen light up like a disco ball.

I learned a few new things like a love  charm and a toadification curse which is pretty sweet.


Mom and dad taught all of us how to cook.

I am not the best but, I cook a mean vegetarian spaghetti if I do say so myself.


My roomies all agree.


I resemble both of my parents in more ways than one.

Now that I am older, I can see my mother in me more than my dad.

This hairstyle made me look more like her than anything else.

So I decided it was time for a change.



A thunderstorm formed right over the town.

It scared everyone but, me.


I decided to garden in the rain. My tomatoes are killing it.

Look how beautiful my lettuce looks.

Mom, Mikey and Mikaela told me to make sure to visit this place a few times.


Here I am wearing some pretty far out Ugg boots.

I went out to check the mail.


Guess what I finally traded in the Under the sea mobile for this bad boy.

The purple is so awesome.


I always have my head in the books no matter where I am.

The last thing I want to do is fail my first year.

Mom and dad would kill me.

Screenshot-1272 Screenshot-1273

I went to a party one night and met a pretty cool guy named Tarik.

So I decided to meet up with him in the park.

He told me all about his love of music.


The moon light made him look so hot and well I went in for a kiss.

He kissed me back.


We went out to a vampire lounge for our first date.

Screenshot-1275 Screenshot-1276

He asked me to watch the stars with him which was romantic.

Unlike my sibs, I am not big on love and all that mushy stuff.


Matthew Kerr was my first boyfriend and he never made me swoon.

Not like Tarik.

I guess this what love feels like.


I cast a good luck charm on a werewolf chick.

She was so grateful.


Gosh, I look like mom with this hairstyle.



I was cruising around town and saw a familiar car.

Mike sold it to some chick who was sick of riding her bike in the rain.

It still looks awesome.


Did I mention I dyed my hair?

Well I did.

The purple looks pretty cool on me.


I jumped in Tarik’s arms when he asked me to be his girlfriend.


He is a hopeless romantic so this is pretty much gold to him as well.


That night I went to the park to have a drink.

I wanted to celebrate by myself for a bit.


Back in the door, I played with magic a bit.


Then it was off to class for my date with a man made of bones.


It started raining once class was over so I raced home.


Tarik through a party and invited me of course,


I wanted a drink but, the keg was empty.

So I took the easy way out and upgraded it with magic.

Now the juice is flowing 24/7.


Tarik helped me with my first keg stand.

Screenshot-1325 Screenshot-1327

We played beer pong until the wee hours.

I was kicking butt.

A part of me believes that he let me win.


The ghost of Ashley DeSorrento showed up.

She was in search of a drink.

Mom told me that she died at a juice kegger.

I guess no one thought to serve plasma juice.


Tarik was feeling romantic again and we kissed.

I decided that it was time to take this relationship to another level so…


It was a beautiful experience for the both of us.


A few days later Tarik threw another party and I showed it.

He promised to protect me always.

I told him that I would do the same.


The next morning I made breakfast.

My head remained in the clouds.


I threw a pool party at my dorm complete with snow cones, pizza and a skating rink.

Being rich does have its perks sometimes.

Everyone who was anyone showed up.

Screenshot-1335 Screenshot-1334 Screenshot-1336

Tarik and I bobbed for apples.

I let him win this time.


Once everything was over I sat down and wrote him a love letter.


I went out to another party during the rain.


Tarik and I were in seventh heaven.


Then it was time for us to say goodbye.

Freshman year was ending but, I did not want to leave him.

He did not want to meet me.


I went home with a heavy heart.

Screenshot-1366 Screenshot-1367

I decided to take my chances with the weather stone that sprouted in the middle of town.

I created a pretty crazy rainstorm.

At home Merle taught Clary how to speak.

Screenshot-1371 Screenshot-1370

The first person I greeted when I came home was Clary.

She was excited to see me.


I went out later to do some early morning fishing.

I caught 2 piranhas and a red herring.


Mikaela taught Clary to walk and was something so amazing to watch.


I was home for a few hours and I missed Tarik.

So I called him and he said that he would visit.


We went out to eat and then attended the summer festival.


I was so happy to be with him that I jumped right into his arms.


Mikaela tried a little fairy magic on the stone but, failed.

No worries there is always next time.


I decided to take a chance while Tarik was there.


I asked him to marry me on a whim.


He said yes.


I found my soul mate and I did not want to let him go for anything.

Matthew Kerr ran away crying from the park when he saw us together.


This is my gift from God I guess and I couldn’t be happier.

After graduation we are going to get married.

Then he’ll be Mr. Tarik Barajas Reese.

I know what you are thinking how come you are not taking his last name.

My fam is pretty progressive so…..yeah.

I will be the fourth bride in the family.

Then I may be I can add another baby to generation 2.

I swear Miranda is preggo but, don’t quote me.

She was craving grilled cheese more than usual.

Thanks for tuning in .

Until next episode..


Generation Reese 2 Episode 25 Lindsey’s graduation


It was Clary’s birthday.

Here we are gathered around the cake.

When Mikaela revealed that she was pregnant, I wondered what the baby would be.

Mom told us that the only sure way to have a fairy baby is to marry another fae.

That explains why Wednesday was born fae.

She never mentioned anything about what kind of baby results from the joining of a Fae and an imaginary friend.

So as I blew the out the candles, I was anxious to see the result.


Little Clary , not only looks like Mikaela but, she has her wings.

Screenshot-1192 Screenshot-1193

I can see Merle in her as well.

Babies are funny that way, I guess.

She has Mikaela’s green eyes as well.


That night we threw a party to celebrate Lindsey’s birthday.

Gage stayed upstairs to bond with Clary.


He read her a story.

It was something about either a frog or a magical dog.

Either way , she was interested.


Our party was exclusively for family but, of course there were a number of party crashers.


Sam brought along Wednesday who was smitten with the colorful balloons.


The party was a great success.

Screenshot-1201 Screenshot-1202 Screenshot-1205 Screenshot-1206

It was time for Lindsey to blow out her candles.

Most of the party left.

There was just Merle, Mom, me,  Sam, Kerry and Darryl.

She took a few minutes to make a wish.

I remember when mom and Leighton brought her home.

Everyone met her with open arms.

Me, I was used to being the youngest girl.

Then here comes this little monster.

I am not sure who she looks more like mom or Leighton.


I take that back, she looks like a hodgepodge of both.


She sat down to enjoy her cake.


Kerry was so happy to invited.

Her family is definitely not as big as ours.


Merle and I joined her.

I never get tired of this cake.

It’s so good.


Mom sat down with us.

She is counting down the days until my wedding.


Lindsey changed her hairstyle which looks so cute on her.

Come to think of it, she looks just like mom in this pic sans the freckles.

I can see Leighton around the eyes as well.


Here is Clary all plum tuckered out after the party.


This a pic from my wedding day.

It is weird to be someone’s wife.

There will never be a moment when I get used to it.

Screenshot-1219 Screenshot-1220 Screenshot-1221 Screenshot-1222

Everyone gathered around to enjoy some home cooked meals and awesome cake.


Grandma made her appearance which was pretty sweet.


It was a beautiful ceremony.


We all went out to take a family photo.

Mom and dad left early to tend to Morgan and Wednesday.


Here we are the new generation of Reeses.

It is crazy how much we all resemble mom.

We all have some serious swag.


The next morning , it was time for Lindsey’s high school graduation.


We piled into Lindsey’s Prius and headed over to city hall.

Just yesterday Lin was this little ball of magic now she is a full grown witch.

Everyone is so proud of her.

Now she will start her Freshman year at Sims U.

I am so excited for her.

She will be the fourth Reese to attend college.

Screenshot-1235 Screenshot-1236 Screenshot-1237 Screenshot-1240 Screenshot-1241 Screenshot-1242 Screenshot-1243

Good luck Lindsey, don’t get into too much trouble.

Fifty Shades of Grey Casting Announcement and the choices are…..

Say hello to ….

               Anastasia Steel ( Dakota Johnson)                          and                                 Christian Grey ( Charlie Hunnam)

Many fans of the Fifty Shades of Grey book series are scratching their heads at the casting choices for the roles of Anastasia Steele and the infamous Christian Grey.

I can relate.

This afternoon, my jaw dropped when Huffington post revealed that Charlie Hunnam had been cast as Christian Grey.

Never mind that Dakota Johnson (of FOX’s ill-fated Ben and Kate) has signed in to play Anastasia Steele which confused me as well.

She is the granddaughter of actress Tippi Hedren ( The Birds), daughter of Don Johnson ( Miami Vice) and Melanie Griffith as well as the step daughter of Antonio Banderas.

Like many I impatiently waited for the revelation as author E.L. James strung us along for the past few months.

Names like Matt Bomer, Tom Hardy, Alex Pettyfer and Ian Somerhalder were mentioned as possible choices for Christian.

(Alexis Bledel from The Gilmore Girls and Emma Watson of Harry Potter fame to name a few were choices for Ana.

It was only recently when there was an article which mentioned Charlie Hunnam as another contender for the role.

For those who are not familiar with Charlie, he plays Jackson ” Jax” Teller on FX’s hit series Sons of Anarchy. He was the star of this summer’s hit Pacific Rim with actors Idris Elba, Ron Perlman and Charlie day. Some may remember the movie Nicolas Nickleby, Charlie played the title role.

Some have stated that Charlie is not handsome enough for the role.

He looks nothing like Christian, he is blond…..etc.

Most of the media outlets have pictures of Charlie with his goatee.

This what he looks like without the goatee.


Need I say more.

Apparently, EL James had Robert Pattinson in mind for the part but, Charlie beat him to it.

Jax Teller

While I was browsing on Tumblr, I caught a glimpse of this pic and……

It hit me.

Charlie Hunnam is a pretty good choice for the role.

He was not high up on the list of any of the major outlets which makes this revelation brilliant.

I tip my hat to the PR people for this movie.

Way to go keeping all of us on the edge of our seats.

As for Dakota Johnson, I checked her IMDB page.

She was in The Social Network, Beastly, 21 Jump street , The Five Year Engagement and Crazy in Alabama with her mom.

I really wish that Alexis Bledel had been chosen as Ana.

Guess I will have to wait until August 1st,2014 to see how this all pans out.