Generation Reese Episode 13: Lindsey ages up

I am a proud Sims 3 creator because another one of my beloved Sims is growing up.


The whole family is excited because Lindsey’s birthday is coming soon.

Michael woke up early to make everyone French Toast.

He is quite the chef.


He decided to hang out with Merle for a few hours in the park.


Lindsey slept well that night before her birthday.

She even decided to change her hair back to black.

A few hours later it was time for the party.

All five of the kids who moved out came for the party.

Even grandma Yumi made an appearance.

Little Lindsey transformed into teenage Lindsey who is just as pretty as she was when she was a kid.

Screenshot-137 Screenshot-138 Screenshot-139 Screenshot-140 Screenshot-141 Screenshot-145 Screenshot-146 Screenshot-148 Screenshot-149

The cake was amazing.


Here are Bella, Michelle and Miranda eating.


Michael and Katelyn enjoying cake as well.


Lindsey decided to change her look a bit.

She tried this hairstyle for a bit but, did not like it.


She made herself an awesome outfit which resembles the clothing that Mikaela and Miranda wore when they were teens.


The part ended with everyone going home happy.


Michelle came out to greet the college mascot who decided to pay the household a visit.

Michael will be the next Reese to go and the third Reese to graduate.


Leighton decided to set off some fire works when everyone left.


Happy birthday little Lindsey.

Dear Recent College Grads..

Dear Recent College Graduates,

When I was eighteen years old, I had a plan.

I would graduate college, get a job, finish my novel, move out, pay down my loans and attend graduate school by the time I was 25.

There was even a clause for marriage by 29 and a bundle of joy by 31.

My 29th birthday is less than two months away and I did not complete a single goal.

The reason is because it took me a decade to figure out that life does not always go as planned.

Sometimes a monkey wrench flies straight through your plans when you least expect it.

I am two months from my 29th birthday,

right now I do not have any children,

nor am I planning on tying the knot any time soon.

I am working with a career counselor to find employment.

My student loans are in deferment.

I live at home with my mother and four cats.

I will attend graduate school in the fall of 2014.

My novel is 85 percent finished.

Things happen for a reason.

I was once a recent college grad, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

The gifts and congratulations poured in nonstop once I graduated.

A year later when I was unable to find employment at first, then came the negative nellies.

Looking back, I wonder why I allowed them to get under my skin.

I achieved something awesome yet, I did not feel good enough.

Trust me when I say, that there is nothing wrong with cutting negative people out of your life.

It is okay to dream.

Not every college grad falls right into their careers.

Not everyone succeeds at the same time.

You will succeed and become something fantastic.

Things will not always be bad in your life.

A college education is not a waste of time in any way.

You are never too old for anything in life.

Your time will come.

You have your whole life ahead of you.

True Blood Episode 3 and 4 review

Jessica tried her best to protect Andy’s half fairy daughters from Bill but, she forgot about herself.

Eric decided to turn Willa Burrell into a vampire.

Oh how the tables have turned.

Now Truman is rethinking his vampire death camp idea.

Speaking of Andy, he is just coming to terms with the idea of being a father of children that blossom over night.

When they snuck out I thought to myself they are walking right into Bill’s arms.

Tara wants to love Pam but, I feel like Pam is not over Eric.

Steve Newlins wife is Truman Burrell’s main squeeze.

So Ben is Warlow.

I was completely spot on in my observation.

When he fed Jason his blood I said to myself….I knew it.

Sookie realized this at the end of the episode which was fabulous.

That expensive lingerie that she wore made me skeptical.

Will she drop trou for Ben?

Episode Four (F the pain away)

Might I add that I really liked the credits song. Peaches is an artist that is rather vulgar for some but, I like her sound.

Hmm. So Warlow is older than fairy grandpa Niall.

Not only is he a vampire but, he is also a fairy.

Originally, Sookie was told that he killed her parents but, that was only half of the story.

Her father was the one who wanted to kill her so that Warlow would not turn her into a vampire.


Andy knows that his daughters are missing.

He figured out that Bill Compton has them.

When he arrives only one of the girls is alive.

Nicole is turning into a werewolf , she is a fugitive with Emma and Sam.

The weres are looking everywhere for Nicole.

Did I mention they Nicole and Sam had sex this episode.


Pam, Tara , Nora and Eric are all in the vampire death camps.

Eric and Tara gave themselves up.

Steve Newlin betrayed Eric.

His wife cozied up to Truman Burrel but, now that he is having second thoughts he is not so hot to her.

Until next episode….

The Walking Dead season 4 trailer. Bring it on.


I was bummed that I was missing San Diego Comic Con 2013.

After watching the trailer for Season 4 of The Walking Dead…

Let me be the first to say …

Bring it on AMC.

Bring It On.

The new season brings chaos to the small moment of peace that our heroes were able to enjoy.

Up until this season, the zombies have been a manageable threat.

The prison was the fortress for the prison group but, unfortunately the cracks are starting to show.

I can sit and chat about this all day but, it better that you watch the trailer for yourself.

Did I mention that Daryl has teamed up with Tyreese and Michonne.

Next season is going to be amazing.

Until next time folks.

I am counting the days until New York Comic Con 2013 in October.

Generation Reese Episode 12: Party Time


I decided to throw a birthday party for Wednesday, my sweet little baby.

I needed a change.


I changed my hair style for a few days.

The pigtails made me nostalgic for college.


I settled on this short style which I will keep for a while.

This dress is just adorable.


Here I am the morning before the party paying video games while Lyndsey is reading.

We do not spend much time together.

Before, she becomes a teenage, I want to have a girl’s night out.


Leighton and I barely have any time to ourselves.

I am amazed that our flame has not extinguished.

He makes me very happy.


Lyndsey hanging outside making a phone call.


She loves windsurfing which is so awesome. I want all the kids to do this at least once.


Here is Morgan. Everywhere he goes there is a trail of flowers that mark his steps.


I try to keep in touch my Yumi, my mother in law.

She always wants to know all about her grandchildren.



Miranda showed up to the party but, felt out-of-place.

She braved it for little Wednesday.


Merle is dancing with one of my friends but, his heart is with Mikaela.

The relationship confused me but, he is not her real brother and they are both adults.

I hope it all turns out well.


Here is Michael holding baby Wednesday. Sam is in the background blowing on a horn.


Morgan started to cry once Wednesday was set on the floor.

I think that he was sad because he could not move through the crowd towards me.


The party keeps going.


I decided to spark up a conversation with Bella Bachelor.

She is Michael’s girlfriend.

I hope one day that they get married.


Wednesday reminds me of me when I was her age sans the wings. The same dark hair and adorable smile.


Mikaela showed up ten minutes after the party ended.

She was so happy to see us.


She took it upon herself to snuggle Morgan and put him to bed.


I think that I want her to come back home.


Lyndsey and Wednesday playing peek a boo.

They look so much alike.

Like Lyndsey, Wednesday dyed her hair another color purple.


These two are so close, they remind me of Michael and Merle.


I hope that they stay this way.


I can see a bond forming with Morgan and Wednesday as well.

I did my job.

Until next time,

Michelle Reese

Generation Reese episode 11: The More the merrier

The Reese family consists of

Michelle and Leighton


Miranda (clone)


Merle (imaginary friend)



Peyton (clone)

Lori(Imaginary friend)


Morgan (adopted plant Sim)

According to the game, only

Mikaela, Michael, Lyndsey  and Morgan count as family which kind of bummed me out.

(I accidentally deleted the pics but, if I find them I will post them.)

Parker Langerak decided to make his imaginary friend Lori human.

All of a sudden, he wanted his freedom.

Like Miranda , he felt that our home was a tad bit crowded.

Lori followed suit.

They both work in the police station and live in two fabulous houses.


Michael is now dating Joanna Bachelor.

Ah, young love.

Screenshot Screenshot-4


Leighton and I decided to add one last little one to our brood.

This pregnancy was pretty easy.

I bought myself a chocolate fountain which made everything taste phenomenal.


This is the first time I am eating breakfast with the family and every chair is not filled.

There are a bounty of leftovers in the fridge which makes me sad.

I miss my brood but, I understand that there comes a time when one must fly the coup.

I guess this why I am pregnant again.

I can not wait until the little one is born.


I went into labor in the middle of the night scaring the crap out Leighton.

It is true that every pregnancy is different as is the labor.

Anoki’s temper gave me not choice but, to put him out.

That situation made me go right into labor a few minutes later.

Leighton made my pregnancy with Lyndsey easy.

I was calm and cool.

I went into labor after eating one of the best meals I have ever made.

This time, the labor was a little bit tough but, thank goodness for an epidural.


Say hello, to baby Wednesday.

She is a such a sweet little baby.

Screenshot-8 Screenshot-18 Screenshot-19

Lyndsey is becoming more independent now that there are less children in our home.

She is spending more time with Michael and traveling around town.

It is sad how she is ignoring her imaginary friend but, it was bound to happen.

My little girl is growing up.

Screenshot-20 Screenshot-21

Leighton and I decided to spend more time outside of home.

Here is Leighton, windsurfing and relaxing on the sand.

(Thank you, Island Paradise!!!)

The future for us is extremely bright and the sky is the limit.

Here is a Sims update:

 Mikaela and Merle Reese are now dating.

I assume they will marry one another in the future.

Miranda is still a loner.

Until next time readers..




Wizard World NYC survival guide.

Unfortunately for me, I missed the first two days of Wizard World NYC. A family friend decided to schedule her Wedding July 29th which was the most epic day of the Con. I am not upset though because there is always next year. Plus New York Comic Con is less than 100 days away so all was not lost.

I attended Wizard World Con 2013 on the last day.

It was a small but, memorable comic con to say the least.

For those who have never attended this type of Con before here are a few tips..

(1) VIP is the way to go.

When you attend a Con of any kind shoot for VIP. Not only will you gain early admission but, there are a few goods to be had. I received two special edition Walking Dead Comic Books (one in black and white, one in color).

(2) Walk before you buy.

It seems like an unfathomable idea considering how massive the crowds can get but, walk around before you buy. You may pay one price at one booth but, less at another.

(3) Wear comfy shoes.

Comic Cons equals massive amounts of walking.

and in closing

(4) If you attend Wizard World buy an autograph pass.

There are very few venders so autographs are the way to go.

I am counting the days until NYCC.

After I attended Wizard World, it only made me more ancy for New York Comic Con.

Until next time ,