Sims 3 Generation Reese Episode 4: The new Mr. Reese.

From now on these Sims generation Reese episodes will be told from Michelle Reese’s perspective.

Screenshot-56 - Copy

Here is Leighton tossing Randi in the air.


Leighton riding his broom.

Screenshot-57 - Copy

That pesky gnome in my garden.


Here I am on a stroll with baby Michael.

Screenshot-58 - Copy

That gnome again chilling out.


I took it upon myself to tutor little Sam.

Screenshot-59 - Copy

Michael’s birthday party. Mikaela decided to dye her hair blue to match her outfit.


Leighton and I swooning during a full moon.

Screenshot-60 - Copy

(Note the game froze so I had to have another birthday party.)

From now on these Sims generation Reese episodes will be told from Michelle Reese’s perspective.

He said yes.

It took a lot of courage for me to propose to Leighton.

Our friendship birthed something magical between us that never went away.

He was always on my mind even after I graduated college.

Our marriage together is one of romance and happiness.

I am never too tired too Woo Hoo.

His family oriented trait drew us together.

I always dreamed of having a big family.

Never did I imagine just how big it would be.

Marrying me was a huge endeavor for Leighton.

I was the guardian of my baby sister Mikaela.

She tries so hard to look tough but, underneath that black eyeliner is a big softee.

My scientific endeavors brought me a baby clone of myself that I named Miranda.

Anoki and I created such a bright little boy who we named Michael.

Everyday, he looks more and more like his father.

I could no longer live under the same roof with Anoki. The way he treated Randi and Mikaela that day was the last straw.

So, I at nine months pregnant kicked him out.

That stress brought on my contractions.

That night little Michael was born.

Miranda kept going on and on about her imaginary friend Merle.

One afternoon while I was blending a few chemicals, I created a potion for Imaginary Friends.

I gave it as a gift to Randi.

She gave it to Merle.


Miranda and Michael sitting together watching television before school.


Miranda turning Merle into a real boy.


All of a sudden, a little boy with turqoise eyes and blue black hair appears. I welcomed him with open arms as my son.

Even though, he can not speak, I still love him.

Did I mention that he is a budding Picasso?

One morning Leighton revealed to me that he has a son named Sam.

Sam lives with his grandmother, Leighton’s mom Yumi.

He is such a bright boy. I hope one day to have him live with us.

Screenshot-4 - Copy

All of a sudden, I found out that I was pregnant.

Screenshot - Copy

I craved nothing but, cookies and watermelon slices.


The contractions started right when I was eating dinner.
Thank goodness for an epidural.


Little Lyndsey Michelle Reese was born an hour or so later at the hospital.
Leighton was overjoyed and even expressed the desire for more children. His life goal was to raise five kids from birth to adolescence. However, he realized that this goal was a little unrealistic at the moment since our home was already full.


I swear little Lyndsey is such a daddy’s girl.


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