Generation Reese Episode 10: Graduation, moving out and the new baby


Michelle Reese , here and this is what you missed so far on generation Reese

When Michael aged up, he became close with Merle.

Their friendship was like no other.


Michael is working hard so that he can follow in  the foot steps of Merle, Miranda and especially Mikaela.

He dreams of becoming Valedictorian one day and going on to study Business at Sims University.

Michael and Merle are eating together in this pic.

This was taken that night after Mikaela and Michelle’s high school graduation.


Now our family has four gnomes instead of three.

Mikaela brought home a graduation gnome.

Screenshot-144We just celebrated Merle’s birthday.


We all gathered around the cake.

 Screenshot-151  He grew into a rather handsome young man.

I am so proud of him.


As you can see Merle, thoroughly enjoyed his slice of cake.


My family recently welcomed baby Morgan Julian Reese.

There are now seven Reese children

Mikaela, Miranda, Merle, Michael, Lyndsey, Peyton and Morgan.


I want just one more baby.

This child with be named Ryan or Charlie.


Merle was a big help with baby Morgan.

He went to his aid without anyone forcing him.

Our family is so eclectic that a baby plant sim does not seem a bit out of place.


Merle decided that he wanted to spend as much time with his little brother as he could.


Michael and Lyndsey missed their big sister Miranda so they decided to pay her a visit.

She was very happy to see them.


She was so excited to see them both, telling them all about her new life alone.


She hugged little Lyndsey and complimented her on her T Rex costume.


Miranda told them that they could come back whenever they wanted.



Merle graduated from high school recently.

He tried to attend college but, it did not fit him.

I was not the least bit disappointed because I always knew that his path extended beyond higher education.

We gathered together for his graduation with smiles on our faces.

Another race graduated from high school.

He moved out soon after and I wish him so much luck.

Screenshot-91 Screenshot-95Here we are leaving and arriving to the graduation.

Parker is still in boarding school.

I miss him very much and will bring him home very soon.


Merle strolled to his Prius with his new sweater.

Screenshot-122 Screenshot-123We all piled into Merle’s car.

*Violet’s note* I think there should be s Sim law against car piling but, go


We ate dinner together at a fancy restaurant in celebration.


The kids went out to the movies (even Miranda showed up).

Leighton and I returned home for some romantic time.


Here they all are riding home.

Screenshot-252Merle left home that night. He is on to a beautiful journey in his life.


I made myself some Ambrosia that really hit the spot for me.

Screenshot-254Lyndsey spent some time playing video games in Michael’s room.

She really missed Merle and Miranda.

I know how she feels.

Screenshot-255 Screenshot-256Leighton took Morgan out for a stroll. He does this every day.

I forgot to mention that we both traded our jobs for new ones.

I became a video game developer after working a month or two as a World Renowned Surgeon.

Leighton traded sports for Science but, once Morgan came along, he decided to be a stay at home dad.

Mikaela is a CEO of her own company now.

She still lives at home.

Screenshot-257I will never figure out these crazy gnomes but, they are always up to something.

Until next time,

Michelle Reese





and video game developer.

True Blood S6: Ep 2 “The Sun”


Hellooooo Ben!!!!!

Before, I forget…

the song that played during the credits at the end of Season 6, episode two of True Blood is “The Sun” by

The Naked and the famous.

Who the heck is Warlow?

Sunday’s episode proved that Rutger Hauer is not Warlow, he is Niall.

Niall is Sookie and Jason’s fairy grandfather.

He has made an early appearance for those who have read the Charlaine Harris series.

I am still waiting for Amelia Broadway and Quinn to pop up.

If I lost you, I apologize.

This is what happens when you read the book series based on the television show.

You find yourself waiting for characters to appear.

In some instances, readers find themselves critiquing the show itself.

The series will coincide with book number six but, with a twist.

Tara was shot with an Ultraviolet silver bullet which is burning her from the inside.

Sounds really painful.

Pam’s feelings for her are up in the air or so we thought as she holds Tara’s hand as the bullet is removed from her body.

Any who, Bill Compton has fallen into a stupor.

He is in some sort of dream world spending a little time with Lilith.

Poor Jessica is left trying her best to coax him out of his “coma”.

She even brought him a snack.

He makes her contort, twist and break every bone in body when she tried to leave him.

Her blood spews out of her mouth and heads straight into his.

That part complete threw me for a loop.

Arlene calls Sookie (who is at home sleeping next to that fairy document with the floating letters) to tell her that she is late for work.

This is not like Sookie but, remember Warlow is in the area so everything is a little off.

She is in a daze but, manages to get dressed.

On her way to work, she comes upon a handsome man who is crying out for help.

I have a feeling that he is Warlow but, I could be jumping the shark.

She helps this man who is half fairy just as she is.

Arlene is rather perturbed by Sookie’s behavior but, goes on to wait on a table of young people who seem a bit out-of-place.

One in particular is named Nicole ( she is in one of the books).

Nicole is portrayed by Jurnee Smolett.

Does the name sound familiar?

Think Eve’s Bayou or more particularly Full House.

She was Michelle’s African-American best friend.

Nicole approaches Sam telling him that she is on his side.

I believe that he has every right to be a bit wary.

However, Nicole is no joke.

All of a sudden in walks Patrick’s wife.

Patrick was Terry Bellefleur’s Marine Corp buddy.

He was sacrificed to the ifrit (fire demon) last season.

Arlene and Terry are nervous as to what to say to the wife about Pat’s disappearance.

She is convinced that he is trifling with another woman.

(If you have not watched season 5 on DVD, definitely pick it up.

Best buy has all HBO titles on sale this week.

Either that or check ITunes or Amazon.)

Andy Bellefleur is looking for the mother of his sweet little fairy babies.

The problem is that she is nowhere to be found.

I guess Mirella meant what she said about Andy protecting the light.

Eric disguises himself as a nerdy businessman which makes me laugh a little.

He has a conversation with Governor Burrell that has me on the edge of my seat.

The entire time, I waited for Eric to attack him but that does not happen.

Instead, he attempts to glamour the Governor.

It does not work, though because of yet another weapon created to fight the war against vampires.

The SWAT team enters and seizes Eric.

While they attempt to torture him, Eric flies away.

Later, he is able to glamour Burrell’s twenty something daughter.

Once Bill comes back to reality, he explains to Jessica that he can see the future.

He imagines all of the vampires in a room being burned alive.

Signs of what is to come?

Alcide has swallowed an entire pitcher of “kool aid” and is off his rocker.

Sam has Lafayette babysitting little Emma.

They are having a heck of a time until, she falls asleep.

Sam comes home after locking up the bar only to hear a truck pulling up.

Martha Bozeman, Alcide and his new main squeeze climb out of the truck.

They want to take Emma back to the pack.

Sam tells them to come back tomorrow because she is sleeping.

Alcide refuses to take no for an answer, still hopped up on V (Vampire Blood).

He beats Sam to a bloody pulp , goes inside of the trailer and snatches out little Emma.

Little do they know that Nicole and her friends are filming what is going on.

Only two episodes in and I am already hooked.

Here is my prediction for this season,

I believe that Warlow is the least likely character.

 He is someone who the viewers are ignoring but, is right in our faces.

I do not think that it is Ben.

Either way, I will tune in next Sunday.


True Blood: Season 6-Episode 1 ” Who are you, really”


True Blood is back!

Sunday marked the season premier of the sixth season of HBO’s Hit Supernatural series True Blood.

Season five left viewers stunned as Bill Compton, drank the blood of Lilith, melted into a puddle of blood only to emerge completely complete naked and a changed vampire.


As a fan who has read the Sookie Stackhouse novels, I can reveal that this story line is not in the book. However, this fact does not deter me from tuning in for the next eleven weeks in anticipation. I read the books before , I started watching the show and it blew my mind. The writers allowed their imaginations to run wild with this series which is a plus. If they stayed true to the story 100% then Lafayette Reynolds (Nelsan Ellis) would have been dead by the end of season one.

(Please note that there will be spoilers from this point on.)

Sadly season six opened with Luna’s death. She left Sam in charge of keeping little Emma safe.

I am glad that everyone ( Eric, Sookie, Pam, Jessica, Tara, Jason and Eric’s sister Nora ) made it out of the Authority headquarters before it blew up.

They all piled into a car and watched Bill(ith) emerge from the building. That was the moment when everyone else learned that Bill was not himself.

Poor Pam learned Eric had a sister. Her one weakness is and always will be her love of Eric Northman. It seemed like she and Tara developed feelings for one another. This new revelation derailed those plans.

As everyone started to come to terms with all that was going on, Bill began to summon Jessica. This new form of summoning nearly killed Jess.

Sookie refused to allow Jess to return to Bill without her. Sadly, Eric refused to allow anyone else to follow.
Bill destroyed his home and it appeared that he killed everything living in the house. Yet, they found him sitting calmly in a chair on the back porch. he tried his best to convince them that he is the same Bill.

Jason decided to hitchhike home rather than ride with the vampires. Yes, he is still against supernatural as he was last season (particularly vampires).

The Governor of Louisiana Truman Burrell( who is played brilliantly by Arliss Howard) meets secretly with the owner of a True Blood plan that had been destroyed. He lays out his plan to get a leash on the vampire problem. He decided that all Vampire owned businesses are to be seized and shut down. Pam is arrested and Tara is shot in the leg. I think that the bullet has silver in it because she screams bloody murder when it hits.

Meanwhile, Jason is picked up by a mysterious man in a rather old car. I love Jason Stackhouse because he is so naive even when he tries his best to be aware. Poor Jason.

In season five, Sookie and Jason found a letter under Gram’s bed which was written in what they assumed was faerie language. Most of the fairies were unable to decipher the language. The one fairy that could help Sookie became a midnight snack for Russel Edgington (RIP)

Jason realizes that the kind old man who picked him up is none other than Warlow. Warlow is the one who killed Sookie and Eric’s parents. Once he makes this known Warlow disappears. Jason tries to gain control of the car but, crashes.

Sam and Emma arrive at Merlotte’s to find Lafayette drunk trying to protect the place. He explains the situation to Sam and turns on the TV. Sam watches in horror as Luna shapeshifts from Steve Newlin back into her own form. Thus America is now aware that there are other Supernatural forms besides vamps and weres. One of the reporters thinks that the footage is a hoax.

The episode ends with Bill standing in his office.For the entire episode, he was hearing voices. Four naked blood covered women appears with fangs lowered. All of a sudden they run and jump inside of him.

Billith is back.

I want to see more.

Until next time folks,


Generation Reese Episode 9: Graduation memories


Mikaela Reese here,
college life is now over but, I figured I would catch you up on all that is going on.I broke up with Khalil. It seemed like our relationship was going well but, we could only go out at night due to his condition.

Screenshot-78 - Copy

I cut all ties with this dude. He was an ass.


I started dating Joe Schofield but, that did not work either. My track record with romance is what it is. I fall in love with the wrong men. Go figure.


At least, I am doing better than this guy.


My called me in tears. Miranda decided that our house was entirely too crowded and that she wanted to move out.


Not that I could blame her though.


At least, she could have said goodbye.


She left all of her stuff and bounced without saying goodbye.

Screenshot-24 - Copy

I felt the same way when I left. Don’t get me wrong I love my Michelle and Leighton but, five younger siblings is a lot.

Screenshot-29 - Copy

This is the last pic of my family before I left.
Leighton ran off to work and Merle tried to skip school.
Yes, he got in big trouble with Mikaela.
Gotta love Merle.

Screenshot-88 - Copy

It was time for Peyton’s birthday

Screenshot-92 - Copy

God he looks so much like Parker. I do not regret cloning him at all. Right now, he is at boarding school with Lyndsey. I miss them so much.


This is my last pic of Randi before she aged up.


This is what she looks like now. I wish her all the best.


I grew tired of my long locks and got a haircut. I look awesome, if I do say so myself.


This is Khalil and I on better times.


I miss our fun bowling nights. ( Note: I broke Mikaela and Khalil up because he died during the game then my lap top ran out of battery life. So when it rebooted I broke them up. They were really cute together, though.)


One night we woo hooed four times.
He was always so eager which is why he fell asleep that night in the nude.


I decided to try this outfit on for size. I loved it.


This what I get for eating firecracker tofu.


My table caught on fire nearly lighting me up in the process. The fire woman was very nice.


Joe was a sweet guy but, he was a bit boring. He is nothing like Parker.


It seems like every party that I attend in college, the Grim Reaper appears.


Thats me jumping into Joe’s arms.


I really wanted to swim out and climb into this boat so bad.


Here I am fishing in my cupcake dress.


Joe and I on our last date before I graduated.


This creepy dude followed me around campus for four years.


Here I am on graduation day.


I made it!!!!!


Mike is growing so fast.


His birthday is in a few days. I plan on spending more time with him.


I rushed off to college, missing my graduation so the mayor summoned me to city hall.
Miranda graduated as well.


Everyone showed up even Sam.


This is me standing next to the four men in my family.


Here is Sam standing alone. I have no idea why he did not go inside.

Screenshot-72 - Copy

I love Merle’s top hat. I think I want one for myself.


He followed my style from a young age. Now I envy him.


I am proud that while I was gone, he established himself as a best-selling author.


Here he is painting one of his master pieces.

Screenshot-80 - Copy

He may not be my real brother but, I love him just the same.
Whatever he chooses to do with his life is fine by me.


We went to the Corsican Bistro for graduation dinner. It was the first restaurant dinner that well all shared.


That night I rekindled my relationship with Parker.


I missed him so much.


A tender family moment between Michelle and Michael.


I missed Leighton’s cooking. I wish that he would cook more often.


Michael celebrated a birthday while I was at work.


Here is Mike before he aged up.


This is him after the fact.


Michael and Michelle eating breakfast together.


The Sims University mascot came over for a visit. Michelle greeted him in her grunge wear.


Michael decided that it was time for a change.


Mike took the aptitude test and passed. He will receive a partial scholarship when he goes off to college and already has eighteen credits like I did.


Mike decided to help out by paying the bills.


I tried to go visit Miranda but, she was not home.


It turns out that she was sitting outside of the grocery store alone. I will give her space.


Here is Mike and Michelle eating dinner. He looks like Anoki but, he resembles Michelle so much with a little bit of me.

Until next time folks,


A truce between Millenials , Generation X and Baby Boomers…

According to the American Student Assistance website, there are 37 million people with outstanding student loan debt.

Of that 37 million, fourteen are people under the age of 30 otherwise known as millennial generation (my generation).

Soon, the debt will hit the one trillion-dollar mark.

Time and time again, I find myself skimming through Yahoo articles regarding this issue.

So many people have an opinion about this current state of affairs.

The responses are 75 percent negative but, 25 percent positive.

Some people feel as though the debt should be forgiven.

The blame does not rest on the youth but, on the government.

A number of people feel like this problem should rest solely upon the borrower.

Most people choose to completely separate themselves from this issue citing that “they” made the right choice by joining the military , taking up a trade or attending a cheaper college (2 year or otherwise).

In the past six years, I learned that there is no right or wrong answer in this situation.

I graduated from college six years ago.

This was a year before the economic collapse of 2008.

My dream was to work in media.

I wanted to start from the bottom and work my way up.

Returning home after graduation was only temporary.

I mapped everything out when I was 17.

I planned on working for four years after college, moving out, saving up my money and obtaining my Master’s degree by 25.

Things did not work out as I planned.

Yet, I still hold on tightly to the hope that one day I will achieve my goal.

This is why I am empathetic towards those who are in peril regarding this crisis.

I can not judge anyone for their debt when I am a piece of that pie.

My mother paid for my education out-of-pocket but, Sallie Mae paid for room and board.

I had no other choice.

On Yahoo, there is so much hostility against my generation because of this debt.

So many people feel that this crisis is of our own making.

It was not.

Rather than the battle between Baby Boomers and Generation X vs. the Millenials, I wish that people would declare a truce.

The mistakes of the past regarding student loans contributed to the mistakes of this day and age.

We are all in this together.

I believe one day the very same people posting negatively about this issue will open their eyes and realize the truth.

One day soon.


Generation Reese Episode 8 : University bound.


Mikaela here.

I am six credits away from a degree in Business.
Thanks to Michelle I worked my butt off in high school and when it came time to apply, I already has 20 college credits.
To say that I am happy is an understatement.
Everything is going well.

All except for the love department.
When I broke up with Parker, it was all down hill from there.
I dated a few other guys who either ignored me or treated me like something to do.
Before, I left for college, I decided to cut all ties.
Whats his name that I dated treated me horribly.
It made matters worse that we both worked at the Spa.
I was busy working and studying so our relationship was neglected but, I would make sure to call him once a day. However, he rarely answered the phone.

The night before graduation I decided to invite him out for one more time.
Somehow, I singed myself.
Don’t ask.
I decided to tell this guy how I really felt.
He could care less how I felt.
Screenshot-74 - Copy

So I threw a vial of aging potion at his feet.

Screenshot-75 - Copy

Yes it was a tad petty but……

Screenshot-76 - Copy

For a minute he was pissed off.

Screenshot-77 - Copy

Then he seemed overjoyed like…Dude now I can drink.

Screenshot-78 - Copy

What a fool. Good riddance to bad rubbish.


I walked into Sims U bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.


Everyone seemed so nice so it was easy to make friends.


Even the mascot was cool. I caught her a few times doing the Gangnam Style dance.


People gravitate towards me which is a plus because the school is pretty big. Its nice knowing that you have some people in your corner.
I decided to jump right in to the pool at my first party seeing as the rest of the party mingled inside.


Here I am studying in my first dorm room. Something told me to pick a single room. I am glad that I did. After living with seven other people I just wanted a little privacy. Michelle told me her horror stories about living with roommates. I did NOT want to repeat that history.


This me working hard as all heck on my business plan. I dream of owning my own business possibly becoming CEO. Michelle set such a high precedent that I have to dream big. No matter what I do, she and Leighton will support me but, I want to make them proud.


This is me, eating breakfast with one of my old roomies. Thank goodness I knew how to cook. There was so little food in the fridge. One could only eat so much yogurt and cereal without barfing. I whipped up a few dishes. I am a vegetarian so they were tofu based. No one complained about it which was all good.


Here I am in my Sari. I went to some sort of fancy party and I wanted to look my best. This garment I absolutely love. Right after the party it was back to the dorm to practice presenting a business plan. So far so good.


I decided to explore my options on campus dating a few guys like Miles.


However, a sweet talker named Harrison Ackerman grabbed my attention.


When he turned into a zombie I freaked out and cured him without a second thought.

We were in separable…..


He was my first woo hoo. I was falling head over heels for him. We were so compatible.


That is until he admitted to woohooing with one of my roommates.


Here I am with Harrison on better terms.


I started a bonfire to relax myself. I even cut my hair to forget all about him.

Here I am taking to a new friend. I decided to that overall knickers were a whimsical idea for the new me.


This guy was crying outside of the mind and body spa because his girl friend died.

Poor thing.


I played a little foosball to ease my stress and tension.

I put my head back in the books and attended class. I have no clue why no one showed up for this session.

My Sims finder brought me a new friend. He seemed nice and we clicked instantly.


We chatted for hours watching the stars.





I liked him but, something about him was not right.


My broken heart began to mend but, I did not want to take my pain out on him. Screenshot-167

So, when this wonderful date was over, I did not call him.


Then I found Khalil Neere, a vampire who is head over heels for me.


A fairy and a vampire in love. Who knew this could work.

I think I found the one.


When I returned home, Mikaela decided it was time for her to leave the nest. She applied for a military position and moved out. I am extremely happy for her and wish her all the best.

Generation Reese Episode 7: College acceptance, aging up and a fire


I am packing to go away on vacation so allow me to catch you all up with the goings on of my clan.

This is a pic of my three oldest children Mikaela, Miranda and Merle.


Mikaela and Miranda are the best of friends.

I hope that Lyndsey will have this same relationship with her older sisters.

I have good news to report Mikaela aced her aptitude test and will receive a full scholarship when she goes off to school.

A few nights ago the Sims University Mascot showed up at my house bearing gifts.

Only eight days until she ages up.

I called both Mikaela and Merle home one by one.

They celebrated their birthdays back to back (considering that they are so close in age they might as well be twins).

However, since I did not give birth to either child there is a chance that they will get together one day.

Both kids aced their driving test and are zipping all around Sunset Valley in their candy colored Prius’.

Mikaela is an avid alchemist who dreams of joining the military.


Meanwhile, Merle is a true artist who churns out masterpiece after masterpiece.

I am so proud.

Little Michael, is extremely bright.

He has a future in business but, has become a successful author.

In fact all five of my older children are published authors with a best seller or two.

I believe that Michael will be a successful business man as well when he is older.

Little Parker is learning so much. By the time, he will take Sunset Valley by storm.

I hope that he will follow in my footsteps and study Science.

However, something tells me that he may possibly become a musician or actor someday.

It is hard for me to have time to myself.

I went to what seemed like a stellar party one night only to be called home.


My kitchen table was on fire after one of the children ate firecracker tofu.

The flames that burst out of their mouths and engulfed my table.


Thank God that everyone was okay.

I completely forgot to install smoke detectors during our move.

I was so busy plastering the walls with burglar alarms.

Once Mikaela moves out I plan on having another child with Leighton.

Soon I will have four teenagers in my home when Lyndsey returns.

I want just one more baby to add to my brood. It will make me extremely proud.

Well, the taxi is here.

I have to go.

More updates soon.

My family is normal like any other sims family but, we are a little quirky.

I would not want it any other way.

Screenshot-60 Screenshot-61 Screenshot-63 Screenshot-72 Screenshot-73 Screenshot-74 Screenshot-79 Screenshot-80 Screenshot-58 Screenshot-153