Be strong, never give up.

Someone tried their best to ruin my reputation during the first semester of my freshman year in college.
Looking back, I realize how the situation truly shaped me.
It made me realize that what others say about me is not important.
All that matters is what I think of myself.
That lie seemed as though it were ten stories high but, it was only ten centimeters tall.
I can recall my eyes opening and the rose-colored glasses sliding off of my face when it all happened.
But, it did not destroy me.
I am still here nearly ten years later.
If I learned anything from the situation, it is that God has a plan.
When evil tries to sidetrack you, know that the journey is not over.
Things will get better and people forget.
And they did.
I always knew the truth.
He tried to add on more to make himself look better.
The truth of the matter is that I had a shield of those who there for me.
People who protected me but, there are others out there who do not have that.
They are alone in their fight.
Know that God is there with you.
Understand that when you can not stand, he will carry you.
When you lose the will to fight, he will stand with you.
Please do not ever forget that.
This may sound cheese but,
for every dark cloud there is a silver lining.
Trust me, there is one.
Please don’t hurt yourself over something that will eventually fade away.
Though your struggle may seem like a mountain, it is just a molehill.
One that will be but, a stepping stone on the path that will lead you to greatness.


Sims 3 Generation Reese Episode 3 Upside down

A Sims life is never without drama.

How do I sum this up?

Michelle turned herself into a fairy.


Mikaela and Anoki on good terms.


Anoki and Michelle when they were still in love.


Being the science dynamo that she is Michelle decided to clone herself out of the blue. She named the baby girl Miranda. This was a decision that did not sit well with Anoki but, he tried his best to grin and bear it. This picture is from her birthday.


Mikaela was happy to have a sibling in any fashion. She took it upon herself to help teach little Miranda how to speak.


As for Mikaela, she was content being single going to her first prom in style.


Leave it to Mikaela to rouse the masses and start a protest against supernatural sims just because.


The protest was a complete success.

Michelle and little Miranda are as thick as thieves.


Happy birthday Miranda.

Life seemed full and rich that is until Anoki cursed out Miranda when she tried to greet him one day.
Before that he cursed out Mikaela for being late.
Michelle was pregnant and nearing her due date.
She made the tough decision to file for divorce.


Happy birthday Michael

Once it was all said and done… Michael Andrew Reese was born.
Mike is not his father’s biggest fan.
For a while it seemed like every time they were around one another, they fought.
I felt sorry for their fractured relationship and did what I could to fix it.
A few phone calls and gifts did the trick.


Michelle invited over a college friend named Leighton Sekemoto.

They said their hellos and all of a sudden he started walking.

The next thing that Michelle knew……he was holding baby Michael.

All of a sudden one of her good friends Leighton Sekemoto, a male witch came over to visit.
He went up the steps to greet baby Michael and that was all it took for love to bloom.
Still in the back of her mind, Michelle was afraid.
Will this relationship go sour like it did with Tiberious or will he turn out to be a beast like Anoki?

Will she ever marry again or will she give on love?

Only time will tell.

Until next update.

To be continued

Generation Reese: Episode 2 Changes


Here is Michelle talking to her friend Erin.

I am in love with this dress and her hair is fabulous.

The Sims has turned me into an interior decorator and stylist all in one.

God , I love this game!

Previously on The Life and Times of Michelle Reese,

Michelle was a young woman forced to raise her baby sister Mikaela after the death of their parents.

She made the difficult decision to move her family to a new town to start fresh.

Opportunity came knocking in the form of an acceptance letter to Sims University.

She balanced studying, partying and a new relation ship with a wonderful man named Tiberius Willard.

The sky was the limit.

However, I changed the game completely by downloading both Sims Generation and Supernatural.

Little did I know that this would turn my game upside down.


Michelle remained focused on her goal.


She studied hard and found herself on the Dean’s List.


Countless hours were spent absorbing all that there is to know about Science in the Library.

Michelle was tired of living in the dorm , cooking and cleaning so she moved out on her own.

Unfortunately, Tiberius grew distant.

Every time that she tried to hang out with him, he would be “busy”.

Michelle wondered ” Is it me?”

Was I too clingy?

“Did I make him wait too long?


In his absence, a number of suitors stepped up calling Michelle nonstop begging for a date. She obliged out of loneliness.

This decision brought her the reputation of being naughty.

Well, that and a few romps in a photo booth at The Grind with Tiberious.

Word got around about Michelle’s popularity with the men of Sims U.

One student named Anoki Moon came along and gained her trust.


He became her romantic interest.

Needless to say here comes Tiberious ranting and raving.

He immediately broke up with her.

Michelle could not deal with this and tried her best to mend her broken relationship.

It took her a little while to realize what is broken can not be fixed.

So, finally, she wised up and broke it off.

On a whim, she took her relationship with Anoki to the next level.

All of a sudden college life, became even more amazing for her.


Michelle’s hippie roommate who washed herself in the sink.


An awesome pool party and a zombie showed up to party.


A zombie streaker


Anoki and Michelle looking at the stars together.

Ah, young love.


A woo hoo in a photobooth with Anoki Moon.

Michelle moved into a four bedroom house in senior year.

She had a gang of strange roommates but, they were all very nice.


Waiting for Graduation. Michelle in her spider web tights.


On to bigger and better things for Michelle.


Going home.


Michelle decided to take a chance and asked Anoki to marry her.

He accepted and they lived happily ever after.

That is until Anoki’s temper got the best of him.

To be continued…..

The cool kids of Abercrombie and Fitch

Last week I was skimming through a few Tumblr posts from some of my followers when I came across a post that made my jaw drop.

It was a comment made by Abercrombie and Fitch CEO Michael Jeffries responding to criticism regarding his brands lack of clothing for plus sized people.

Here is what he is quoted as saying….


I found myself sitting back in my chair staring at the screen shaking my head.

I thought about how many people I see wearing at least one article of clothing with an A&F logo.

They come from all backgrounds and all walks of life.

A majority of the people where I live are working class and middle class

Their children sport  everything from Aeropostale to H&M.

For some labels mean the world to them but, to most it is just another piece of an intricate puzzle that is their wardrobe.

For this gentleman to write off a huge demographic from his brand is ludicrous.

The use of the term “cool” and uncool” is just another form of bullying that people are trying their best to shy away from.

Countless young people turn to suicide because they do not fit in or feel “not good enough”.

I can recall a time in my life when I was bullied.

Even though those scars are gone but, the memories come to mind every once in a while.

” A lot of people don’t belong in our clothes. They can’t belong” is the quote that really upset me.

This company is known for questionable practices time and time again.

However, this comment will more than likely send customers elsewhere.

The very demographic that he wants to attract may just abandon the brand altogether.

I was a sophomore in high school when LFO’s Some Girls brought Abercrombie and Fitch to the forefront of retail.

It was pretty obscure before the lead singer revealed that he …

“likes girls that wear Abercrombie and Fitch.”

Now that the dust has settled and retailers like American Eagle, Forever 21 and H&M rule the fashion world.

I think that more than anything Michael Jeffries should be doing all that he can to pull everyone towards his brand.

The plus sized market is one that Abercrombie should tap into.

I learned from a tweet that Abercrombie goes so far as to burn their clothing so that wholesale retailers can’t resell the items to the masses.

It is sad.

I can say that after reading this I will not shop at Abercrombie at all.

I hope that others will read this information and pass it on.

Exclusion is wrong.

It is time that we come together as a collective not tear one another apart.

In the words of Ellen Degeneres…

Be kind to one another.


Generation Reese Episode 1: Staring Over

As soon as I am able to fix the problem I will let you all know.

Good News, I acquired Sims University Life this week and am in love with the game.

And yes I heard all about Sims 4 and am overjoyed!!!!!!

I created a new family which includes Michelle and Mikaela Reese.

Currently Michelle is enrolled in Sims U. Go Llamas!!!!

Meanwhile, her sister is stuck at home.

She was unable to enroll due to age.


Welcome to a new story…

Michelle on her way to college.

That is her baby sister Mikaela behind the wheel.

Say hello to Michelle Lilian Reese, daughter of the late Mary and Marvin Reese of Bridgeport.

Sometimes fate has a way of changing everything for the positive.

Needless to say that is exactly what Michelle needed in her life.

The death of her parents turned her world upside down.

One moment, she was a young adult with the world at her feet, then all of a sudden she is caring for her teenage sister.

Michelle took a change moving from the city to the suburbs.

She took the insurance check and put a down payment on a small home.

All of a sudden, opportunity comes dancing up the sidewalk in a Llama costume.

Without a second thought, she takes an aptitude test, applies and is accepted to Sims University.

Go Llamas.!!!!

Michelle dreams of becoming a World Renowned Surgeon so she is majoring in science.

She is a wiz,passing test after test with flying colors and discovering all there is to know about nature.

When the Deans list printed her name, she was completely overjoyed.


Michelle and a rather devious fellow student during First Term.

Once, she set foot on campus, Michelle became extremely popular and joined the jock group.

Dorm life was not easy but, she made it through the entire ordeal.

Every male in the vicinity pursued her thanks to the irresistible trait that I gave her.

However, she had her eyes on one student….Tiberius Newton.

Michelle and Ty. A match made in Sims heaven.

On their first date.

A sweet, socially awkward geek who fell head over heels for her.

However, she found herself bombarded with phone calls from numerous men on campus.

Out of weakness, she dated a few just to test the waters.

One student named Anouki Moon, is completely smitten with her.

He calls her phone constantly desperate to connect.

They both share the same star sign but, he is hot-headed.

She wonders when that anger will be turned on her.

After one kiss, Michelle decides that this is not a good idea.

Out of guilt , she meets up with Tiberius and reveals her indiscretions.

He is furious and walks away from her.

Yet, Michelle refuses to give up. Ty was her first kiss  and woo hoo. There is no denying what they have.

After, a few dates and meet ups, Michelle and Ty are back together, going strong.

I am hoping for a house full of babies and a prosperous life together.

Here are a few more pics

Michelle felt that unlimited lifetime points were an issue that was an important issue that needed to be addressed.

The protest started out slow but, it grew into a huge success.

Little does she know that Lifetime points are unlimited but, I did not want to break her sim heart.

To be continued….

Michelle making an epic speech for her cause.


To be continued……



The Jones Sim update….


Jayla’s award from the Mayor.


Simon’s birthday before he was sent to an old folks home.


Simon, baby Kadence and Jayla in their new home before the remodel.

They figured out that living in a loft with a baby was not the best idea.

The new home was out of date and needed some serious work.


Before Gideon become a teenager.

The Jones Family Update

Jayla Jones is a 5 star Chef who will be returning to work very soon.

Jayla was sick with baby blues and she decided to adopted a kitten.

Cookie is her name and she is so adorable, not to mention spoiled.

Recently,I found a kitty condo , wall dancer , pet sleeve, new bowls and a state of the art litter box.

The Sims imitate life because my own cats are all spoiled as well.

Her son Gideon returned from Smugglesworth Boarding school .

He singlehandedly brought a little more life to the household.

It opened Jayla’s eyes especially when dad came to visit after missing the kids

That was my fault , I did not want to see the grim reaper come for him.

She fell into his arms and the spark was rekindled.

Now Simon has joined the family again.

For some reason since Simon is retired from his athletic career now he wants more children.


Mom and baby going home.

So the Jones welcomed a little girl into their home Loreli Abigail Jones.

As you know, Kadence is their oldest and Gideon , only son was adopted.

It is funny how Gideon looks exactly like his family now that he was grown older.

Kadence is a teenager , a licensed driver and now a Superstar athlete.


Gideon is a handsome teenager who taught his baby sis how to talk.

The “Family Oriented Trait” makes him a big help around the house with little Lorelei.

Kadence is teaching her how to walk.

Imaginary Friend

One creepy thing I learned is that Kadence’s doll is now her imaginary friend.

Whomever that is, is mean-spirited and rather odd.

It freaks me out so lets just say I am not letting it out any time soon.

The sight of her walking around following Kadence was a bit…strange.

The Jones house was a four-story but, I scaled it down to a three-story.

I redecorated and resized a number of rooms.

That is the best part of playing the game in my opinion.

Jayla is still a Five Star Chef since, she quit her job as a stylist.

Simon Jones tended to and harvested a life fruit plant which is pretty cool.

Its looks like a yellow pear with a halo over it.

I made Simon replant and eat a few of those.

He is pretty old now so…

Perhaps may be they should have another kid.

Jayla is a young adult again as well as unable to age.

I am fully aware that after of loosing one Sims family to a meteor a few weeks ago.

(Only the baby survived).

Until my next update.


Defiance one my new favorite shows

The cast of SYFY’s original series, Defiance.

One of my new favorite shows in a list that includes

Rogue (Audience) Wednesdays

Rectify (Sundance)Mondays

Top Of The Lake(Sundance)

The Americans(FX)Wednesdays @10

Bates Motel (A&E)Mondays at 10

Orphan Black (BBC America) (Saturdays @9)

The Slap (Audience) (Wednesdays)

The Following (FOX)

One show I recently fell in love with is Defiance (SYFY Mondays)

It airs on Mondays.

The commercials peaked my interest more than anything.

If you have not watched this show please do.

It is so complex but, the story line and the alien species are fantastic.

I am really interested in the fictional Irathian people…particularly a young girl named Irisa.
There is so much to be learned but, her character as well as the background of Defiance (aka St. Louis)
Definitely check it out if you have the time to.
I am also looking forward to the new season of
True Blood, Breaking Bad and Falling Skies
which will air this summer as well.