New music to me : Civil Twilight

civil twilight

It takes a lot for me to be moved by a song.

I listen to a motley of different artists but, sometimes I hear a song that strikes me.

Civil Twilight’s Letter’s From The Sky is that song.

This song was played during a promo for the SYFY show Defiance and will soon be heard in a Trailer for a movie called The East.

Upon the first listen, I could feel the lead singers emotion and pain.

His voice is truly like no other which completely blows my mind.

You could say that is band is on the same tier as  Coldplay, The Flay, One Republic , Snow Patrol and The Script

Take a Listen

Let me know what you think.


Another Wire alum joins Season 4 of The Walking Dead.

I am happy to report that Season 4 of AMC’s The Walking Dead is currently in production.

My question is…..what direction will they go for season 4?

Who will be the new leader of the group?

Are the rumors true will Rick die next season?



I read somewhere recently that actor Laurence Gilliard Jr is joining the cast next season.
For those who are not familiar with Laurence,

he portrayed drug dealer D’Angelo Barksdale on HBO’s groundbreaking series The Wire.

( If you have not watched the show, please do. It is truly fantastic.)

Gilliard is the second alum from the series to join The Walking Dead.

Actor Chad Coleman aka Cutty joined earlier in season 3.

His character Tyreese is now a season regular.

As for Laurence Giliard, he will be portraying a character named Bob Stookey.

According to  The Walking Dead wiki, this character is a former Army medic and an alcoholic.

He is said to be in his mid fifties/ early sixties.

There are some blogs who predict that some TWD fans will have a problem with the way that this character is translated on-screen.

I strongly disagree considering that at first Tyreese’s character was morphed into Daryl Dixon.

Merle Dixon was a hodgepodge of various characters from the comics.

Jacqui did not exist in the comic book

and Shane did not survive very long in the comic as well.

Many fans have issues with a few changes and additions to the television show in the past few years.

I am excited for the new season to start in October.

Next season is going to be fantastic in my opinion.

I will be attending NYCC this year so I am going to blog a few tidbits about the new season.

My eyes will be open for more info.

Until then readers..



Shattering my writer’s block.


I started writing fan fiction six months ago just to fine tune my writing for a bit.

Everything seemed to be going pretty well.

I was receiving positive feed back and good constructive criticism.

Then all of a sudden, I was stopped in my tracks by writer’s block.

It seemed like no matter what I wrote it did not flow properly. I made the decision

to set my work aside. I started playing Sims 3.

I also started reading Under The Dome by Stephen King.

Out of the blue, a month ago my muse came back.

It took me nearly a month to finish my newest chapter but….I did it.

Here I am smiling and jumping for joy.

Thank God for music.

It always seems to kickstart my imagination every time.

If anyone is suffering from Writer’s block look for something anything that will rekindle that spark.

Don’t give up.

It happens to the best of us.

As long as you believe in what you are doing that is all that matters.


The loss of a pet

My kitten died Sunday evening.

He was eleven months and 16 days old.

I loved him as though he was my very own son.

I kept him warm when he was a few weeks old.

The little one suffered from diarrhea which burned up his little bottom.

It has been a hard week without him but, I know that he is in a better place.

No other animal will ever replace my kitten.

This is not the first time that I have experienced a pets death.

My cat passed away from kidney failure last February.

My kitten held a special place in my heart.

Life is so short and so delicate.

I am okay knowing that my little one is no longer in pain.

He is heaven looking down with my other animals who passed away.

More importantly, my aunt is taking care of him now.

She loved animals so much that her life was dedicated to her cats.

This love was shared with my mother who continued her legacy.

Rest in Peace

“Mini Pocket”


No matter how sick an animal or a person is nothing will prepare you for their passing.

You can sleep easier knowing that they have ascended to a better place.

Their time in the world made such an impact that they will be missed but, never forgotten.

Holding on…

It is so easy to say that there is no hope in this world.

The new year has brought sorrow and destruction to so many.

Sometimes, it is very hard to sit and watch the news without cringing.

On Monday, I sat in front of the television in silence watching the coverage of the Tragedy at the Boston Marathon.

It is so sad that there are people in the world who harbor such malice against others.

Countless individuals wandered the streets in shock and horror.

Three citizens lost their lives including an eight year old child.

I do believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Life is so short and so fragile.

Everyday is a blessing.

Every morning is truly a gift.

It seems as though the world is so bleak and empty sometimes but, there is hope.

Hold on.

Don’t let go.

There is a break through coming.

Don’t let this world get to you.

Take time to look at the beauty around you.

There is a silver lining to this dark cloud.



Twelve new TV shows, Kale chips and Sims 3 death by meteor..

Ten things I discovered the following in the past week:

  1. Brad’s Raw Leafy Kale in Nasty Hot flavor. It is a hybrid of jalapeno and organic cheese. Spicy food is always a plus for me
  2. NBC’s Hannibal which is about a brilliant detective in search of some of the most deranged serial killers. Plus Hannibal Lecter is also in this as well and yes he does consume a few human dishes.
  3. Guy Fieri’s restaurant in Times Square which was pretty cool. The food was so good.
  4. One of my favorite comic book shops in Times Square, Midtown Comics is now open until Midnight.
  5. A little book store called Strand which has a motley of books from a gazillion different genres. The prices are not half bad either.
  6. Rogue is a really cool show about an undercover cop living a double life. Both of those lives are slowly but, surely colliding at a rapid speed.
  7. Rodger Sterling cries, Betty is a brunette, Don is an alcoholic and Peggy has become a female version of Don Draper. Mad Men is back!!!!!
  8. Cupcakes put a smile on everyone’s face especially if they are from Georgetown on Mercer Street.
  9. Ryan Hardy is always so close but, yet so far on The Following. Joe Carroll is something else . The fact that Roderick is employed by a police department freaks me out.
  10.  One of new favorite shows Cult was cancelled. Sad.
  11. Frank Gallagher is at the end of his rope but, refuses to stop partying. Where is Jimmy? Hopefully, this is a new day for Fiona.
  12. Orphan Black blew my mind.
  13. Under The Dome will air June 24,2013. Yay!!!!!

One Sims update…

Rest in Peace : Elizabeth, Andrew and Ethan Pierce were killed off by a meteor along with The Butler. I moved them to a new home, remodeled it and updated the furniture. Meanwhile, everyone celebrated Ethan’s birthday on the deck little Daryl sat inside and would not move. I tried my best to move him but, he would not budge. Then it happened, the meteor hit and obliterated most of my characters. It was so, so sad. Daryl, the only Pierce left was put in the system.

I started a new game with Andrew and Elizabeth in another town. Andrew works in The Military, Elizabeth quit her job in business to work in City Hall. They are the proud parents of a bouncing baby girl.

The Ross family is no more. I deleted them because I wanted to restart their game later.

The Joneses are doing just fine. Jayla is a Sous Chef , Kadence is 30 days away from her birthday and Gideon is still in Boarding School.

So far so good.

I will keep you updated on my Sims play as well as my discoveries.

Happy reading.

Weening myself off late night Sims 3 game play.




Okay, I am happy to report that I have begun to ween myself off of the endless late night hours playing Sims 3.

It is so hard but, I am very proud of myself.

Here is a little update on my three sims families….

The Jones Family

Simon Jones has grown older so I put him in an elderly Sims home. That was a very hard decision but, I did not want to see him die off.  Jayla has consumed an aging potion to where as she will be an adult until it is her time to expire. She reached her goal of becoming a Celebrity Stylist and is now working in the Culinary field. She has amassed a wealth of nearly 11 million Simoleons. Kadence Jones is on the honor roll and is improving all of her skills. She will be a sports star once she ages up. Gideon who was adopted into the Jones family is still in the Smugglesworth boarding school. I am not sure when he will be returning home.

The Ross Family

Matthew Ross is now a pop star. He has improved his celebrity status to three stars going on four. A woman named Jessica has caught his eye. She is a mess hall cook in the military. Jessica and Matthew’s daughter Mikaela are getting along very well. Mikaela is an honor roll student who will one day become an Illustrious Author. She is a genius who has mastered the fishing skill.

The Pierces

Elizabeth has quit her position as a Powerbroker to give birth to two sons… Ethan Viktor and Daryl Dixon. She is now a paper girl but, has a masses a wealth of over 10 million simoleons. Her husband Andrew is an astronaut who is on leave for 28 days. He possesses a family orientated trait so that will likely translate into a huge family full of children. I will allow them to have more when the boys are a little older. I will more than likely send little Ethan to boarding school because he is so precocious and full of wonder. I hope that Andrew and Liz have more babies there will be a girl in the mix.

I researched a few helpful tips to get me through my game.

I needed help bringing Matthew and Jessica together.

Hopefully, they will marry very soon, then woohoo and have a kid or two.

Either way, I am happy with my sims 3 families.

I want to get Sims University and Sims Supernatural as well.

The game has only just begun.