I am walking on air…..

I will never let go of my imagination.

There are worlds in my mind that I have not yet unlocked.

I will never be too old to watch cartoons.

There will always be a spark within me that will set me apart from others.

There is nothing wrong with being an individual.

It is okay to have fun once in a while.

No matter what age you are, its okay to be you.

The world needs their individuals, creative types and those who break the mold.

People who make life interesting.

Never be afraid to stand out.

Stay true to you.

3 years of freedom….

It is hard to be positive when things are not going well in a person’s life. A few years ago, I quit my job after working at American Apparel for almost an entire year. I dealt with the most unrealistic situations that made me question whether or not I was dreaming. I felt like a foster child being pushed from home to home with no say so or no opinion. My work was never good enough and it seemed as though all that I did was screw up. I spent most of my pay buying clothing that I barely had enough to pay my bills. The demands of the employers were so much so that I found myself unhappy to even go to work.
I was older than my fellow employee and was reminded of this fact constantly. My fellow employees would slack off and the blame was placed on me. More tears were shed while working for this company than in any of the worst situations in my life. The day that I quit, I stood up straight and “faced the gun”. It was hard but, I surprised myself. My boss sat completely taken aback. After all that he did to me I decided that enough was enough. I rode the train home and cried tears of joy that I was finally free.
I made the best out of my unemployment though in these past years. I learned more about myself than I ever would have if I stayed. I caught up on all of the television shows that I had missed. My television show DVD collection grew into a massive pile. I started reading again after a hiatus during college. I fell in love with The Hunger Games and Millennium Trilogy. I attended a few concerts of artists I missed over the years like Lady Gaga, Alice In Chains, The Deftones and A Perfect Circle. I caught up on lost sleep and just took time for me.
Being without a bi-weekly paycheck was hard but, freedom was worth it.
I am still in search of work trying my best to cope with the reviving economy. I know that it will be a bit of a wait but, i can handle it. Good things are coming my way, including a deadline for a graduate school application.
Wish me luck!!

What it means to care for the elderly in 2013.

One topic that has boggled my mind in the past three years is the state of elder care in this country. No matter how many times I research it, I find myself speechless.It is sad that most people in my generation are unaware of what is going on.

.For me,the idea of sub acute care facilities, nursing homes and Medicaid never crossed my mind until

one Friday morning in the month of May.

That was when my grandmother suffered a stroke while seated nude on her bathroom floor ( she was preparing to take a bath).

From that day on, I found myself completely lost.

I had answers for everything but, nothing compared me for the topic of Elder Care.

One positive, I can say is that I will use this post to educate others on this topic.

Below are six important things that I want readers to be mindful of.

Google a man named John Pittas and let his situation be your guide.

This poor man from Pennsylvania is stuck paying a bill for 93,000.

 His mother left the country to return home to Greece.

He did not sign her in but, was held responsible.

Make sure to read up on a law entitled “The Filial Responsibility Act “.

If you live in one of the following states :

Alaska, Arkansas, California, Connecticut,

Delaware, Georgia, Idaho,Iowa, Kentucky,

Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi,

Montana, Nevada,New Hampshire, New Jersey,

North Carolina, North Dakota,Ohio,

Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota,

Tennessee, Utah,Vermont, Virginia, and West Virginia.

This is the most current list of states as of December 25,2012.

If your state is not listed, inquire as 2013 progresses.

The list may grow as some states are working on adopting this law.

Find the nearest Elder Care lawyer and begin to plan for the future.

With being a power of attorney, comes great responsibility.

Make sure whomever holds this titled understands that it is not be trifled with.

Applying for Medicaid is a pain in the butt.

Here is something I learned personally about this program,

they check through your elder’s accounts and financial records for up to FIVE years.

In some cases, the person has to have less than 900 dollars in their account at one time.

It depends upon the state.

People tried to combat this by transferring funds to relatives accounts.

That little bugger known as The Filial Responsibility Act was created because of this practice.

Be mindful of facilities that try to bully you into signing something that you are not familiar with.

There is a key term called Responsible Party.

In other words ,when the bill is due, the facility look for whomever it was that signed on the dotted line.

Even if that person did so in error

I am writing this as a guide for those who read this.

No matter what age you are,  know that there will come a time

when someone you love may become too sick to care for.

When that time comes I want everyone to be ready and aware.

This was written with love.

Comment as you see fit.

 I am looking forward to anyone who has insight or just an experience to share.

The writer’s soundtrack

My good old iPod!!

I find that listening to music helps me out a lot while I am writing.

Author Stephenie Meyer revealed that she used music from a band called Muse to help her creativity.

It worked out well for her so I gave it a try.

 Music has always been therapeutic in my life.

I have a song that brought me through the lowest and highest times in my life.

I have an eclectic taste in music which makes my iPod filled with a wide variety of artists.

My music has a way of clearing out the smoke from my daily brain fog.

It awakens my imagination in such a way that I find myself sitting at a computer typing until the “break of dawn”.

The shuffle mode on an iPod is fantastic and whomever created it was a genius.

It does wonders for my writer’s block.

Season 3:Episode 9 “The Suicide King”…my review

Norman Reedus ( Daryl Dixon) and Lauren Cohan ( Maggie Green)



Last night, I tuned in as one of 12.3 million viewers to watch The Walking Dead Season 3 midseason premiere of Episode 9: ” The Suicide King”. I thought that the episode was fantastic.

This show makes me feel nostalgic for a time when my grandmother was still alive. We watched the first five episodes of season 1 together in her hospital room. I believe that if her health had improved , this would be our show”.

The title “The Suicide King” can have a double meaning because it possibly to refers to two separate characters who are at their wit’s end. This idea is synonymous with character Rick Grimes and Philip Blake ( The Governor).

On the one hand, Rick is on the verge of a nervous breakdown after his wife’s tragic death. His right hand man Daryl Dixon decides to leave with his brother Merle after the group is against adding Merle to the line up. Glenn tries to get Rick to speak up but, he refuses. Baby Judith is crying but, Rick is unable to handle her presence. It feels like in some way he blames the little girl for Lori’s death.

Did I mention now he sees her ghost?

Plus, I am unclear as to why he is pushing away all of the able-bodied people who can help him fight? like Michonne? Tyreese and his crew? possibly Daryl?and Merle?

But, on the other hand The Governor has stepped even further off the deep end. His utopia known as Woodbury is no more. Like Rick, he is pushing everyone away including Andrea who supports him wholeheartedly ( even after learning that her group is alive and Phil failed to inform her of that fact.) His view of the world is a myopic one full of murderous revenge. Before this, we learned that Philip kept a room with heads in a tank and that his little girl has a craving for human flesh.

I believe the character that most embodies the idea of The Suicide King, I would have to say Rick Grimes.

As strange and diabolical as The Governor is he can not touch Rick’s new-found “clairvoyance”.


Here is my prediction for the rest of the season: Andrea, Daryl and Merle will return to the group. Michonne and Tyreese will join the group as well. Tyreese’s collective will not make it through the season. A few tidbits of Michonne’s life will be revealed and Rick will come to his sense.

One can dream!!

Until Sunday, only time will tell.

Have a happy week everyone.

Comments are welcome and encouraged.

Bloody Romance: short story excerpt

This is an excerpt of a short story called Bloody Romance.

I have been working on this for nearly two years.

Feedback is welcome and encouraged.

Bloody Romance

Samuel Jones sits at his kitchen table reading the front page of the New York Times. An article on the economy catches his eye. It is something about the stock market. For the moment it has his attention one hundred percent. The sun is almost invisible outside on his left side above stainless sink fixtures that were installed a week prior. They go perfectly with marble countertop. The cellular phone hidden in his pocket vibrates nearly seven times before it went to voice mail. This is the second cell phone that he brought in the past year. The last one cracked in his fist after the accident.

His bronze skin shimmers under the fluorescent light in the ceiling. The waves in his brown hair hung down to his shoulders. It was a good time to cut his hair. Yet, he had not had the time. A hunger built inside of him. The words on the page grew blurry. Normally, he raids the refrigerator but, it was more than that. He desired something else but, was unsure of what. Up out of the chair, he rose abandoning the paper on the table.
Through the living room, he travels across the soft fabric of the rug with his bare feet trailing. It was the one his mom helped him pick out. It was the only thing that did not clash with his beige walls and sand colored furniture. Up a flight of steps, he turns to the right and made his way up a hallway towards a lone door. The smell of lavender and honeysuckle enters his nose. He grips the door knob with his right hand and slowly opening the door not making a sound.

A young woman is bent over with her back to him tucking the end of a cranberry comforter into a mattress. The sound of her heartbeat begins to mesmerize him. He watches her smoothing out the spread. Dark ebony hair hangs to the nape of her neck. A crimson glow kisses the cinnamon hue on her bare arms and legs. She wears an emerald sun dress and silver sandals on her feet. Upon realizing that someone is looking at her, she pauses turning around. A look of concern washes over her face as she sees who it was.

“Is anything wrong,” she asked. Sam shakes his head with a sigh He folds his muscular arms over his chest. He is wearing a dark-colored tank top and black jeans that hangs low on his hips. The woman starts to ask him another question but, before she can finish her sentence his hands are around her forearms. The initial shock sets in as she stares into his blue-green eyes. A single tear falls from her eyes as she swallows.
Her heart pounds as he leans in placing his cheek against hers. The feeling makes her uncomfortable. Something is not right; she feels it in her gut. A first instinct is to try to break away from him and run. However, there is no telling how he would react. So, she stays still as Sam rubs his cheek against hers.

“It will be alright,” Sam said attempting to calm her. He runs his hands up to her shoulders and caresses her soft skin. Gently, he wipes away all of her tears. “Don’t cry, Laurie,” he says. A faint scent wafts through her pores along with the sweat that gathered at the small of her back. His eyes follow a glistening trail of sweat as it slid down her chest in-between her breasts and disappeared down lower. What he would give to follow it further down.

All of a sudden he winces as a pair of fangs tore through his gums. The feeling is excruciating as the teeth lowered filling his mouth with the bitter taste of his own blood. It is something that he will eventually become use to or so he told himself. He then swallows down the blood and it absorbs into his system. His pale pink lips part which reveals his sharp teeth as he lets out a sigh. Laurie stares in horror unable to understand what she sees. Her fear makes the blood within her veins pound. The sound was like the rhythm to a song. It is almost like an ominous melody that leads to a climax or a character’s early death. He shuts his eyes and listened to it allowing himself to slip into a trance. As he sways slightly, Laurie stares at him. There is no telling what he is going to do to her.

His eyes open slowly as Sam starts taking shallow breaths. A glazed over look is present. The hunger within takes control forcing his hand as he turns Laurie’s face to the right. Her jugular vein pulsates under her skin. Slowly, he traces his lips with his tongue as saliva builds in his mouth. One quick strike and he will be satisfied. For her, the pain will be excruciating and a small wound left on her throat.
Sam is fully aware that by doing so he will lose a very valuable person. She came to work for him a year ago. She agreed to work for him until her father’s debt was expunged. In exchange, he would shelter her. It is not her fault that he has been bitten. Nor was it her fault that he happens to be a shut in. The sunlight became his kryptonite that he avoids at all costs. His time of feeding is always late. Usually, his victims are women but, sometimes men. He makes it a point not to discriminate. Blood is blood. Each taste is different some bitter most sweet. Yet, Laurie’s blood is what would calm him.

“This won’t hurt a bit,” he replied, “I promise.”

Never give up

One dilemma that I have regarding my writing is ending a piece. I have written a dozen stories that I truly believe in but, the ending is the hardest part. One piece I have been working on for nearly fifteen years is one that I want to have published. I added so much to it that I am wondering when I should end it. I also have two stories that will make decent short stories once I buckle down at end them. I am sure that my characters will be overjoyed at this fact.

The reason why I feel this way about my writing has to do with some negative criticism that I received from a “friend” nearly ten years ago. I thought that she supported me but, I learned that behind closed doors, she laughed at me. Her words crippled me for so long that I thought about giving up. I assumed that my work was not good enough. However, a part of me has this tenacity to go on. It refused to let me walk away from something amazing. I could not possibly listen to one voice. I am still growing as a writer to this day because of my tenacity. I refused to give up on what I created.

Due to this new-found, fearlessness I began to write fan fiction. I use this outlet to end my writer’s block. It has helped more than I could imagine. I like writing about characters that I love.

I am working on going back for a Creative Writing MFA for the sake of continuing my education. I wanted to study something that I liked a lot. The fact that I have a Bachelor’s degree in Writing made me even more eager. The only thing that I have to worry about is how to put my mind back into a learning mode after being out of school for a few years. But, I will not have to worry about that until 2014.

All that I can say is just because one person does not like or understand your work does not mean that you should give up. Never stop writing because there is an audience out there for everything.

To quote one of my favorite lines from the movie Inception: ” You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling”.